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Espadaña Press is pleased to offer two prized collector volumes on the ancient Maya site of Palenque:


This is the inaugural volume of Merle Green Robertson's beautiful, three volume edition illustrating the exquisite sculpture of Palenque. In addition to detailed drawings of the glyphs and figural reliefs, "The Temple of the Inscriptions" contains numerous color photographs taken before the damage caused by the eruption of the nearby Chichonal volcano.

This first volume was published by Princeton University Press in 1983, in a limited edition. It is now rarely offered and is eagerly sought by collectors of the full set. The book on offer is in virtually mint condition and has the original dust jacket, also in excellent condition.

We are offering this book for $600.00, to include insurance and shipping within the US. This is considerably less than recent asking prices for this rare volume. One copy only available.

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We are also offering a copy of "Palenque: Esplendor del Arte Maya", the second volume in the Spanish language series Arte y Paisaje Maya, edited by Luís Gutiérrez Muñoz for Editorial del Sureste, of Mexico City.

Published in 1980, this volume features essays by many Maya specialists, and contains numerous photographs, many in color, as well as historic illustrations and graphics.Again, the book is in excellent condition and retains its original dust jacket.

Offered at $150.00, including shipping and insurance.

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NOTE: Both books are of coffee table size (9 "x12 ") and only one copy is available of each.

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