Southern California Transmitter Hunts

The following listing was adapted from the T-hunt calendar compiled by Cathy Livoni, KD6CYG. Please send any updates, new listings, corrections, or flames to

General Information

The hider is the winner of the previous hunt, and except where noted, co-operation between teams and outside assistance are not allowed. Hidden T may be on either public or private property, but it must be accessible to the public at no cost. Some hunts allow boundary exceptions, but they must be declared in advance. Find out what frequency the hider is using for co-ordination, if any, and be sure to notify the hider and/or other hunters if you quit before finding the hidden transmitter. Please make every effort not to hide or hunt where NO TRESPASSING signs are posted.

Have fun!

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Calendar Section

Alphabetic listing of area hunts

Aerojet Hunt

Third Sunday 9 AM. Starts at Aerojet parking lot on Hollyvale, Azusa, near 210 freeway and Vernon Exit. Boundaries: Roughly 50-75 miles from starting point. Usually one or two transmitters. Hunt should be over by the afternoon.

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All-day Hunt

The traditional Southern California All-Day Hunt is always difficult and sometimes lasts most of the weekend. Sometimes called the "No Holds Barred Hunt". Hunt is planned for hunters to take 12 to 24 hours to reach the hidden transmitter. Ending point could be Arizona, Nevada, or other unknown and distant points. Boundaries are Continental US. Multiple transmitters are common. Further details.

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All-night Hunt

Palos Verdes start point at 10:00 AM. No boundaries. Hunt is intended to end by 10 PM but often continues. Prepare to hunt all day and into the night. Multiple transmitters are common. More info.

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Antelope Valley Hunt

Third Saturday at 12:45 PM. Start at the Arco station on Avenue M and Sierra Highway in Lancaster. From Highway 14, get off at Avenue M, go east one mile and you will see the Arco station on the right. Talk-in on 146.73 (-), 100.0 CTCSS. For more information, see the AVARC T-hunt home page or E-mail KD6BZN.

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Citrus Belt ARC T-Hunt

Fourth Saturday, 7 PM. Parking lot at Patton State Hospital. Boundaries: The San Bernardino Forest Boundary from Devore east to Bryant Street, Yucaipa; a straight line from Bryant down to San Timoteo Canyon Road; along San Timoteo Canyon Road west to the Riverside County line, along the county line to the 215 freeway on the west, and the 215 up to Devore. First to find the transmitter wins.

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Conejo Valley T-Hunt

Sunday after the first Thursday at 1 PM. Start at east end of Sunset Hills Road. Continuous signal, power, and polarization. Mileage hunt with time penalty. Boundary and rules are available at the starting point. Get more information on the 147.885 - repeater.

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Corona Hunt

Second Saturday, 10:30 AM. Start at St. John's church parking lot at Ontario and Magnolia in Corona. Usually stationary transmitter. If mobile, five minutes mobile and five minutes stationary. Hider may not use freeways. Usually mileage hunt, hider may specify if timed hunt. Boundaries: 71 freeway, 60 freeway, 91 freeway & South Corona.

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Downey Hunt

Second Saturday, 10 AM. Start at microwave relay tower at top of Belle River Road, Hacienda Heights. Only one transmitter. Intermittent or continuous signal. T must be within 100 yards of a public street. Boundaries: 710 freeway on the west; a straight line from the end of the 710 to the 210 and 134; east on the 210 to the 57 freeway; south on the 57 to the 5; south to the 55; down the 55 to the ocean. Hider monitors 146.175 +. For further info, contact KN6LM.

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El Cajon area Hunt

First and third Saturdays of each month at 6 PM. Start at Grossmont College parking lot. Boundaries: Include El Cajon, Santee, and Lakeside zip code areas. Sponsored by Amateur Radio Club of El Cajon. Get latest info on frequency and other rules from Jason Lansky, NF6E.

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First Saturday Hunt

First Saturday, 8 PM. Starts at Ronald Reagan Park at Pathfinder in Diamond Bar. Medium Boundaries: From the ocean up Gaffey Street in San Pedro, on to the 110 freeway, north to the 91, east to the 710, north to the 210, east to the 15, south to Highway 74, southwest along 74 to the Orange/Riverside County line, then along the Orange County line to the ocean. Hider may announce in advance which finisher (first, second, last, etc.) will hide the next hunt. See also Pathfinder.

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Get info from other hunters. May be fifth Saturday. Meet at designated restaurant for breakfast, 8:45 AM. Then, each team has one hour to hide at least one transmitter. Must be intermittent. Then try to find all other transmitters.

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Fullerton Hunt

Third Saturday, 8 PM. Start point may change! Check on 146.565 before the hunt. Currently starts in restaurant parking lot at State College and Bastanchury in Fullerton, may go back to Skyline Drive and Acacia in Fullerton. Boundary Change! Small Boundaries: San Gabriel River from Pacific Coast Highway to the 605 freeway on the west, 605 up to the 10 north, 71 freeway east, then a straight line from the 71/91 intersection to the 405/55 junction on the southeast, then follow the 55 to Pacific Coast Highway. Continuous signal with constant power and polarization. T shall be within 100 feet of access by standard passenger car, in a location with free public access. Sponsored bt the Fullerton Amateur Radio Club. See also WARA hunts held in Fullerton.

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Just For Fun Hunt

San Gabriel valley area. Usually every Friday at 7 PM. Hunt on 146.565 but co-ordinate on 147.765- repeater. Boundaries: AAA San Gabriel Valley map. Start anywhere. Hunters share bearings on the repeater. Vertical polarization and good signal so dopplers can hunt it. See also San Gabriel Valley hunt.

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Meathead Hunt

Variation of the All-day allowing the hider to set special rules for the occasion. Could last from 10 to 30 hours. Boundaries: Continental US. Multiple transmitters are common. A very challenging hunt. More info.

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Mini All-day

Not to be confused with the All-day. Theme of the hunt is that hunters should be able to find the transmitter within 6 to 12 hours. Boundaries: Continental US, but keep in mind this is a Mini All-day. Multiple transmitters are common. More info.

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Orange County RACES Hunt

Third Monday. 7:30 PM. Start anywhere in central Orange County. Boundaries: Orange County. Fox must hide on property accessible to the public within 100 feet of pavement. Transmissions must be heard by the repeater (input 146.295, output 146.895, CTCSS 136.5), and be given often and when asked for. First to find the transmitter wins.

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Second Saturday, 8 PM. Starts at Ronald Reagan Park at Pathfinder in Diamond Bar. Multiple transmitters common. Large boundaries: From the ocean east on the 1o freeway to the 405, north to the 134, east to the 2 freeway, north to the Angeles Forest boundary, east to the junction of the 15 and 215 freeways at Devore, south to the 215 to highway 74, southwest along 74 to the Orange/Riverside County line and then along the Orange County line to the ocean. See also First Saturday hunt.

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First saturday, 7 PM. Start at back parking lot of Redlands High School (Church Street and Redlands Boulevard). Be at starty point bt 6:30 PM. Boundaries: The San Bernardino Forest Boundary from Devore east to Bryant Street, Yucaipa; a straight line from Bryant down to San Timoteo Canyon Road; along San Timoteo Canyon Road west to the Riverside County line, along the county line to the 215 freeway on the west, and the 215 up to Devore. First to find the transmitter wins.

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Second Saturday at 5 PM. Start at the second level of the east parking lot of Riverside Plaza. Hunters should be at the starting point by 4:45 PM. Yes, you can drive up there with the quad. Hider may be mobile or stationary. If mobile, hider may not use freeways and must alternate mobile for five minutes and stationary for five minutes. Boundaries: 10 freeway on the north, 215 freeway on the east, Cajalco Road on the south and 15 freeway on the west. First to the transmitter wins. Hunt must be over by 8 PM so as not to interefere with Pathfinder.

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San Gabriel Valley

Second Sunday at 2 PM. Starts at Arcadia park on Santa Anita Avenue in Arcadia. Boundaries: AAA San Gabriel Valley Area map. Vertical polarization. Hunt is over by 5 PM. Clues may be given after 4:30 to help beginners close in on transmitter. Lowest mileage usually wins. See also Just for Fun hunt.

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Santa Barbara Hunt

Saturday 8 days after the third Friday, 7:30 PM. Start in the lower parking lot at 4400 Cathedral Oaks Road in Santa Barbara. Boundaries: AAA Santa Barbara and Vicinity map. Usually first to find the transmitter wins, mileage or combination at discretion of hider. Occasionally multiple transmitters. Get more info on K6TZ repeater (146.790 - , CTCSS 131.8) or from one of the regular hunters like WB6RDV.

Santa Barbara beginners hunt

Second Saturday, 7 PM. Start at the Stow House parking lot, 304 North Los Carneros Road. On-foot hunt. Boundaries are the general vicinity of Lake Los Carneros. This is not designed to be a competitive hunt but a learning exercise providing practice in sniffing and locating a transmitter close in. For info contact KE6HTS.

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Santa Clarita

Saturday after the third Wednesday, 7 PM. Start at La Mesa Jr. High parking lot, 26623 May Way, Canyon Country. Boundaries: City of Santa Clarita and unincorporated pockets. T-hunt frequency 146.570, co-ordination on Santa Clarita Repeater 146.79 (-) CTCSS 123.0 . Winner is lowest mileage, beginner/intermediate difficulty. For further details, see the SCARC Hidden Transmitter Hunt page or contact N7TNJ.

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Six-meter Hunt

First Saturday at 10 AM, hunt on 50.300 MHz FM. Start at State College and Bastanchury in Fullerton. Boundaries: 15 mile radius of starting point. Continuous signal, vertically polarized and audible using a loop antenna at starting point. Beginners encouraged. Winner is hunter with lowest mileage. Info on club net, Tuesday 8 PM, 50.150 SSB.

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TRW Swapmeet Hunt

Last Saturday of the month at noon, right after the TRW swap meet. Usually a sniff hunt, beginners encouraged. Boundaries: Five-mile radius of TRW swap meet. For details see the TRW Swapmeet T-Hunt page or send mail to WA6MPF.

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WARA - Fullerton Hunt

Second Saturday, 7 PM. Start at the lower parking lot of the Summit Restaurant, State College and Bastanchury. Boundaries from Orange County Line on the 57 Freeway on the north to the 55 Freeway on the east to Chapman Avenue in the City of Orange on the south to Beach Boulevard on the west. These are beginner's hunts with no official time limits. Talk-in on N6ME repeater (145.40 -, carrier squelch). For further details, see the WARA home page.

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"What we need is another T-hunt" T-hunt

Fifth Saturday, 9 AM. Start at Ronald Reagan Park at Pathfinder Road in Diamond Bar. Boundaries: AAA Los Angeles and Vicinity map. Hunt should take 8 to 10 hours and be finished by early evening. This hunt promotes the quality hiding of the transmitter rather than an endurance hunt.

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General info for fourth/fifth Saturday hunts

These hunts are intended to be difficult. The All-day, Mini-All day, Meathead, and All-night start at the intersection of Crenshaw Boulevard and Crest Road in Rancho Palos Verdes, on the fourth or fifth Saturday at 10 AM, and are on 146.565 MHz. Lowest mileage wins. Crenshaw factor (odometer correction) is a must. It is recommended to have plenty of water, food, spare gasoline, and maps! Hunters usually gather for breakfast at Kings Hawaiian at 8:45 before the hunt.

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