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I've written this for you as a means for us to get to know one another better. Specifically, I'm hoping to meet up with old friends with whom I've lost contact, and to meet new friends with common interests.

My Personal Bio

Where I've Lived:

I was born in Covina, CA on 3 February 1959. I grew up in Orange County, in the City of Orange and later in Huntington Beach.
I left Orange County in 1979, lived in Burbank 1979 to 1982. Worked in Hollywood for KEM Editing Systems (now defunct).
I left Burbank in 1982, moved to Santa Barbara to study physics at SB City College. After I got my AA in Physics, I transferred to UC Berkeley. While I was at Berkeley, I often visited The Exploratorium in San Francisco. That's where my Science Magic Museum interest in interactive, informal science learning began.
I returned to Santa Barbara, and worked for Santa Barbara Applied Optics.
I founded Santa Barbara Science in 1988 while continuing to work for SBAO. I got married in 1988 to the girl I met in Chemistry class at SB City College in 1982.
(I'm keeping my family members' names out of this document to preserve their privacy)
We have five children; four girls and a boy. They were born 22 May 89, 25 July 90, 16 March 94, 1 Jan 99, and 3 Dec 2001.
I left Santa Barbara Applied Optics in October of 1990 to work for Santa Barbara Infrared as an Applications Engineer.
After a few years, I got tired of working in Sales, and a Manufacturing Engineering opportunity opened up at The Optical Corporation so I left full time employment at SBIR in November of 1994. I worked for The Optical Corporation for about a year, but then interesting things started happening at SBIR. So I returned there full-time sometime in the Summer of 1996 to work in Engineering. I worked at SBIR until 2014, at which time I retired so that I could take care of family. At the same time, I thought I might pursue some interests that I could turn into business activities. As of today, I am focusing on a lot of multimedia interests. I am doing video transfers utilizing my collection of video decks and laptop computers. You can see a page about this HERE. I live in Lompoc now, which made my daily commute to work some 60 miles. It was a long drive but not at all congested, as most of the drive is along the 101 freeway as it passes along the coast. Very pretty. But anyway, I usually rode the Clean Air Express, which made the ride tolerable.
Lompoc is close to Vandenberg AFB, where the 30th Space Wing launches payloads into polar orbits.

Schools I've Attended:

California Elementary, Orange CA;
Hope View, Mesa View and Rancho View Elementary Schools, Huntington Beach, CA;
Marina High School, Huntington Beach, CA Class of 1977 (completed studies in 1976);
Orange Coast College, Costa Mesa, CA
Golden West College, Huntington Beach, CA
LA Trade TechCollege, Los Angeles, CA
Santa Barbara City College, Santa Barbara, CA
UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
Allan Hancock College, Lompoc and Santa Maria CA

Names I Remember:

This is a sort of "6 degrees of separation" experiment. I'm pretty interested in hearing from/about the people listed below. Maybe you know one of the people listed here, and you picked up this page while searching on WhoWhere or another address book type of search engine. Or maybe you were searching for your own name on the Internet. Interesting!

Sorry, my memory is not perfect, and I have no yearbooks to assist me. If your name isn't here and you know me, please [click here]. If you don't WANT your name here, let me know.

Ed Bickel, friend from Model, Inc. passed away in 2003
Herman H Bickel, friend and mentor from SBAO. Herman passed away in 1996.
Mark Bonner, Hope View Elementary friend. Now??
Alan Caddell, friend I made movies with at Marina High. Now he's a Police Captain. He still makes hilarious short films. The link is his photography site.
Greg Cain, Physics teacher at SBCC, now retired.
Bill Carlquist, former owner of Horizontal Editing Studios. Bill passed away in November of 2010.
Gary Copeland, Friend from post-high-school era. Now a computer networking expert and politician. Was a 2002 candidate for Governor of California as a "Druid Libertarian", until an unfortunate incident led to the party discontinuing their support for Gary.
Dixie (Courtney) Redfearn, friend, late 70's, early 80s. Former reporter, writer, journalist. Now retired.
Dorian Daniels, friend, late 70's early 80's; now a radio personality on WEZQ in Bangor Maine.
Don Davis, Rancho View School, MGM program fellow. Now???
Raphael DiLuzio, friend from middle school, high school and several years after. He became an art professor at UMO, and artist. Sadly, Ralph passed away in 2019.
Mark Fisher, neighborhood friend in the Sixties. Now a biologist. (Saw his parents at a wake in October'03).
Tim Fisher, neighborhood friend. Now a computer expert?
Paul Fox, optical engineer. Not sure whether Paul is still around.
Curt Ghan, was an excellent Media Production teacher at Marina High. These days, he's a businessman in Seattle.
Anne M. Parish nee Goldsworthy, receptionist at KEM, and friend. Now an assistant editor for the TV series "24".
Michelle Grace, classmate, Rancho View. Now??
Richard Grace, friend from Rancho View. Now???
Brad Hagen, friend I met in 6th grade. We had the same jacket. Brad passed away in October, 2014.
Gary Harris, friend from Fotomat Labs. Now???
Brett Hisey friend from Marina H.S. Former effects animator. Now lives in Lexington KY
Craig Johnson, friend from SBAO. Most recently a financial consultant.
Chinhda Khommarath, friend from KEM Editing Systems. Chinhda builds custom equipment for sound recordists, and also works on-set.
Gar (Garson) Lipow, friend from Rancho View School. Now an environmental and peace activist living in Washington State.
Alex Lotocky, friend from High School and beyond. Last I heard he's a rocket scientist in Littleton CO? Or maybe Sunnyvale CA?
Bill Miller, Physics teacher at SBCC (retired).
Frank Pap, photography teacher at Marina High School. Now??
Brian Quinn, friend from elementary school. Now a geologist making maps and administering GIS in Berleley. Has a company called Craiova Coding.
Doug Smetana, friend from High School. Lives in Kansas City.
Elwood Schapansky, former Physics teacher at SBCC, and bush pilot in Alaska. Now retired, at least from teaching.
Kiriakos Spentzos, friend from KEM Editing Systems. Now???
Jeff Scott, Friend from SBCC. We both transferred to UCB. Now???
Daniel Steven, friend from High School. Animator and artist.
Byron Taylor, friend from Rancho View. Now???
Doug Turner, friend from California School. Now???
Peter Weibel, former president of KEM Editing Systems. Now???

NEW!! I've added a photo collage of these and other PEOPLE!

Miscellaneous Organizations I've worked for:

For More Than Three Days:

For Three Days or Less:

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