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The best simple slime we ever did was water and corn starch.
Had kids try to do a relay race with it. You have to keep it
moving in your hands to keep it solid, or it drains through your
fingers to the floor! ( My deepest apologies to your "environmental
controls engineer", alias the Janitor!)


P. S. Also looking for that plasti-goop recipe. Any luck???

A: I haven't found any formulas for plasti-goop. DO ANY READERS OUT THERE KNOW?

Q: greetings -- i'm looking for slime recipes to amuse a grade 2 class with for hallowe'en.
the recipe you've got posted which uses pva & borax looks great but i'm wondering
if the pva is toxic and/or if it has any suspected negative effects on health (i.e. is it a suspected carcinogen?).
any info you could forward would be appreciated. thanks,
A: nope, its pretty inert. It's used in medicine and semiconductor manufacturing for sponges and things.
- Q: Where would you get PVA and Sodium Metaborate, if you were to do this experiment?

A: Post Apple Scientific is the place I have purchased PVA in the past. They have the powder form, and a PVA solution, which really saves time.
If you are in a hurry, regular Elmer's white glue contains PVA and works well in a 50:50 mixture with water. Add the borax to this and you get good slime.
Sodium Metaborate is "20 Mule Team Borax", available at better drug stores everywhere alongside the laundry supplies.

Q: And where would you get a crock pot?

A: A crock pot can be found in your mother's kitchen. Get permission first!
Q: Thanks for your quick response. We tried 1 tablespoon Elmer's glue mixed with 1 tablespoon water. Then we added a little Borax - only about 1/4 teaspoon. The mixture turned hard like silly putty. We are thinking that Slime should be runnier. Any suggestions? Are we supposed to heat the mixture?
Thanks a ton for your help! A: The PVA slime that I make comes out as a gel too. It will move by itself if it is left alone. It will flatten out or ooze through cracks - all in very slow motion.
I think it is possible to get thinner slime. I haven't played around with it though, and don't know anyone who has. It may be related to the length of the PVA chains before you add the borax. I am not sure what would control this. I think heating the PVA would break up the chains to some extent, but perhaps only temporarily. Maybe adding more water before adding the borax.
Q: great page for slime--has any body been able to make plasti-goop for those creepy crawler baking machines?
my kids go thru this stuff and the price adds up--thanks for your info
A: Honestly, I've never looked into it!
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