Clouds in a Glass of Beer
Simple Experiments in Atmospheric Physics

by Craig E. Bohren
Foreword by Jearl Walker

John Wiley and Sons, 1987

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If you're interested in the physics of the weather, this is the book for you. The title arose from the author's thought process as he was sitting in a bar, thinking about nucleation - the process by which small particles can be the centers of condensation. The same process was occurring in his beer, as a steady stream of bubbles arose from a single point on the inside wall of the glass.

Nucleation is one of many processes that are discussed in this book. The author also discusses how light is scattered in clouds, and why the ocean is blue or green. And if you believe in the "sponge" model of how clouds and rain behave, you've got some reading to do!

Many of the chapters contain simple laboratory demonstrations the author worked up for a college - level class.

This is not a meteorology book at all. It's an atmospheric physics book. And it's excellent!

Readable by teens.