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I did some experiments with lasers too. I slow down traffic from people who use radar speed guns don't even have to shine it on the car the radar sensor picks it up and boy you should see them drivers hit the brakes. I use it as an extender with a lens i go down 100 yards away from the beam and you can see a tunnel vision while in the beam. and the video cameras can see the laser beam but when using the beam in the house ceiling you light up the entire room when using night scopes. and can exten the beam using it through a lens and make enormously big house size laser beam.
for those who want to see the laser beam use mirrors facing each other at an angle or use a fan and go to the edge of the spinning blade and shine it though not head on but toward the edge of the blades through out the fan from left to right you will see a beam or sprinklers rain and running water. If i have more ideas I'll let ya know.

Hey I was just reading your page on cool things to do with a laser pointer. One thing that you could put up there involves using a shower... Just turn on the shower on the hottest setting and let it sit for a couple minutes. Then go back in and close the door really fast. If you turn all the lights off you can see the beam wicked clear. It is pretty cool and you dont need any fancy fog machine to do it!
-Chris B.

Mount some small first surface mirrors on to the shafts of motors. Wire each motor to same battery pack , but different veriable resister. Mount the motors on something so they won't move. Align the motors so that the laser bounces off one, to the other, to the other and to a white wall. The more motors you have the better light show you get ! Experiment and have fun!
Many of the ideas you listed on your laser activities page work quite well for parties, here are also a few I have found to work quite well. Take the small plastic flash lens out of a cheap camera, they transform the beam into a bunch of vertical lines. Also, you can tape an old laser disk to a woofer you don't want anymore, and reflect the laser off of it for something that changes to the beat of the music. Depending on the angle, you can get up to five reflected beams. You can also do much the same thing by taking a small mirror and taping or gluing it to the center of a piece of plastic wrap, now put the plastic wrap over a coffee can with both ends cut out, or wrap it over the woofer. It does much the same thing, sometimes a little more. Also, you can take a relatively inexpensive two channel radio control system for an RC car or such and make a remote controlled xy movement system for your laser, this too, works well at parties, especially you want to tinker with an old am broadcasting rig and change the FREQ to the receivers setting.
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