Handles for the Tape Measure Beam

(As reviewed in the Summer 2011 issue of CQ VHF Homingin Column)


These handles were custom designed by Julianne Walsh, KI6DYX, and made of ABS plastic on a 3D printer. We first saw them at one of the So. California ARDF practices and all of us thought they were a really great idea. We thought others might also be interested in them, and so the availability of the handles began. The white handle shown in the photos was one of the first ones made.

One advantage of using the handle is some people (and particularly younger children) find the antenna easier to hold.

Along with the handles, she also designed and made up some rings to hold the tape measure beam elements in place. The rings are made to slide over standard Schedule 40 PCV crosses and Tees.

They work very well for holding the reflector and redirector elements in place, and are very fast to install. I don't recommend using them for the two driven elements of the tape measure beam since they don't hold the elements firmly enough to keep them from moving (which is why they are sold in sets of 4.) Hose clamps are still the best way to hold the two driven elements in place.

The radio holders solve the problem of carrying too many things. Carrying a radio and tape measure beam separately can be a bit of a task since you need to be careful not to pull on coax. We have occassionally pulled the pin out of the BNC connector when the radio or antenna was dropped. And if you don't catch what happened, you end up wondering why the signal went away.

BTW, if you are using the fluorescent colored handle or radio holder, a black light will make them stand out in the dark in case you misplace or drop one and don't immediately see it. And if you have young children, you can make a game of hide and seek!


Handle with Box for Offset Attenuator (Natural and Fluorescent Orange shown)


Tape Measure Ring Holders (Fluorescent Orange shown)


Radio Holder (Fluorescent Green shown. and a piece of a blue ring is shown in the lower corner)


Available Colors



 White  Black  Orange
   Blue  Red
   Forest Green  Green


Ordering Information




 Fluorescent Glow in the Dark
Handle/enclosure $25.00 $29.00 $33.00 $50.00
Ring Set (4)  $5.00 $6.00 $7.00 $10.00
 Radio Holder $15.50 $18.75 $23.00 $37.50

Note: I still recommend and provide hose clamps to hold the driven elements in place. The set of four ringswill hold the reflector and redirector elements very nicely.


Handles with Offset Attenuator (assembled and tested)


$70.00 ea

$74.00 ea

$78.00 ea

$95.00 ea


Handles with Offset Attenuator (assembled and tested) and Tape Measure Beam kit


$90.00 ea

$94.00 ea

$98.00 ea

$115.00 ea


These are custom made parts, so please alllow 5 days for mailing.

To order, payment can be made by check, money order, or PayPal (my email address is my PayPal ID.) The total due will be the kit(s) prices plus $5.25 USPS Priority mail including Delivery Confirmation. International buyers, please check for mailing cost.

Please email me first to confirm what kits you are purchasing and if you are ordering the 2 MHz or 4 MHz offset (2 MHz is normally used for receivers that can't tune out of band.)

My email address is: .

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