K56Flex Drivers and Flash Upgrades

What are Drivers?

Drivers are files which contain configuration information on modems and other hardware. They are platform-specific, and used when installing new hardware into a system. These files are usually provided on a diskette or CD-ROM with the modem, but occasionally an updated driver will be made available to fix a bug or provide improved performance.

What are Flash Upgrades?

K56Flex modems, as well as many newer devices that are software-driven, save their operating parameters in a special type of memory called "Flash RAM". This is memory that maintains its contents during normal operation, but can be over-written by special commands. This way, if a bug in the code is discovered or new features become available, all you need to do to replace your modem's firmware is to run a special program that replaces the contents of the Flash RAM with the corrected or improved code.

How to tell what firmware you have:

Getting the latest revision from the manufacturer:

The following is a listing of K56flex modem manufacturers with drivers and flash upgrades online. Selecting a link will direct you to that manufacturer's upgrade page. Use your browser's BACK option to return.

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Modem Init Strings

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