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i did a maglight experiment i needed a wider view for the flash light so many people can see where they going at once it works if a group of people are stuck during a black out. like a store or mountain with only one person. i noticed one day my flash light dont shine that far so what i did was i put it in front of a fresnal lens and it tripplthe distance from its original distance and yet it has a spot light circle effect. at 50 yards or more instead of the same yard.
We too discovered the properties of the Mini Maglite for use in shadow. We use them in our shadow plays. Instead of removing the reflector we sand it down that way we can still turn it off an on easily.
In fact we are doing this in a couple of days. Ran across your site wile looking for replacement bulbs.
Hi your web page did wonders for me it was my last day to find out a since experment for my science fair at school. And someone had told me about your site I'm doing the mini maglite one I think it is so cool! I'm only in fourth grade though!! Well thanks a bunch,
Hi Ashley!
Thanks for your letter, and best of luck!
I like your Maglite ideas. I have had a few over the years as well.
Thank you
Rick Case - President

Nite Ize, Inc.
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