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MicroHunt Transmitter Enclosures and Complete Units

Plastic Enclosures


These are the type of enclosures that I started with and still use for training purposes. The Radio Shack enclosures are a perfect size to hold the MicroHunt, Battery, and have room to mount the BNC anntena connection and power switch.

The unit pictured above is one I use at antenna workshops so people can check out their newly built Tape Measure Beam kit. The antenna is not shown, but for short distances, a rubber ducky works just fine. For longer distances, I generally use a horizontal polarized cross dipole antenna.

The white adhesive backed tie wrap holder shown on the back of the transmitter is used to secure it to a branch, bush, etc. to help insure it does not walk off.Tie wraps work well but you will need a wire cutter to remove them.

The kit includes:

Quantity Description
 1  Radio Shack Plastic Enclosure, 2" x 3" x 1"
1  SPST Toggle Switch
 1 BNC Connector Bulkhead Mount
 3 Felt Pads (hold battery in place)
 3/4" x 1/2" Double Sided Sticky Tape (to mount MicroHunt)
 1  Adhesive backed Tie Wrap holder
 1  Length #24 wire w/Teflon sleeving (Connect MicroHunt to BNC Connector)


Metal Enclosures


These are the units I use on a regular basis for our shorter ARDF hunts (and were used at the Training Camp for the 2011 US ARDF Championships held in Albuquerque, NM.)

The kit includes:

Quantity  Description
 1 Die Cast Metal Enclosure, 2" x 4" x 1"
 1 SPST Toggle Switch
1 BNC Connector, Bulkhead Mount
 3 Felt Pads (to hold battery in place)
3/4" x 1/2"  Double Sided Sticky Tape (to mount MicroHunt)
 1  Eyebolt (for locking unit in place)
 1  Length #24 wire w/Teflon sleeving (Connect MicroHunt to BNC Connector)


Note: The Turnstile antennas page has a good horizontally polarized antenna for use with the MicroHunt transmitters.


Ordering information



 Plastic Enclosure Kit Price

Metal Enclosure Kit Price

 Assembled/Tested Microhunt with Plastic Enclosure

  Assembled/Tested MicroHunt with Metal Enclosure

 US Shipping Cost (USPS Priority)
Quantity of 1





 Set of 3





 Set of 5







Before I can ship out the assembled/tested units(s), I will need to know:

The MicroHunt page gives more information about the ordering information required.

Note: Because an amateur radio license is required to legally use these transmitters, the transmitters will ONLY be sold to licensed hams.

Delivery on the assembled/tested units usually runs 7 - 10 days after receipt of payment to get the unit(s) built, programmed, and tested.

Payment can be via check, money order, or PayPal.

Contact me for more information or to order at:

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