History 06

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The cosmopolitan nature of Shanghai in those days is evident in the signs displayed by this store. The picture is inscribed from the shopkeeper to "Mr. Mack."

Grocery Store

Cosmopolitan Grocery

The Seaforth Detachment of the Scots Guards was also present in Shanghai. The US Marines would sometimes engage in "Kilt Hunting." This involved finding a thirsty Scotsman, drinking him under the table, and absconding with his kilt. This was not considered an easy task.


Scots Guards

One of the most convenient modes of travel for sightseeing purposes was the Ricksha. It was cheaper than a taxi, and could navigate alleyways that a car could not pass.

Dad in Ricksha

Travel by Ricksha

A series of public parks and facilities were managed by the Shanghai Municipal Council. The Public Works Department did not discriminate against women.

Shanghai Latrines

Latrine Equality

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