#DateNameEmail Address
1Sat Jun 2 2001 17:01Tony Miller
Welcome! Just trying to see if this works and wanted to assure all who sign here that I won't send you any unwanted mail.


Tony Miller
2Tue Jun 12 2001 12:40Armand Hoffstetter
been playing with seeburg since way back mostly tormat mem models. the home unit is a v200 [title boards, no drum,but it was free]cabnet/frame, with a LS1 carrage and control unit [fire salvage], a KD200 memory,stepper,and selector switches [this one fell off a truck] (3 wall boxes) marantz preamp and 2 pa power amps ..... it rocks.
3Wed Jun 13 2001 19:13yul heron
ok ok ok from Portugal I have a smc1disco160, needs some maintanance, it's been stored for 5 years. It was given to me by an ex boss along with a Row Ami too, the condition was that i would not sell them. As if I would, best piggy bank's I'v ever had.
4Fri Jun 22 2001 18:11Giuseppe Mezzatesta
I have a Seeburg Model HF 100G
5Sun Jun 24 2001 19:49Steve
Hi Tony, You have an incredible site! You are the Man. I have a site in the Juke ring too. Keep up the Great work.
6Wed Jun 27 2001 16:32kelley pendergast
Great site.Love those VMC-1's
7Wed Jun 27 2001 19:19Armand Hoffstetter
my home unit is not stock but romps
a VL200 case and record magizine [free]
LS1 carrage and control unit [fire salvage]
KD200 tormat stepper and selection switches [junk]
home made power suply for stepper remotes and 3 relay credit system the third relay beeing a time out to release the solinoid
8Thu Jul 12 2001 00:51Ron Rich
hey Tony -- This is the 2nd sign in #1 does not show up when I view the gestbook.
9Fri Jul 20 2001 14:41David Huskinson
Very usfull, well planed out and interesting, keep the good work up.
10Fri Jul 27 2001 12:02Casimer Dabrowski
Nice job Tony.
Tony I have an idea for you, come up with a voice chip that says "this phone does not answer calls that are listed as unavailable". Design this in with the little caller I.D. units put out by the phone company. Cas
11Sun Aug 5 2001 12:09Steve Eckert
Hi Tony
Great site! I enjoyed the articles on the Tormat and troubleshooting very much. Own a Seeburg M100C. I will keep in touch.
12Mon Aug 6 2001 15:30ROGER SMALL
13Sun Aug 19 2001 10:26Bill Barrett
I've always thought Seeburg jukeboxes were the best. I am very glad someone has a site devoted to these great machines, and I guess that is because I have a couple with the black and gray boxes!
14Mon Aug 20 2001 21:49John Robertson
Very nice, I think I might link to it on my site...

John :-#)#
15Sat Aug 25 2001 02:30MATHEW H.E. BAILEY
Is there a way a Seeburg ss-160 Stereo Showcase
can be converted to 160 microcomputer selection using SMC 160 components? Most of the converting
wolud require replacing the 133s6 mech. with a 160st29 mech. Would you need to some how install
the digital selector/display unit where the album
display would normally be?
16Sat Aug 25 2001 16:56Frog
HI I just purchased a Seeburg LS1 and was looking for some help in repairing it and you are! Thankyou for your informative site. I have downloaded your trouble shooting guide and lookout LS1 here I come. Thankyou again for your page.

Are your boxes compatible with the LS1?
17Mon Sep 3 2001 17:42Thomas Sullivan
Great, It is unusual to find a double "E" who can write a technical description that can be understood. Thank for the education. TOM
18Tue Sep 4 2001 14:02Bill Tompkins
Good article (tormat)! Any idea where I could get a motor coupling for a 1955 V200?

19Tue Sep 18 2001 14:29earl lasenba
was able to identify the modle number of my jukebox was very helpful ty
20Fri Sep 21 2001 13:00Henny Moonen
It's a great page with so much to read en very nice picture's.
I will be back very often Thanks.
Visit me at...
21Fri Sep 21 2001 13:00Henny Moonen
It's a great page with so much to read en very nice picture's.
I will be back very often Thanks.
Visit me at...
22Sun Sep 23 2001 17:27Simon Wallner

I own a Seeburg Discotheque Jr. U100 which was produced from 1964 to 1966.
The machine is in a terrible state and in parts. I intend to restore it.
I like yous site very much as you seem to share your knowledge and are not trying to sell stuff in the first place!
I ´veNever done any jukeboxrepair before. My question, for a start, is where do I best (i.e.
cheapest) get a service manual? What else is necessary before getting
Thanks for any hints!

Simon Wallner
Berlin, Germany

23Wed Oct 3 2001 20:11Allen Wood
I just purchased my first Juke and it's a Seeburg SMC1. Of course, as is my tendency, I purchased in non-working. Who can learn anything on something that is working? I am surfing the web, looking for helpful sites to educate myself a bit for the battle ahead. Anyone who would be a resource for me... please email.
25Sun Oct 7 2001 20:06kevin
I have recently started a Seeburg Jukebox Information Club at Yahoo! Although membership is small right now, We'd love to have you drop in!

The URL is:

To get in, you have to sign up to be a Yahoo! member (it's free and easy).

We have members who own Seeburg LPC-1s, SC-1s, AY-160s, 100Bs, and 222s.

We'd love to have you drop in.


26Wed Oct 10 2001 10:39a.h.lemstra
interesting stuff!!
i,am repairing juke-boxes sinds 1966.
at this moment i,am working on a seeburg V200,and it,s a trickyjob todo,because it,s not in its original state.however it will be okay soon.
okay to now,that somewere outdare are other people
working on goodold juke-boxes!!
good luck!!!
27Sat Oct 13 2001 23:17Herb Holeman
Very interesting info on your web site. I'm looking forward to future installments! I've been a Seeburg fan since I did maintenance on my family's route back in the mid 1950's. Seeburgs of that era were definitely a class act!!!
28Sun Oct 21 2001 14:27warren j. rowe wrowe/
29Sun Oct 21 2001 19:24Mitch Johnson
Proud owner of a 1974 Vogue II
30Sun Oct 28 2001 17:03Bobby
I appreciate any info you might have on the Seeburg model U100 Discoteque jukebox.Thanks again
31Sun Nov 4 2001 15:07Vince Dooley
Hey, just surfing and clicked in.Interesting info.
Me, Just a tech on pins and jukes. Thanks
32Wed Nov 14 2001 10:51Andrew Hack
Excellent information! I'll stop back frequently.
33Thu Nov 29 2001 07:05Armand Hoffstetter
I have the book on black and grey boxes via GameRoom mag. It was great to see how the electronic selection interfaced with the tormats.
i've fix many mid vintage [V to LS2] seeburgs for friends and fun, but had no idea how the keypad entry worked. a friend gave me a rowe 89 case in trade for helping change a flat cam in a 201 seeburg. it had'nt seen oil in years. I now have a rowe-burg made from the rowe case and leftover seeburg parts. kd 200 frame, tormat, and stepper {home made power suply for stepper, and free play relays.} 3WA wallbox. LS1 mech, and control center [yep plays 7" 33s]. SHP1 amp [caution rowe cabinet speaker wiring is out of phase to facilitate center chanel external spkr.]
so far it works great on the wallbox but I am not going to mount the KD key board I will do something custom, but not sure what yet.
it is a work in process.
34Tue Dec 4 2001 18:07gerry belisle
I Got my smc3 seeburg prelude for three years it has brrn working great
35Tue Dec 4 2001 18:09gerry belisle
I Got my smc3 seeburg prelude for three years it has brrn working great
36Thu Dec 6 2001 18:17Vince Dooley
Good stuff.I've been a tech. in the business for 12+ years. Love to see the different sites about jukes and pins.Have been offering sales and service in the Ga. area..Thanks..
37Mon Dec 10 2001 02:19
38Mon Dec 10 2001 00:25Kevin Contreras
Hi, I recently picked up a SPS160 at a garage sale pretty cheap.It works and sounds great. And is in pretty good condition. Im just trying to get ahead of the game for when it brakes down.
39Mon Dec 10 2001 22:56GREGG NUNYA337@SCCOAST.NET
40Thu Dec 13 2001 07:47Carroll Mounce
Best info and referrals i have seen about repairs
for solid state boards
41Fri Dec 14 2001 02:55Armand Hoffstetter
tony.. since you were there what do you think was the serial # of the LAST seeburg [VMC1] a collector's find for sure.
42Mon Dec 17 2001 18:22Mark Watts
I am really glad to find your web site, as I have an Olympian, an Entertainer, and a Matador that use black and grey boxes. I also have a SCD-1A and I am restoring a M100BL. Thanks!
43Tue Dec 18 2001 22:53Greg Wesolowski
I is sure nice that someone with your knowledge and background is willing to help people with their jukeboxes. I recently purchased a Seeburg FC1 Regency. I would not have bought it had it not been for your web site and some others that gave me the confidence to buy it and know that I could enjoy it for years to come. Thank You.
44Thu Dec 27 2001 09:31scotty scotty_53021@yahoo.coom
looking for information on the phoenix smc2
45Thu Jan 3 2002 13:49Michael Kellum
I was lost, but now I am found! Thanks for providing this site. I thought I was doomed to forever own a languishing SMC2 Phoenix Juke. May that shiny disco ball sparkle and rotate forever! Thanks again.
46Sat Jan 5 2002 20:48Ken Sprout
Very interesting information here. I will bookmark this site for future reference... Thanks for all your hard work..
47Sat Jan 5 2002 20:48Ken Sprout
Very interesting information here. I will bookmark this site for future reference... Thanks for all your hard work..
48Sat Jan 12 2002 05:31TJ Smith
great info! thank you
49Sun Jan 13 2002 09:40bob day
50Sun Jan 13 2002 14:28Todd
Great site with tons of valuable info. I own a USC1 that is in fair condidtion. It was my parents and I always used to keep it working. They gave it to me about 10 years ago and it has work ocasionally (it seems to have a mind of its own). After finding your site, I think I might be ready to really get it working. I plan on ordering your book and armed with that and all these other Seeburg fans, I'm sure it will be back in business! Thanks again.
51Mon Jan 21 2002 19:12matt grover
Please keep me informed on anything digital
Seeburg,and what to look out for on the SCD-1.

52Wed Jan 23 2002 06:36sterchele barbara
Compliments!!!! It's the must complite website I've visited about jukeboxes.
See you soon
54Sat Jan 26 2002 19:07ron
i have a smc2 phoenix. i need some chrome trim pieces, do you have any parts?
55Tue Feb 5 2002 17:18Tom Garcia
I have an FC1 with the problem that it does not play side two of any record. Your site led me to believe the problem is in the Tormac unit. It came with the same problem but after I cleaned it up a little and pushed in all connections to ensure snugness, the problem disappeared. Recently, I tugged on the connection to the Tormac unit because I was going to replace the top, and since then the problem has returned. I will check it out some more, but I want to thank you for the information on your site. It has been very helpful to me.
56Sun Feb 10 2002 00:10
A very good site.
Have you any documentation in french ?
57Wed Feb 13 2002 09:01 DAVE ROCK ROCKMCO@AOL.COM
58Fri Feb 15 2002 17:07Harold Fildey
I just bought a Seeburg today and may need to do repairs. Your site is very interesting and hopefully I can get all the info I'll need.
59Fri Feb 15 2002 23:08JOSEPH GEORGE
I am the owner of a

I am the owner of two Seeburg home stero console units. Model HSC2 which we purchased in the late 1960,s. I am looking for someone in the Phoenix, Arizona area who can repair them. Any help would be appreciated. One of the itms I really need is the rubber drive bands that turn the the record holder inside.

60Sat Feb 16 2002 21:36Angela Cunningham
Hi :)
I own a Seeburg Entertainer... love this box but would like to know the year... Some say 1972...1974 or 1975??? I'm confused... Can anyone help me? Thanks, angela
61Sun Feb 17 2002 08:11Chip Laugal
I have a broken STD2 that I need your help in
fixing. I have your Black box book and almost
have it memorized. My problem is that when I
select a 1 or 2 I get no response, when I select
any other digit the Reset lamp appears. I
purchased a consolette and substituted the D.E.S.
and Black Box with no change. I then powered up
the consolette with 24 volts and neither Black box
exhibits the problem. I have adjusted all the
contacts on the Black Box and D.E.S. to insure
contact and checked the DCC output voltages. I
need some help on what to look at next. My next
step is to hook up the consolette to bypass the
selection process of the jukebox. Do you have a
list of the consolette pinouts so I can hook it
up? The Remote connector on the DCC has a plug
with awire in pin 2 that has me confused.
Any help you can give me would be greatly
Thank you,
Chip Laugal
62Wed Feb 27 2002 05:34Frans Boumans
Great site, I want your book!
I myself have got an SPS2 Matador
63Thu Feb 28 2002 17:00Gary Hess
I recently purchased several old jukebox's, several are Seeburg, but I think the earliest one I have is a 1973. All need some thing done to them but I would like to pic one and get it going to know my adventure was not insane. Any info would be great. Thanks a lot. Gary
64Mon Mar 4 2002 12:26Hans-Juergen Lenz
I own a Seeburg Entertainer ESTD2 and have a small problem:
When I switch on the jukebox and make a selection, the mechanism scans twice, picks up nothing and then stops. When I wait about 5 minutes everything works fine.
Where can I look for that problem. Is there someone in Germany, who can help me? Please send an email to me.

Hans-Juergen Lenz
65Mon Mar 11 2002 12:23Ed Renner
Just getting involved in a juke. Looking forward to it.
66Thu Mar 14 2002 05:11Lucien Gariepy
Désolé,je ne parle que le francais mais je trouve votre site tres interressant et utille pour les collectionneur débutant comme moi. Félicitation et MERCI.
67Sat Mar 16 2002 06:53David Meredith
Your site looks very interesting. I'll be back!
68Tue Mar 19 2002 15:59John Yngve Jacobi
I have a Seeburg Disco 1978
69Sun Mar 24 2002 10:00Raymond CyrJukecyr
years have been working on seeburg jukeboxes for 25 years.I have been collecting A few of the m. There is no better sounding jukebox in the world .
70Fri Mar 29 2002 16:15Vic Vierling
71Mon Apr 1 2002 10:49Ed Hatfiekd
Looking for Seburg repair in the Omaha Ne. area. Have a Select-O-Matic 200 and A Seburg console model that plays 331/3.
72Mon Apr 1 2002 19:55Bill McTavish
Great sight! Most informative I've seen on the web related to the Regency FC1
73Mon Apr 15 2002 10:49Marcus Hill
Great site !!! but I am getting a headache reading how to fix my std160 so I guess it's time to call an expert....Thanks for the great site
74Fri Apr 19 2002 21:11Chris Clark
I found your website via Yahoo search engine. Very nice site! I was looking around to try and find someone to help me with my Rowe R-90 Juke that I bought for my house. I emailed Ron in hopes that he could help me with some minor issues that a first time Juke owner wouldn't know how to fix.
75Tue Apr 23 2002 21:10Dan Wylie
Interesting career and I hope that your website does well.
76Wed May 1 2002 11:53Rich
Great Jukebox sight. I restore old jukes and am selling my Seeburg LS325 for 700.00 located in New Jersey.
77Fri May 3 2002 16:35JamesButtigieg
I found your site very useful,because you have the solutions for my Seeburg 1974 VOGUE 2
78Sat May 4 2002 08:51DJ Manu 68 From France
SLT super simpas comme site
Moi jai le seeburg 100-77D plus connus sous le nom de topaz mais jai mon boitier rouge qui est foutu j'épere que tu poura maider
bonne continuation @++
79Wed May 8 2002 11:38earl lasenba
helpful site thanks
80Fri May 10 2002 18:43Colleen McGraw
looking for someone in the Las Vegas area to repair my Seeburg Jukebox model 100-78D, Any information would be helpful.
81Thu May 16 2002 13:51chet hardick
very nice
82Fri May 24 2002 06:49Martin Gebauer
I'm trying to repair my an ELPC480
83Sat May 25 2002 20:40Steve French
Found your website. Hopefully I can get my Olympian 160 working fully. Problems grabbing any selections. Sent you a detailed email, hope you reply.
84Sun May 26 2002 06:17JoAnn Maddux
I am looking for someone to help me determine
what year model I have. Model AQ100 SHR-2.
Any help would be appreciated.
85Tue May 28 2002 11:36Jim Arbuckle
Wonderful site and extremely helpful to a novice. Thanks
86Thu May 30 2002 16:13Wesley Dean
My son and I started The Jukebox Junkyard in 1975 after I retired from 25 years of head technician for a major southeatern jukebox distributor. We have avvumulated over 700 old boxes that we either part out or refurbish for sale. Although we sell and service all old models, Seeburg is the premier manufacturer. We specialize in converting the old tube type control centers to solid-state operation. We also have developed a foolproof solid-state credit system.
87Thu May 30 2002 14:51
88Wed Jun 5 2002 17:37Steve French
Great site!
Just what I was looking for as a new owner of an almost working Olympian 160.
89Thu Jun 6 2002 20:26Robert Savage savage coin
I like the fact that there is real help out there if it is needed Thanks,ob
90Tue Jun 11 2002 08:42Larry White
Looking for answers about my Seeburg's "classic scans twice, plays nothing" problem. I found the information under trouble-shooting to be informative, but I am unsure if I am up to the task of isolating and fixing the problem. Do you (or anyone reading this) know of someone in the Dallas, TX, area that is an expert on the old Seeburgs?
91Thu Jun 13 2002 13:14YaVonne
have you ever lived in or around shast/redding Ca?
92Mon Jun 17 2002 09:14Alan Hood
93Mon Jun 17 2002 09:23Alan Hood
Hello, your site had some good photo's my favourite of the period was the Matador. Did you ever come across Norman Craven a jukebox engineer from the UK he is the only service engineer that I know of who went to Seeburg for training. He used to work for Dransfield Novelty in Leeds around 1976-1980 I used to work with him, infact he taught me all I know about Seeburgs. I spoke to him last year he is 84 (or there abouts) If he couldn't repair the jukebox he would play the piano & sing.


Alan Hood.
Partner Games Unlimited & Datex Systems.

94Sat Jun 29 2002 07:03lee alexander
my children just bought me a lpc-1 as a gift
needs some repair on selector circuit
great site
95Fri Jul 5 2002 15:02BOB Q160@AOL.COM
96Thu Jul 11 2002 14:24Frank mariacher
I'm looking for two sets of playing needle for my Seeburg jukebox which is a model#220-SR, Serials#106820, 117 volts, and 60 cycles. Could you help me to identify the following information:the year of my jukebox, the availibilty of parts besides the playing needles, like the old vacuum tubes, pricing for the playing needles etc. Thank you for your help. Frank Mariacher
97Sun Jul 21 2002 10:48Michael Wesolowski
hope to hear from you soon
98Wed Jul 24 2002 01:25Deren Freeman
Great Site, been looking for something relating to Seebugrgs for months now !
99Wed Jul 24 2002 10:14ronald jewell
have a seeburg ls3 that needs help
100Fri Jul 26 2002 17:18Mark
Seeburg Diner Tabletop (wall mountable) jukebox- need to find age, value, and how to configure speakers to work from another source..Thanks!
101Fri Aug 2 2002 19:09Pete Simmons
Thanks for all the great technical information on Seeburgs. I especially liked the troubleshooting stuff, and found it very useful. I would be even MORE thrilled if you would put out a book on the Seeburg stereo TUBE amplifiers, like the SHFA3, 4, 5, etc. These are great amps, but a LOT can go wrong with them (capacitors, resistors, etc.) A troubleshooting guide for these amps would be a real boon.
102Tue Aug 6 2002 21:19Eric Anderson
Proud owner of USC1, USC2, & DS160, all of which need restoration. (I'll get to it someday! I swear I will! And, no doubt, I'll need your new black and grey boxes!) Frequent daydream: Having USC1 (with all new glass) in playroom and operating DEC's in every room of my house. Tony, thanks for doing so much to help us keep these things running! Best, -Eric
103Tue Aug 6 2002 21:26Eric Anderson
Oops! I forgot to list the SPS160 that I'm keeping safe for someday. I guess it's more a favor to some stranger out there because I'll never live long enough to complete all of my planned restoration projects, but I'll try like heck.
104Mon Aug 12 2002 14:39Lois Kocsis
Just looking for a '67 Seeburg for my friend. I have a '59 Wurlitzer and '61 Seeburg.
105Thu Aug 22 2002 19:19Erich Loepke
Although I don't yet have a digital Seeburg (would like to have an STD-2, though), I was still able to use your information to troubleshoot my LPC1 and LS1. The LPC1. in particular, had multiple Tormat problems and I would have been lost without the information here.
106Thu Aug 29 2002 18:10Mark Gehl
I own a Seeburg STD2 Entertainer. I think it needs a serious cleaning. It also appears that the woofers are blown out and will have to be replaced.

I need a book that can help some one as inept as myself through this process. Are either of your books my answer?
107Sat Aug 31 2002 21:08Steve Hoff
I just found your site while doing a Google search. I picked up the following and I'm sure I will be able to use your books. I have already purchased the SHP amp book from Always Jukin'and plan on getting the black / grey box book.
SMC1, STD2 QUAD (any idea on how many of these were made? It also had the decoder and autospeed unit still there), STD2, STD160, SPS2, SPS160, USC1 and 2 USC2s. Thanks for making the web site. Steve Hoff
108Mon Sep 2 2002 14:31Mark & Robin

109Mon Sep 2 2002 16:18Andrej

this is best side for Seeburg jukeboxes at all.

110Mon Sep 2 2002 22:29larry mitchell
My father recently gave me a model LS2 which he bought at an auction. It works o.k. at present except for speaker vibration. I would like to find a repair and instruction manual. Also need a new styli. Any sugestions? Thanks! You have a great web site.!!!
111Sun Sep 15 2002 00:26Duane Loeffler duaneloeffler@AOL.Com
Neat site. I was suprised to find so much info regarding Seeburg boxes on the internet. I have two SMC3 units with problems.I would like to find a service manual for the mechanical and contact adjustments and maintenance.I am a television and vcr tech. and believe I have the ability to repair them myself if I have enough info. Need any help on t.v.'s or vcr's just ask!
112Sun Sep 15 2002 20:04Bill Gordon
I own a Seeburg Mod.SPS2 in good shape. I also got lucky and have the installation & operation manual.
113Sun Sep 22 2002 17:23Mike Disanza
I feel inspired after reading some of your technical pointers. This is my first jukebox (seeburg SPS160) so I'm a little overwhelmed but I'm glad to see that there is support out there.
114Wed Sep 25 2002 22:12Kenneth Hall
I have a Model 6000 home console that if I select both sides of the record it will start to play the left side then reject and it goes and plays the right side. If I only select the left side it will play it correctly. Thank you for this site. Ken
115Fri Sep 27 2002 11:39Gerry Peterson
Great web site!
116Sat Oct 5 2002 22:51Jack byrne
great web site!!!!! as a former Seeburg juke mechanic at World Wide Distributors in Chicago its nice to see all the great Seeburg machines!

117Mon Oct 7 2002 03:43Thomas Svensson
A Very good jukebox site.
Thank you very much
118Sun Oct 13 2002 14:45Joe Kenny
Sir: I have a seeberg m100G model 1952-54 not sure has a red carraige with a mirror background and chrome front.Although it is excellant condition,I do sometimesneed to know why and how this operates,I have no manuals,troubleshooting guides.Can I get parts,tubes for it? I live in lebanon,Pa approx.10 miles from Hershey,Pa Any info. would be apprciated. Thanx
119Tue Oct 15 2002 15:29Santiago Tafoya STAFOYA@BEHR.COM
120Mon Oct 21 2002 23:29Joel
Hey, I have been looking for sometime now, but have not been able to find any information on a seeburg model number 200LU1. Would you have any information on it? I would really appreciate it if you could head me in the right direction. Thanks alot. Joel
121Tue Oct 22 2002 14:59Mark Devine
I have a Seeburg M100C, i'm trying to get hold of cartridge, it seems the one I have doesn,t work.
Anyone know where to get one from?
The friend who's repairing my jukebox worked on them in UK in the early sixties. If anyone can help please let me know.
122Thu Nov 7 2002 08:00George Strampher
I have a 1959 Seeburg 220, That was given to me. Haven't decided what to do with it yet.
123Thu Nov 7 2002 18:28Danny Glaskox
Your site is great for those of us who know little or nothing about jukeboxes. I want mine to work and am willing to spend the time needed to repair it. I just hope I can!!
124Sun Nov 10 2002 03:06Ivan Symaeys
great site !keep on the good works !!
Ivan alias lordbizarre
electric guitar & bizaria collector
125Sun Nov 10 2002 15:36Don Kellogg
126Wed Nov 13 2002 10:30Kenneth McLaughlin
I recently pickup a 1957 Seeburg 220 from my father who bought this new. It's been also 8 years since it was last play, so its a long process trying to get the carriage assembly to function properly. But your site looks good, also if I get into a bind that I can't fix, I'll howler for help. Take care, Ken.
127Thu Nov 14 2002 06:27Jon Batson
Nice to see that Seeburg detail is available if needed.
128Tue Nov 19 2002 05:46Steven M. Brittner
Owner of Brittner Repairs in Pittsburgh. My phone number is 412-260-3114. I have been repairing and operating seeburg jukes for 21 years. I am looking for some special roller title indicaters for the cd1a. Do you know of anyone who may have these?
129Wed Nov 27 2002 16:40Kevin
Great site -- good information, nice pictures. I hope my Microlog equipment never breaks, but I'm glad I know where to turn if it does!
130Mon Dec 2 2002 07:32Bill O'Neill
Hey Tony......I too worked at URL back in the early 80's. I ran the shipping dept and was under Art Gross and Ron Polkow. Do you ever here from any of them anymore??

Take care....and nice page!
131Mon Dec 2 2002 17:29John Schroth
I have an LS3 and SMC1. The MCU1 from the SMC1 seems to be out. Any suggestions on troubleshooting? IS the MCU book available?
Thanks for your help!
132Tue Dec 3 2002 14:31Don Stanley
133Tue Dec 3 2002 17:53David Farris
Southern Amusement Co.
712 George St.
Greenwood, MS 38930
134Mon Dec 16 2002 19:31Mike Zigarelli
135Mon Dec 16 2002 19:32Mike Zigarelli
Would like some information on Seeburg 220S, service manual. Thank You
136Tue Dec 31 2002 04:30scott mcdonald
loved your site & will add to my favorites. had a couple of topaz & several others around that era. always love reading info on them.
137Tue Jan 7 2003 10:33Keith Winans
I have a Seeburg STD4 MardiGras with a SHP3 amp. It may be bad, as some parts on the small back board fried when I plugged it in with the switch on. The parts were replaced, but all I get now is a loud hum. Still looking for info to fix it.
You have a pretty neat site.
138Fri Jan 10 2003 07:31Gerrit Aanstoot

your site is very interesting
Can you give me more information about the seeburg vmc1?
It seems a very interesting machine

regards, Gerrit
139Sat Jan 11 2003 14:27yngve jacobi
mycket bra sida, jag äger en seeburg disco 1978
140Wed Jan 15 2003 20:50Arturo Venegas
141Sun Jan 19 2003 18:21jim berryman
I was employed in the vending business from 1979 to 1989, almost exclusively repairing and rebuilding Rowe phonographs. However, the company I worked for had all of the big four's boxes. We had a few Seebergs out there and I found them to be the best phonos we owned. (They all sounded great!) Anyway, I've been looking around for a jukebox for the house and it will be a Seeberg.

142Sat Jan 25 2003 14:32Troy Witt
I have part of a Seeburg REX jukeboxe and Im trying to see what it useto look like
143Wed Jan 29 2003 18:35Carl Russo
Very interesting
144Thu Jan 30 2003 12:24Jason Ramnarine
Pls help me with my Jukebox problem..
145Fri Jan 31 2003 14:52Carlton W Eddy
I have a 75-78, not sure of the year, STD2, That stopped, playing, Just checking the website's out for imformation, I owed the Jukebox since the 80's, and the old saying, You don't know what you got, until it stop playing, Regard from New York
146Mon Feb 3 2003 00:13Don
Interesting site. I am i search of trouble shooting information on a Seeburg model UA-2V (might be VA-2V)
147Mon Feb 10 2003 17:51Mike Bond
Very interesting site. I am the original owner of a Seeburg-Stern VMC. The sound system on it is one of its great assets. It's still running after 20 years. Since you worked at URL on the original selection electronics for this machine, maybe you can answer a burning question for me. Was the B/W "video screen" consolette for this machine ever produced? It showed up in the original flyer for VMC, but I never physically saw one. What is the story on this? I would love to get my hands on one! Also, if ever the main controller boards for this beast break down, is there any chance of getting a repair? Thx
148Wed Mar 19 2003 17:24gerald hankins
149Fri Mar 28 2003 06:02Larry Brady
150Fri Mar 28 2003 08:13Larry Brady
Picked up an S100 Seeburg. Looking for someone in Michigan or north to northeast Ohio to give a look at and assessment of the box. I'm told it's a 1967 model and parts if needed are not available. I'm not quite ready to accept that. Know any one in this area? Any help appreciated.
151Wed Apr 9 2003 06:50Marcel Bogert
Hi Tony and others a message from the netherlands,
had fun reading through the info and finding out there is a lot of info still to be found on the digital units seeburg/stern made.
I've been fiddeling around with mcu's and greyboxen and many other jukebox electronic components for some 10 years now and keep running into brickwalls as soon as a microprocessor turns out to be dead.
Hope there will be a solution soon, i've seen many jukeboxen being scrapped because of the MCU being defective.

keep up the good work :-)

152Fri Apr 18 2003 14:57Rolf
thank's for your website.
I have a EFC1 which is not working anymore. Will order your book very soon.
153Sun Apr 20 2003 12:04LAVERNE BOOKER
154Tue Apr 22 2003 00:06Dave Hermsmeyer
Great web site! I am looking forward to hearing from you!
155Thu Apr 24 2003 12:01Richard Bednarcik
Great web page. I repair Jukes,slots,pinballs,and antique radios. Here is my PHOTO PAGE of neat things for sale.......
156Thu Apr 24 2003 19:07Byron
Excellent web site. Some good info. on the scan twice and select none problem. Will try your suggestions.
157Fri May 2 2003 10:44Greg Parsons
Hi: Great page! I have owned at least 7 VMC's and love them. Like you mentioned, the best sounding vinyl machine made. Warren Rowe and I probably have the most knowledge of these machines in this area (So. Calif.). Do you know of a replacement for the keyboard that Chomerics made for this machine? Stern sure cheaped out on that! Also, I would like to find on optical character reader for loading the title strips into memory. Thanks....Greg Parsons....760-451-0811
158Sun May 11 2003 13:10Ed
Hello -

Discovered your site while browsing for info about the Seeburg Entertainer.

I have one which I obtained from an acquaintence for free simply for getting it out of his apartment. When powered up, the carriage automatically begins to move back and forth and continues to do so. The machine does not respond at all when selections are attempted. While the carriage is moving back and forth, by activating a lever on the carriage manually, the carriage will stop, select the record at that location, play it, and return it to its slot.

Due to the fact that the machine seems to play well as far as sound quality and can be manually made to select a random record, I'm suspect that it may not be a major problem to repair it. My problem is that I am virtually clueless in the field of electronics as evidenced by my inability to understand most of what is on your website to aid in troubleshooting.

Can you refer me to anyone in the Philadelphia / South Jersey area who might be able to look at my machine and give me an estimate for repair/reconditioning?

(I could possibly swap the use of a cottage here in Ocean City, a seashore resort, in exchange for repair)


159Wed May 14 2003 13:19Jim Withem
This is a great site!
i am a first time Juke owner i have a SPS 160 Olympian in blue! how rare is this

with a little paint and a few minor eletronic fixes it is the best box and im glad i got it!
160Fri May 16 2003 06:27Luberth

CStep Motion Controlled HPGL to Stepper(Hobby CNC)
161Mon May 19 2003 05:16Cliff Stichter
Your old buddie Ron Rich has been fixing my gray and black boxes. I got your book on black and gray boxes and hope someday to be able to repair them myself since I live in Tn. Not sure what all I need to check them. Good luck. Cliff
162Wed May 21 2003 00:25Rossi Piltz
You helped me to figure out which Jukebox I actually had. Thanks
163Sun May 25 2003 12:40Carolyn
164Sun May 25 2003 12:41Carolyn Barnes
great site, great info. we have a seeburg matador which hasn't worked in a couple of years. i just found your trouble shooting site and hope my son can use your info to correct the problem.
Many Thanks
165Fri Jun 6 2003 16:52Roberta Sanford
I own an SPS160 Olympian and am interested in selling yo know where I might look to determine its worth??? Thank you
166Mon Jun 23 2003 19:18Cindy
Thank you for all of your help with my Seeburg, Tony. You have been a lifesaver!
167Tue Jun 24 2003 08:51Susan Hosters/Thomas Hosters
Hi Tony, does the last name ring any bells. We both worked for Seeburg,my husband Tom was there from the early 50's till the bitter end. Service Parts with Tony Ocasio ? We have a Disco 160/smc1. What we need is an operating manual,can get credits/free play it just won't accept any numbers pressed. Can you help us out ?
168Sat Jul 5 2003 19:52Don
Hi. hope you can help. In need of Seeburg Juke box Tech. Fou South Jersey, Delaware area. Thanks Don
169Tue Jul 8 2003 19:52Bill Updegraff
Started to work on Jukeboxs after retirement as a field computer engineer for over 40 years. Having a ball and keep very buzy on all models here in the Birmingham Al Area. Am working on a Seeburg LS1 that has scan problems and found your article very helpful.
170Mon Jul 14 2003 09:05Jessica
I am in need of a technicial in/near the Atlanta area. i have a Seeburg select-o-matic SHR 222 that needs some repair. If anyone can help. please e-mail me.
171Fri Jul 18 2003 19:53Gilbert Cote
Looking for help with my jukebox -- AMI CTI-1SC Camelot
172Tue Jul 22 2003 06:59James Adams
I am looking to purchase a nice Seeburg SMC1 Jr. box. Thanks again.
173Thu Jul 31 2003 11:16Jim Russell
Have two Seeburgs with black and gray boxes. Five other older models. Have ordered both books on the boxes. Looking forward to being able to repair one of my gray boxes or letting Ron do it. This is a great 'site', keep up the good work. SEEBURGS FOREVER.................
174Tue Aug 12 2003 19:56Barbara
Thanks for the memories, good site, very helpful.
175Sun Aug 17 2003 13:17Jim Kerr
I enjoy reading your comments about Seeburg jukeboxes as I used to repair them here in Bristol England. My boss Lionel Hutchings used to import them and we changed the gears for 50HRZ. Got to meet the wife from bingo.
176Sun Aug 31 2003 13:54KEVIN & LORI COOKE vegaswolf2000@MSN.COM
Nice web site,my wife and I just purchased a USC2 in excellent condition will be ordering books from you !!.
177Sat Sep 6 2003 20:47Steven Hoff
Hello Tony,
Your SHP book was a great help for me when I rebuilt my first SHP amp.

Thanks, Steve
178Sat Sep 13 2003 17:43Shawn Paddock
I have a 77/78 Model STD4 that has amp problems (it started to smoke). before it quit it was selecting and rejecting records continiously. Need help!
179Thu Sep 25 2003 18:24Art Andrews
Great info on the Tormat. Should be able to fix my VL-200 scanning problem now.
180Sat Sep 27 2003 21:27Tim Sizemore
I was # 10,001 to your site. I have an AY 160 that I have been tinkering with. It was very ugly about a month ago and I have repainted and used alot of simple green on it. Local guy used to work on them and is trading work for my big screen that went out. Hopefully all comes together. I need to get two tubes, 0A2, and continue from there. I can't wait!
181Sat Oct 4 2003 09:05John Groel
Great site, thanks for the info. Its time to start my own maintainence and troubleshooting on my QR 160. Took your advice and bought the complete manual from Always Jukin. Tormat not always picking up records. Keep those tips flowing!
182Wed Oct 8 2003 18:34Shayne Connaughton
Looking for a book to help get my 100-77d working to good order
183Sun Oct 19 2003 08:02John Schreffler
I have a USC1 and am looking for troubleshooting information on it and came across your site.
184Thu Oct 30 2003 06:34Bernard J Cuff
Dear Sir

As yet I have to decipher all the knowledge you have placed before.

Here's hoping
185Fri Oct 31 2003 12:33Ken Fleck
Bought a Seeburg Entertainer that I am repairing. It needs a volume control swithch. Any leads appreciated.
186Mon Nov 3 2003 20:54Charles McRae
Have a USC-2, my son has my old M100B, currently working on a SMC Jr. Thanks for your insights and info on this site.
187Sun Nov 9 2003 02:37Trevor Clapton
Good to see help is around when you need it.
188Sun Nov 16 2003 08:10gerard look
Very nice site you have. I have a Quad seeburg juke box. Thank You.
gerard look
189Tue Nov 18 2003 00:21Dan Barthel
Bought a 1968 seeburg S 100 last year. Enjoy learning about jukeboxes,a rael international interest.Our box stopped in the middle of a record,smoke coming from the lower compartment. I'm trying to figure out how to open the bottem of the box.Any suggestions. Enjoy your site.Thanks
190Fri Nov 28 2003 14:14Rick Lundy
very nice web sight!
191Fri Nov 28 2003 22:27al vantangoli
I have a matador seeburg sps2 that is driving me crazy The machine plays well but i have to ground it to pick up selections the it picks them all up the selections area (keyboard) doesnt seem to be working at all not even lighting up when you push the numbers nothing happens I tried changing fueses traced wires i am almost at the end of my rope maybe you can give me some advice one of the cops I work with also couldnt figure the deal and
192Sun Dec 7 2003 20:01Chris T. Heaps
I have a model LS-1 to service this Tuesday. I notice you do not mention this one. Howeveer, is it similar to the LS3 you list??

I used to work for Wurlitzer as a Fieldservice Rep for their electronic Organ products. I have been in North Tanowanda plant, but never worked with Jukeboxes, althouugh I ahve heard several stories about them.

193Wed Dec 31 2003 03:56chris tanner
I have a problem with my V200. It will not stop scanning. I have just re assembled the jukebox after re chroming some of the parts and this problem has occurred. I hope that the information on your site will help to establish the cause. All worked well before I stripped the box which came to me from the USA. Maybe it is an assembly problem. Should all of the tubes light up when the box is on standby?
194Mon Jan 12 2004 19:00Richard Roth
seeberg USC2 firestar.
My son Andy got this for me. He does service and repair on jukeboxes,and has already cleaned up, swapped black and gray boxes, lubricated and check most everthing that he can, but still not working properly. Thanks
195Thu Jan 15 2004 13:36Dave Capone
Have a Seeberg U100 Mustang, and I need a trouble shooting guide.
196Thu Jan 22 2004 12:06Denny Klein
Great website, I am a big fan of the SMC jukes. I am looking for an SMC3 and am reconditioning an SMC1 currently.
197Fri Jan 23 2004 13:15Paul Evans
I recently purchased an Entertainer STD2. A mouse had eaten the wires going to the tone arm but I was able to splice some new wires in. Other that that it seems to work pretty good. My wife is now scouring second hand stores for 45's.
198Fri Jan 23 2004 15:17Deleplanque Henri
I replace a scs3100 (pulse detector circuit)the print is ok but 2n5064 will not work .
is there an other solution.
199Tue Jan 27 2004 13:03Alan Chambers
I am an Route Operator In Utah - My father started it in 1940 and the family has taken over where he left off. I still have many Seeburg Jukes here and in locations still collecting money each week.

I would like to know where I can find all the Pictures of each Seeburg made - Do you have good pictures??

200Thu Jan 29 2004 15:50Briggs Clark
I have a SMC1 Disco 160 that works and everything but it is missing a needle and a spring or what ever makes the needle are move across the record? I have the owners manual and records.But I realy don't know how to fix this jukebox. Could you maybe help me in some way.
Thank you
201Wed Feb 4 2004 10:01Mary C. Mateja

I am the proud, new owner of a Seeburg SPS160 Olympian jukebox. Unfortunately, right now it is all apart. I mean all apart.

This is what happened. Friends of my sister's had moved to Florida and they did not want to take the jukebox with them. Since my 50th birthday was coming up (January 21st), my sister purchased it from them (I do not know how much she paid for it). Mike (the guy who sold it) had taken it apart. A guy (he's around 80 and I do not know his name) who serviced Mike's machine over the years advised Mike how to take it apart (suppossedly it should have only been in 3 or 4 separate pieces). Well, Mike really took it apart.

Anyway, while I was at the Eagles playoff game against Carolina, the elderly man was suppossed to have put it together so that when I came back from the game, I would have been suprised. Well, when he arrived at my house and saw how apart it was, he didn't want to have anything to do with it. When my sister contacted Mike (in Florida), he and his wife are planning on coming up in April (they have a house in New Jersey and will live there for six months) and he said he will put it back together.

I am a little skeptical about Mike being able to do this when the elderly guy would not even touch it. I really don't want to wait until April (today is February 4th, 2004) and was wondering if you had any suggestions for me.

Please write back when you can.


202Thu Feb 5 2004 16:53Bill Bailey
Nice website, very informative
203Mon Feb 9 2004 14:03remo di giovanni
I enjoyed reading about how the tormat unit functions.
204Fri Feb 13 2004 05:27Dennis Tkacs
I just obtain a FC1 just recently and hope you can e-mail me.
205Wed Feb 25 2004 00:10Brian Webster
Very informative website Tony. Thanks for your info on D.E.C. Wallbox installation. Read alot written by you on the Seeburg Jukebox Information Club website as well.
206Thu Feb 26 2004 11:17kasey manfredi manfredi@comcast.nrt
I have a 1979-1980 phoenix seeburg with disco ball looking for someone to help figure out why the carriage wont work any help woulg be grearly appreciated
207Sat Mar 13 2004 21:20john charno
would like your opinion on what a working 1958-59 seeburg 161 is worth, average condition. a friend of mine has one and i want to buy it and want to offer him a fair price. any comments would be appreciated...
208Sat Mar 27 2004 20:53Lorne groner
I have your shp3 manual and found it to best manual i ever bought .I wish that i had order your other manual at the same time Will get them ones i get a juke that i can use it for. keep up the great work in makeing your manuals. thank
209Sat Apr 3 2004 16:11Denis Janelle
Hi all! I own a fully functional SPS2 Matador. Looking for a service manual and a place to order parts from (just in case!)
210Wed Apr 7 2004 08:31Bruce B.
To those former employees at 1500 N. Dayton, My hat is off to you. As a 14 year old kid from Detroit visiting Chicago, I was welcomed into the plant and given an informal tour. I really liked the vending machines set on "free play" . I remember the red brick office building on the South end. Sadly, that was the first sign of the demise. At least the factory building has been put to use again as a high end Home Depot these days. Who would have known that the real estate value of that property would be worth more than what Stern paid XCOR for the Juke Box assets!
211Sun Apr 11 2004 16:26Dennis Lavin (Jukeboxdenny)
Just getting into seeburgs, nice info on them on your web pages!Should help me alot!
212Sun Apr 18 2004 07:57Jacob Draaisma
Nice site, it could be very usefull.
213Tue Apr 20 2004 13:23Rick Cardinale
THANK YOU! I am going to purchase a service manual for my Seeburg unit. DS100/160
214Wed Apr 21 2004 16:58Terry Dean
I have been in the jukebox business for 33 years and attended Seeburg service schools in the 70's and early 80's. my company here in Colorado is CLASSIC JUKEBOX AND GAME CO. Phone is 800-327-5853 I do sale and restoration of most all models from the thirty's on up. Thanks..
215Thu Apr 22 2004 10:22Mgbada de Guyman
I have a 1963 juke box, good site, I dey here oooooo
216Tue May 4 2004 18:24Hugo Prime
At last a really useful site. I hope this will help me fix my newly bought 10077D Topaz which has just stopped working. Hugo.

Cambridge England
217Fri May 7 2004 11:19Doug Schuster
Just in the Jukebox business for last 26 years ,only worked on a few Seeburgs on route. Lots of them from the 50's & 60's showing up in my (hobby) repair jobs on the side.
218Mon May 17 2004 15:09Fred Lubinger
Looking for someone in the northern NJ area to repair my Seeburg1954R. Any help would be appreciated.
219Sun May 30 2004 22:18Amar Madnani
I wonder why Seeburg thought it fit , in those days, to change its designs from the V-200 and Showcase models tpo the other less attractive models like Mustang etc which do not show the working mechanism.

I have a V-200, a Showcase and a Mustang model as also an AMI . But , of course , my favourite is the V-200! Its display and its rotating drum for selections is outstanding.

I am glad someone with your background is devoting time and effort to this group.

I am located in India and by my reckoning there are about 200-500 working units in India but these will get junked over the next 5 years. A tragedy indeed considering that they are available at a throwaway price.
220Mon May 31 2004 05:14douglas. christie
Hi Tony, Even though I am a rockola fan I have the rockola 1448, I found your site very interesting, Its nice to see the photos also, It`s a great site and will get better Im sure, god luck with it.
Best Regards Doug. (U.K.)
221Mon May 31 2004 06:43Nigel Pugh
Excellent Web Site and useful information.

Nigel Pugh, UK
222Mon May 31 2004 07:45Armand Hoffstetter
seeburg knoledge from V through LS2
Im glad someone knows the later mods.
223Wed Jun 2 2004 21:32Joe Dash
Very nice new site. Any way to get ahold of the Mr. O'Neil that designed the boxes?

Thanks, Joe
224Thu Jun 3 2004 13:56Victor Campolattaro Jr
I enjoyed your website and love the Seeburg jukeboxes too. Great job!
Keep up the good work.
PS:See my website below amd more.
Check it out ! I hope you enjoy your visit. Please LMK.. any comments welcome...

Here is the Gameroom Magazine article for Nov 2003 featured is my pinball gameroom as the "Gameroom of the Month" click on all 6 pages of pictures...

Thanks for being interested.

225Fri Jun 11 2004 16:50Tijs De Wandel
Nice site, I have learned a lot from your books.
I'm hoping to become the next generation in jukebox repair :)

greetz and thnks for all the advice
226Tue Jun 29 2004 00:50Vern Tisdale
Very nice work
227Sun Jul 4 2004 12:47Skip Chambers
I was looking for a repair place for my 2 jukeboxes and this site had several places fairly close to me to call and that is exactly what I was looking for, so thank you very much.
Skip Chambers
228Thu Jul 22 2004 08:37Ingemar appelros
Very nice and interesting site +++++++++++++
229Wed Jul 28 2004 17:06lee weaver leeweaver
Model USC2 "scans twice, picks up nothing" Saint Augustine, Florida. Anyone nearby who can help. Thanks. GREAT site.
230Wed Jul 28 2004 20:21Lee Weaver
correcting email address above. Thanks. Still a great site; still looking for help in St. Augustine FL. on
seeburg USC2.
231Thu Jul 29 2004 12:38Jim Edwards
I am completely blown away by your great wealth of knowledge and shared info. Thank you so much. I have a few Seeburgs and pinballs of my own but just dabble. Thanks again.
232Tue Aug 3 2004 12:04
233Fri Aug 6 2004 12:09Larry Rohring
Seems any time I search the internet for Seeburg, I find either Ron Rich or Tony Miller answering a question for someone. You wrote some good stuff here on this site! I'm glad I happened accross it! I ran service on a vending route back in the 70's. We had 100 selects through the Disco models. I'm still amazed that you can take a tone arm assembly off a Seeburg Disco and it will mount right on a Seeburg 100C. Just add a TSA amp of choice, adapted the mute and you have an old look playing stereo.
234Tue Aug 17 2004 12:07Lawrence Leibhart
Hi Tony: Enjoy your website. I have the 1952 home unit you show with the same mahoghany cabinet. Fantastic sound! I also own a Seeburg M100A still using the original cartridge. The sound will knock you off your chair. Seeburg knew what they were doing. I'll be in touch in case I need some troubleshooting.

235Wed Sep 1 2004 09:59Nancy Knight
I didn't locate the jukebox I was looking for, but I did enjoy your site. Very informative.
236Fri Sep 3 2004 21:58Marvin Polan
Thanks for writeing your books on black and grey boxes and shp amps. I most likely would have thrown myself off a clif without them
237Thu Sep 23 2004 09:56Linda Kain
I found your site very interesting and helpful. I present have a Seeburg Stereo Showcase SS-160 1966-67 and am interested in selling it. Could you help me find someone who might be interested in it. I live in Central New York.

238Mon Oct 11 2004 18:05Roy Freeman -- Granbury, tx.
I have a Seeburg Fleetwood/Electra 1965
239Wed Oct 13 2004 15:51bob mcadams
really enjoy your site
240Mon Oct 18 2004 18:44Jack L. Dahl
I am looking for information on how to get another tormat memory unit.
241Mon Oct 25 2004 16:27Joop Valk
Hi there,

It's very nice to see that you're so into Seeburg, the information that you give,can't be found in any book i think,i hope that in the further future we may seen and read many more things about the seeburg's that are not so populair.
(i have two of them:a golden jet and a lpc480).
maybe they will be even populair as the 50's seeburgs.(i hope so).

In The Netherlands there isn't much information, how the juke's were transported from the USA, to europe,were they shipped into small parts and assembled there together,or were they build in the states and shipped as a complete jukebox.

were they assembled in europe for the country they were going to,and then i mean the operator instructions in the language that they spoke.

Joop Valk
242Tue Nov 2 2004 14:26Steve Nelson
Great web site? Thanks for all the info.
I own several Seeburgs including LPC1, LPC480, SS160, LS1, LS2, LS3 and STD2.
243Sun Nov 7 2004 13:52Ben Hart
I have a friend, Kim Goluska of Chicago, who tells me his father (since passed away) and brother worked at the Seeburg plant. I bought a Discotheque PFEAU model a few years ago. I see several of them being assembled in your factory photos. Anyway, Kim has given me some large posters (about 3' by 6') which are graphically similar to the design used in that jukebox model. He says his brother designed them when he worked at Seeburg during his college summers. I recently bought a Consolette and am looking to get it working with my jukebox. It is missing a small speaker grille. If you hear of one out there, please let me know. I sure enjoy your web site. I lived for 10 years fairly close (2100 block of Bissell) to the Dayton St. factory, after it was closed.
244Sun Nov 14 2004 21:58John Wiley
Recently been given my families 1962 Seeburg 160.Interested in knowing if there is any PARTS for these as the original glass/plastic insert tray thingy behind glass was broken.Also no sound comes out but I see you have a NorCal repairman.Thx for any info you could send/provide,John Wiley
245Mon Nov 22 2004 13:09Michael Gruenberg
I have a Seeburg SMC1 jukebox in my home. It still plays great. Recently, the light on the bottom panel stopped lighting. I took the fluorescent and the starter to be tested and in the hardware store. They both worked which means that there must be somehting wrong with the wires. I have a few questions:
1.My first question is, do you sell the wiring assembly that connects to the light on the bottom portion of the box?
2.On your site you talk about a spotlight that reflects off the turntable. I don't have the piece that the light would shine off of. Do you have that part?
3. I live on Long Island and would like to know if you can recommend a reputable repair person that will come to the house to service the box?

Mike Gruenberg
246Tue Nov 23 2004 11:05Fredrick O'Neal
Hi. Enjoyed your web site.

I live in Chicago; have three Seeburg jukeboxes

two are actually working (kind of).

I was a electronic/computer tech for Western Union
for dozens of years and I have just started studying the Tormat Selection Mechanism in my non-working LPC-1; very interesting. Your articile was a BIG help. Those remind me of the old Sperry/Univac computers I serviced at WU; with the actual memory core donuts..LOL!

I really would like to use the tormat selctor to
select my Pioneer CD100 carosel mechanism; yes I know..but what the yeah...who can get records anymore?


247Wed Nov 24 2004 01:01steve ramsey
Great website. My friend and I just purchased 11 Seeburg juke boxes that we found stored in a warehouse, all in excellent condition. Already have interested parties for some of them, this website helps identify most of them. Still trying to figure out a price to sell most of them for. Thanks, Steve
249Sun Nov 28 2004 19:19Ken Fleck
Does your micro book contain instructions on how to change the infinity bulbs on a std2 entertainer?
250Mon Dec 6 2004 20:39Terry
purchased a Seeburg box at an auction, on a whim, it has an interesting background. thanks for info.
251Thu Dec 9 2004 13:42Jim Dirksen
Hi - love the site - you've obviously put a lot of effort into it. I work for a plastic injection molding company, and I like the factory photos and the manufacturing/assembly information. Do you have any info on the plastic parts production? Did Seeburg do that in-house also? Sorry, I don't own any of the machines you worked on, but I love my G, R, V200, 201, DS160. Keep up the good work!
252Thu Dec 9 2004 17:34Jay Ciampi
Nice site.
253Tue Dec 14 2004 14:03Vince Dooley
Hey, liked your site..I'm a juke, video,pinball tech. here around Athens, GA. Been in the business for 15 years..Just wanted to say hey...

254Wed Dec 22 2004 10:53Wayne Trudeau W_TRUDEAU@YAHOO.CA
Just purchased a STD160. Looks great. Needs a little TLC.
255Wed Dec 22 2004 19:51David
I have puchased a Seeburg Model SMC3. The control board where you punch in the selection does not light up, show selections and credits and it will not get a record to play. The record pickup unit operates from side to side when you power it up. I have found this site and am buying the books, now I have a chance of repair.
256Thu Dec 23 2004 16:43A Medley
My Seeburg Discotheque (1965) is new to me. It gets tired after playing 5 or 6 records and slows down. After a pause of 15-30 minutes it plays again. What's the problem?
257Mon Dec 27 2004 20:04Bob McGurty
Was trying to identify my seeburg juke box by picture. I have no model number but have a serial number. I believe it's a 89. Hard to talk to any one about a problem when you don't know the model number. Tried other people that tells me that it's one of the last seeburg made, dan't confirm or deny.
258Sun Jan 2 2005 17:35deb tobias
I am looking at purchasing a LS2 and would like value information.
259Wed Jan 5 2005 13:28Mark Hitz
I have a LS2-160 Gem SN 1134331 that will not let go of the record after playing it. Any Sugggestions or Know of a Good Repair Person in the Dallas Texas area?
261Tue Feb 1 2005 08:25Jim Russell
Great web site, have printed many of the Seeburgs and have had them framed.
262Thu Feb 3 2005 10:30Tom Davis
As is evidenced by the other guests' comments, this site certainly helps fill a vacuum in regards to information. Very interesting to see so much available in one place. Thanks for taking the time and energy to help so many others within the hobby.
263Thu Mar 3 2005 17:49Dr. Tom Haffner
264Thu Mar 3 2005 18:01Dr. Tom Haffner
An invaluable service. I fixed my '59 222's long-standing repeat play problems via your advice. It was a weak, stretched vertical clutch extension spring near the safety rod. I made a new, stronger spring from existing stock, which works fine.
How can I buy a copy of one of Rich's mech book?Many, mmany thanks.

265Thu Mar 3 2005 18:01Dr. Tom Haffner
An invaluable service. I fixed my '59 222's long-standing repeat play problems via your advice. It was a weak, stretched vertical clutch extension spring near the safety rod. I made a new, stronger spring from existing stock, which works fine.
How can I buy a copy of one of Rich's mech book?Many, mmany thanks.

266Thu Mar 10 2005 06:09Lida

I'm the proud owner of a seeburg SMC1.
Unfortuneally I had to repair it several times. (SRAM on CPU unit).

The latest error is that when turned on it starts scanning and won't stop doing that.
Maybe the power supply is the caurse of all my problems??

If anyone has a suggestion what the error can be
please mail me.

Greetz from Holland

267Mon Apr 4 2005 01:39John Palmer
great site
268Sat Apr 9 2005 11:41Bryan E. Turner
This is my frist time . I just found your wed site . I have 5 juke boxes (1) seeburg vl200 (2) seeburg SMC1 (1978 I think) (3) seeburg SMC2 (1979 I think )(4) rock-ola 1494 (5) rock-ola grand prix 425 . I have wall boxes for all of them . All work but the two SMC1&2 . I am going to start working the 2 SMC . Iknow very little about working on them . I did buy the books on them . If you know of any person in California or ? would like to know .

Thank you
Bryan Turner
269Tue Apr 12 2005 08:26MARYANN TIEDYEGIRL72@YAHOO.COM
270Sat Apr 16 2005 21:45Jean
I am looking for a good,clear Picture of a sps2 matador seeburg 73 which shows the crome panel
around the songs also the crome on the top and color of the select & reset buttons. I just found this site and hope you are still on it.
271Tue Apr 19 2005 15:01JP
Finally I found a place where I can get some info
on the seeburg Jukes.
All the old timmers are passing away and its hard to get info .

Thanks for the help
272Fri Apr 22 2005 18:51joe
working on a seeburg sps160. Need a gray box or substitute. Just started looking and have a few local leads to follow up on, but would appreciate any leads or help.
thanks in advance
joe g
273Tue Apr 26 2005 22:52Britt Brittingham
GREAT site !!! someone gave me a sps 160 Olypian of 1972. I pluged it in and the lights go on and the motor turns, but thats all a know that it works. Thinking about getting it worked on. Is it worth it ? You know and worked on them . What do you think ?
274Mon May 23 2005 00:02Tom Hoffmann
Hi there. Nice to see a jukebox enthusiest. Have you ever heard of the Seeburg "Disco Theque"? I am researching a model that my father bought me and my brothers in 1977. The unit has beveled glass, which curves to almost 1/4 circle. Eight speakers at the top, with two bass in the doors.
The unit shows evidence of being commercial, with a coin drop slot and locked coin basin. There is a usage counter built in, which you can observe when the top is up. To operate the unit, you lift the glass after selecting your music flipping a service toggle from start to play. the background of the unit has a cityscape and reads "Seeburg Disco Theque". Have you ever seen this model? What is it worth, though it is not for sale? By the way, it works perfectly, though serviced a few times. Loaded with 45's from the 70's. Love it. Tom Hoffmann
275Wed Jun 1 2005 06:16craig hunter
great website, but i cannot find a cure for my std2 entertainer. when i make a selection it plays the record it is closest to all the way through puts it back then plays the next record next to it all the way along every
276Tue Jun 14 2005 23:52John Robertson
I really liked the tour of the factory - thanks for that treat!

John :-#)#
277Wed Jun 22 2005 17:42Joop Valk
Hi Tony,

Nice to talk to you again,
last time it was Oct 25th 2004.

wel the factory photo's are very nice to see, do you have some more of them ?

i like your Seeburg Site very much,
sometimes i visit your site alway's looking for something new on it.

can you give me some more information about my Seeburg "Golden Jet".

for example,How many were build of them.
in the book " the ultimate jukebox guide ",
they wrote about 2,200 of them were build.

and is the "waterfransfer" i think it is ,on the front glass somewere obtainable.

the Stepper build for the "Golden Jet" is he ever produced.
i've never seen one before,i know it was an option.

and at last what was the Price that the " Golden Jet Cost at that time it was build.

i hope that you will write me back.

Thank You.

Joop Valk

278Sat Jul 9 2005 15:25jennifer
I'm trying to find out information about S100 Phono Jet of 1967 - is it true that only 400 or 500 were made that year? Does that make them valuable?
279Thu Jul 21 2005 11:07Ross Terry
Awesome site. And great resources. I have been given a beautiful 1963 LPC1b for my home. Somehow, my uncle had swindled it out of a guy running a small tavern somewhere up in Washington. Had been running everyday since it was purchased new. When I have it, I will take it and have it lovingly attended to, cleaned up and the like. Still works beautifully. Incredible. Outside of phonograph needles, I truly doubt anythinge else was ever done to it. The woodwork will need a bit of work. Again, beautiful.
280Fri Aug 12 2005 17:23john goulet
Great site! Informative and helpful! Glad someone like you is involved in the hobby.
281Wed Aug 17 2005 15:40Jesse Brock
Tony, Great site. I own a Model 6001, my parent bought it in the sixties and I still have all the orignal papers that came with it. However it sets overed in my garage, it works just two big for my house. I look at getting rid of it but I could not find anyone who wanted it, probable not looking in the right place. Is there a market for this model. I would like to see someone who would appreciate it and use it have it. I love the sound it has and the cabinet beautiful I fell it is going to waste in my garage.
282Sat Aug 20 2005 21:52Bill Taylor
Tony, as a hobbyist I just started helping a friend with his Seeburg Y100. Been having a ball working on it. Of course, has the old 2 scan and no pick, so working on that now. Your website and your help has been fantastic, and appreciate for helping us hobbyist's. I know you sell jukebox books, so you don't want to answer everbody's problems, and I understand. But, can you just answer a question that bothers me from your tips on the website please?
I had tried the battery toriod trick and after that all records picked up. So my problem is Write-in. Ok, now on your website at the page "Symptom 3: Scan twice, plays nothing", you asked for us to check the Write-In voltage. Said I'd see the Write-In voltage on the terminal strip. I've got a tube type juke (Y100), so I looked at terminal D & E. I never see anything except ground. I do look at the OA2 in the power supply and see -300VDC. Could I see anything at that test D & E? If I read it right I thought I would from your page. But, that looks more like a pulse from the Credit Unit and trigger and if so it must be so small of time I'd never see it on a meter. Is that right? I tested my OHM meter good from the power supply, thru the trigger and Write-In receiver. From there though, I'm still having trouble to where I loose my pulse to the toriods.
So, what I'm really asking is whether terminal D & E are anything for me to use to test or not what I was supposed to look at for the -300 voltage. It will just tell me whether I understood that paragraph on your website.
Thanks Tony. -- Bill
283Sat Aug 27 2005 03:25Clayton Martini
A fantastic site.

Thank you for the trouble shooting guide. I am starting to become attached to my seeburg carnival now, even though I found this site to simply diagnose and fix it so as to sell it.

I'm still having a few problems, but at least I have direction and a better understanding of the whole selection process. Good stuff :o)

284Tue Sep 6 2005 19:37Dallas Hernandez
Great site. Haven't been in amusement repair for about 15 years but I still have my LS2 jukebox. Wish we had internet access back then. It would have helped me out a lot. Its great to that there are still guys out there who are willing to help out anybody with a problem. The tour was very interesting. I definitely appreciated seeing how my unit was produced. I'm waiting for some info on the mechanism. so I can get her going again. My LS2 suffered a voltage spike about a year ago and I am now just getting around to repairing it. It was plugged into a surge protector but she's still idle for now. With a little help and patience and some extra time, I'll have her playing again. Keep up the good work.
285Sat Sep 10 2005 12:54Harry Baumgartner HarryOBaum@AOL.Com
I became the First Field Rep on the Seeburg Home
Stereos as they went into production Circa 1968.
Covering 11 Western States. Later the New England area. Then Seeburg Service Mgr at Indianapolis, later the same at Dorsey Md (Baltimore suburb)
Know Warren Rowe and Ron Rich, and of course the late Jim Burdon.
Presently have a 6001 Home Stereo but in need of
a set of belts, any help in locating same would be appreciated.
286Wed Sep 14 2005 14:38Linda Sue
I have a 1965 Seeburg DisQtheque/It still plays and I was considering selling it but do not know what one would sell for, could you give me any information on a price? I do enjoy listening to the OLDIES but like everyone, our family is falling on hard times. Thank You and Have a nice day. Linda ****
287Wed Sep 14 2005 21:25David Graham
Tony, I own a Seeburg U100 Dusco unit that has developed some problems. Looking for someone in the Columbia SC area that can repair it. Any help appreciated.
288Sun Oct 2 2005 22:25Alexander R. Casanova, Sr.
I am a bass play and occasionally I play with a R & R or C & W band.
I always wanted a Juke Box and two years ago I purchased a Seeburg SPS2 Matador.
I just subscribed to the always Jukin Magazine, hoping to get real smart on Juke Boxes.
I must say, I got the bug and I will start collecting them. I trying to order you Digital Black and gray set for $77.00, but as of this moment I don’t know where to send the money.
289Tue Oct 4 2005 14:35joopvalk
Hi tony,
I was just reading the technical stuff of the PVRC.very interesting.
Now i have a PVRC in an Orange Colour and with not Seeburg written on it but Seeben.
everything else is the same , i think that it is an German type.
do you know if Seeben is a Sub Company of Seeburg.
and how many differend Colours are made of them:
maybe you can tell all of us something about Seeben.

290Thu Oct 20 2005 14:31michele
hey - could you please help me in finding a repair person for juke box (seeburg) in the north carolina/carolina area?
thank you, michele

291Sat Oct 29 2005 19:21John Rienhardt
I used to work for a local seeburg distributer in the 60'S doing service & instalation. Recently I acquired an LPC1 that is in pretty good shape. All the tubes are missing in the control center & the amplifier needs work. I wish I had the manuals I had now. I also have a set of DSS1 speakers that I have had for years.I am anxious to get this machine running & hear agreat sounding machine again.I also have two sets of the discotech records
292Sun Nov 6 2005 17:29Paul Giacobbe
It's a great website. I'm having a service problem (selector) with a Seeburg 100JL. Know anyone in Southwest Florida you can suggest? Thanks.
293Fri Nov 11 2005 09:26Mark Staller
Tony, You ARE the Seeburg man. I'm on the yahoo group, and I've noticed that when the questions get tough, you step up to the plate with a solution. The photos and information you have provided are priceless. Keep up the great work. I thank you and my 2 USC-2s thank you.
294Mon Nov 21 2005 18:42Ralph DeLange
I have a Seeburg 100 backgoround with lots of records. Also 2 each 1954 Model R I intend to sell. Looking for buyers.
295Sat Nov 26 2005 20:59Mike Hennessy
I have a usc1 musical bandshell it hasn't been used for about 10 years.can you suggest which book might be best to use to overhaul and clean the unit. also i remember the carriage would
continuously run.
296Sun Nov 27 2005 23:08Barry B. White
Ihave the LS2 Gem of 1968. Ihave had it over twenty years. It is full of great 45s from the 60s and 70s and works perfectly. I am moving to a new house and I may not have a good spot for the box. I was wondering if you might have a good idea of the value and what would be the best way to market the box. Thanks.........

297Tue Dec 6 2005 14:55Herb & Sheri Thomas
Nice site! Very complete & informative. We have not found a MM3 or MM4 picture. What group would they be classified with?
298Mon Dec 19 2005 12:54Steve Peak
Liked your site. I have a Seeburg 147 i would like to restore. Any suggestions of where to start ie. websites or names of individuals who have restored this type of unit.
299Mon Dec 19 2005 21:02Jim Borgmann
I own a Seeburg SE100, SN/1258372. Nothing fancy. It works great since I was able to find new needles and a repair tech.
300Wed Dec 21 2005 13:47Kirk Gibson
Great site, very interesting reading.
Have started a jukebox far have Rock-Ola, one Wurlitzer.
Just purchased a SMC2 Phoenix and will be going after it on 12-28-05. Will have to travel about 400 miles with it. Any advice about anything special I should do to it before transporting it would be appreciated.
Thanks, again great and very infomative site.
Kirk Gibson
301Sat Dec 24 2005 06:02Chris Phelps
I wanted to find out how the Tormat works as I am starting work on restoring an S100 Phonojet. Found your web site very informative and would like to say thank you.
Best Regards to you
302Sat Dec 31 2005 21:36Jessica
I inherited a 480 Console Orange Seeburg Jukebox that was all original and in working condition about 10 years ago. I play it often and now after an hour or two of play is starts to slow down and the music sounds warped. I need a good repair person in the Dallas area. HELP!
303Mon Jan 2 2006 16:27Pat Osika
I inherited a Seeburg 100J model and brought it home over the holidays. Worked fine up until today, now it won't power up. I plug it in and turn it on and nada, not even the cabinet lights. Do these models have a central power unit that is repairable?
304Tue Jan 3 2006 12:30Tom Barrett
The site is GREAT Tony. Thank you so much for all the photos and info. Our family has owned a 1955 Rock-Ola Model 1448 for almost 40 years. Entertaining the idea of a much needed restoration had led me to view your site and many others. Also, as a kid, my dad owned a nightclub in the 60s which featured an LPC480 as well as a pair of large Seeburg Altec floor speakers. My brothers and I use to perfom the janitorial services during off hours with the LPC480 constantly belting out those top 40 favorites. What the machine lacked in a visible mech, it more than made up for in its great sound. If I ever have the time and space, i would like to someday acquire an LPC480. But, I guess everyone has their favorite Juke.

So, like you, I have a strong bias and love of those great old 45RPM - 33 1/3 machines. Jukes are an integral part of my past.

Thsnks for keeping them part of my present!!
305Wed Jan 11 2006 22:05JON NOWICKI
306Tue Jan 17 2006 22:30Andrew Bennett
I have a seeburg std2 entertainer and was curious of its worth. if anyone is interested it is in working condition but needs tlc. please contact me at toronto,canada
307Wed Jan 18 2006 18:59Tom Greer
I enjoyed your site, I have owned an AY160 artist of the week Seeburg since 1981. Over the 25 years I have owned it there have been some problems, you know what I mean, one month it works fine, next month it takes a fit. I have always been able to get it back in good playing order. It is a pleasure to listen to [nothing like a tube amp. in a Seeburg if you ask me].I read the write up on your silver age of jukebox and you say "NO auto speed" am I misunderstanding something or should this discription be corrected? My AY160 selects 33 1/3 or 45's.
Best Regards,

308Fri Jan 20 2006 22:24Kirk Gibson
Hello Tony, these are great books...very helpful.
Do you or any of your readers know where I can get the cables to connect the DMT1 (Blue Box ...yes I found one!) to the MPU and then to the terminal strip? I am ready to connect a DEC to the box but this is all I lack (I hope)
Thanks for your help.
309Sat Jan 21 2006 20:55Dave Bowmar
Hi, I've just become a Jukebox Fan and the proud owner of a pair of grand old Seeburgs. An LPC480 and a U100D Discotheque Jr.Both have great but individual personalities. so much so that kids have named them.I've been looking through your site with great intrest for some hours and has answered some of my questions, album scan control etc many thanks.
However,a small problem with the U100D that is baffling me. She will play records with no problems for 2 hours, but then suddenly go into symptom 3 on your help page. can you give me any other pointers? once again a great and informative site thanks.
310Mon Jan 23 2006 19:02Kirk Gibson
Hello Tony,
Will Piezo Tweeters work with the SHP1 in my SMC2?
The tweeters in it now are not origional and they prevent the hood from closing (they hit the amp) I noticed in the SMC2 sales brochure they were a horn type tweeter which would allow clearance at the amp. I know the amp needs a load ... would the woofers at the bottom provide enough? I found some Piezo tweeters on ebay and it says they will give no ohm load. But I want to be sure it won't effect the amp by lessening the load. (Hope that made sense..LOL) I can also get the same dimensions regular compression speaker 50W/100W @ 8 ohm for about the same price. Which do you think would be better?
Thanks for any and all input.
311Fri Jan 27 2006 15:12Jeremy Agema
Love the Blog. Thanks for putting together such a great reference site for us Seeburg nuts.

Jeremy Agema
312Tue Jan 31 2006 10:48Justin Stephens
Hey Tony,

I've read through your site a couple of times and check back every now and then for updates. Great work! You should write another book on the story of Seeburg and your work there.

My one and only experience with Seeburg was a SPS 160 (The "Olympian", I believe) a few years ago back in college. I bought a complete machine for $80 with high hopes of restoring it. It had been languishing in a warehouse since the early 80's. Even before touching it, it looked great! It had curved-glass, purple and black backlit panels with polished stainless steel (?) trim. I got it to "scan twice" and I could manually trip it, but that was it. There was no sound, the keyboard and credit systems were dead.

I got as far as disassembly, degreasing, and a bit of repainting. The amplifier and control center both needed to be totally rebuilt ($$). I'm not sure if the black and gray boxes were functional, but they were there. I bought the complete manual set and an auto speed control on Ebay. But with college etc. I never got around to actually finishing it. I had some concerns. The record dividers were corroded and little specs of oxidation would get on my 45's. I didn't see a way to remedy this (painting? sanding?). There was no way to disassemble the rack), I had to move with short notice after college, so I eventually gave up and got rid of most of the machine. In fact, all I have now is the cartridge. I do think it would have looked and sounded great!

My impression of Seeburg was that:

1. They were well-built and weighed a ton! Even after removing the control center, amplifier and mechanism, my machine still weighed as much as a cement mixer! I don't know how those route guys ever got those things up a flight of stairs!

2. Certain aspects of the machine seemed unnecessarily complicated; the mechanism for example. It seems they could have simplified it a bit to cut down on the number of parts (i.e. leaf switches) making it that much more reliable.

3. Some of the technology was way ahead of its time. The digital selection, the ported enclosure for the woofers... The sound quality in general (especially when compared to my Rockola of the same year), the high-power output amplifier. I was surprised that the tone arm was still perfectly balanced, even after sitting for twenty years in the hot & humid Houston weather.

Interestingly, my very first jukebox came down to a choice between a Seeburg USC2 or a Rock-Ola 445. I chose the Rock-Ola only because the gripper mechanism was showier (despite being hidden). If I had to make the choice again, it would have been the Seeburg. The sound on the Rock-Ola is horrible and it scratches up my records. I never use it anymore and will try to sell it soon.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

313Sat Feb 11 2006 10:10Kirk Gibson
Hello Tony,
Finally got my SHP3 amp fixed (had to repair it myself) with lots of help from your book. Thanks again.
What is a good lubricant for the mechanism? Ron Richs book says 20SAE or 3 in 1 elec. motor oil (non-parafin) but 20SAE (is he talking automotive?? if so it can't be found around here) also 3 in 1 (both types) on their website show both oils contain parafin.
Will a silicone oil or WD40 work just as well?
I would love to be able to lube this thing but I want to do it right ... the sump at the top is dry and as you know there are many other points on the mechanism that also need it. Or if you know where I can buy some "Seeburg oil" please let me know.
Thanks for the help.
Kirk Gibson
314Sun Feb 12 2006 16:24vernon murphy
315Sun Feb 12 2006 16:24
316Sun Feb 12 2006 16:33vernon murphy
well , i spent the last 6hours reading about you and your experiences at seeburg. very interesting reading! since i am seeburg/jukebox fan. i have in my collection sps2 matador,std-3 sunstar,ss-160 showcase and a rowe-r-90. thanks again for some good reading today!,vernon
317Tue Feb 14 2006 23:09Jeanette Littleton
Terrific site! So informative and you write for us non-techhies to understand. If you ever run across someone who fixes jukes in KC, please let me know. I have a Seeburg '62 DS160 that needs help.
Thanks for all the info.
318Thu Feb 16 2006 12:13vernon murphy
i'm with jeanette on that one, it seems her and i are the only ones in kc sometimes who have home units! the operators in our area love to sell you a jukebox, but it stops there, then they never want to hear from you again,(EXCEPT OF COURSE TO SELL YOU ANOTHER ONE!!) VERNON
319Thu Feb 16 2006 12:18
320Sat Feb 18 2006 07:11Kirk Gibson
What would be the quickest and easiest way to cancel out 99 credits on the SMC-2? I ran up that many repairing the DBV and didn't want to play 99 records...BTW should it go any higher than 99?
If I remove the batteries from the MCU while the machine is off will it cancel the credits without effecting the MCU?
Still reading your book ... very informative.
321Sat Feb 18 2006 21:54Bob Brooke
Thanks for a great site. I'm a proud Seeburg owner and this site is wonderful.
Thanks again.
323Tue Feb 21 2006 08:58Gary Kestenbaum
Tony: If you get this in the next 24 hours: I'm supposed to pick up a SB STD160 on Thurs. and I have no clue what I'm doing. I'm hearing that if I lay the machine on its side in my van, I risk all kinds of damage. What parts of the mechanism would I have to uninstall/reinstall to prevent damage to the mechanical components? Assuming I dont know what I'm doing, will this likely be irreversible?
324Thu Feb 23 2006 04:03Sharon
I have a Seeburg Stero Showcase Model SS160, the turntable is slow. I have oiled the jukebox, it helped a little. Do you have any suggestions. Could you add this to your trouble shooting page.
325Thu Feb 23 2006 10:34Kirk Gibson
My apologies Tony,

I had the feeling I was asking too many questions.
This SHP3 is driving me crazy trying to find the problem ... worked before OK, but after recapping, just a hum.
Uh well I'll just keep at it until I find it.
I hope I wasn't being too much of a pest.

Thanks for your help.

Do you ever take an amp for a rebuild? I sure would like to have this thing rebuilt by the man who wrote the book on it.

Thanks again
Kirk Gibson
326Thu Feb 23 2006 18:04kEVIN HENNESSY
I also worked for Seeburg in the late 50's and early 60'in the engineering dept.There are two people I remember. Al Bodoh and Walter Goluska. At that time I think the company was taken over by a man named Delbert Coleman.I was a student at Navy Pier at the time. If you can respond, please do so.
kevin Hennessy
328Mon Feb 27 2006 22:07Kirk Gibson
Well folks,
I finally got the SHP3 amp going in my SMC2 with the help of Tony's book and me pestering him with an endless amount of questions.
I ended up replacing all the transistors on the driver board.
Tony was a BIG help!
Thanks again Tony ... you are tops!
329Sun Mar 12 2006 08:07armand
tony your SHP book has saved another one the guy working on this was stuck as to no power to the first stage, after disabling the SOS we found right working and left with the usual blown stuff.
330Wed Mar 15 2006 12:44W.M.Underwood
Great site! I have a model ss160 sn255087 which plays in slow speed only. I would like a repair shop close to Scottsboro Al. This is between and huntsville al.
331Sun Mar 19 2006 03:28Jim Harris
Just purchased my FC1 machine and am looking to make a couple of repairs/restorations and then enjoy the music; have wanted to own one of these for a long time.
332Sun Mar 19 2006 14:26jimmy accardi
my started a small route in atlantic city in 1955
the day i was still in the business and the first box i worked on was the LPC 1.i love juke boxes especially i really enjoy
your site.hope to speak sometime.
333Fri Mar 24 2006 08:58Larry Scheer
Fantastic website! An absolute wealth of information. You have a real passion for Seeburg jukeboxes. I have a 1972 Purple Olympian and an HSC1 home jukebox, currently suffering from Symptom 1 - playing the same record over and over again. I also have 7 other older unique stereo systems in the home along with about 7,000 45s and 8,000 LPs. I will be visiting your site regularly. Thanks.
334Mon Apr 10 2006 01:22Michael Limacher
Hi Tony,

Thanks for putting up such a great website devoted to the Seeburgs! I've got two Seeburgs (AY-160) and a Stereo Showcase (SS-160) that I truly love. I've got work to do on the AY-160 as it just sits and spins. I went to the Chicagoland jukebox show last weekend and talked to the guys from A-1. I told them the problem and it is a definite lack of lubrication on the mechanism. I purchased the lubriplate grease and the oil and will be working on the juke soon after I pull out all the 45's.

The SS-160 on the other hand, has a problem with the auto-speed unit. It will play fine for a good hour or so, then slow down and come to a complete stop. I ordered a new capacitor rebuild kit from Friday Night Jukebox in Georgia. I will take careful measure on putting these new caps on the unit. It should work fine after that. I've replaced the graphics glass with new exact replicas from A-1 and it's looking like quite the showpiece now! I've got a question. Whenever I make several selections after putting in quarter after quarter the machine tends to stack up selections I didn't make (every 10th record on either the A side or B side, whichever the mechanism is playing at presently and wanted to ask you what the problem is. I'm sure it has something to do with the selection buttons. Also, you have to press the letter and number at the same time to get it to work. I know on my AY-160 you could press either a letter or number in either order and one button would lock down and you could press the other to start the mechanism scanning and selecting the proper record. Do you happen to know what this could be? I own the complete manuals for both of these machines.

Thank you in advance for a great website!

Love it! - Mike
335Tue Apr 11 2006 18:44Dr. Harry C. Helm and Marie Helm
We are donating a Seeburg 160 - Selec-O-Matic -
High Fidelity Juke Box which we have had for many years to The Maury County Boys and Girls Club (Columbia, Tennessee). It isn't in the best working condition, but we found Dan Colabuno on your Web Site and contacted him. He was most helpful. The Executive Vice-President, Mr. James Martin, said it would surely provide some 'atmosphere' to the gathering place. We hope that someone will be able to repair it and put it in good working condition.

You have an excellent picture of the machine in your Silver Age Jukeboxes.

Thank you.
336Thu Apr 13 2006 19:03Dave Wood
Your website is filled with just the sort of info I was looking for. I'm trying to fix a '58 160 selection stereo unit. I need your address to be able to send you the order and my check for $26.95. Thanks -- Dave Wood
337Thu Apr 13 2006 19:04Janna Gossner
I've found your website very informative and well written, it's been extremely easy to read and understand. Thank you for providing the information and the connections to be able to purchase repair manauals.
338Fri Apr 14 2006 10:26Robert Knowles
Great sight very helpful.
339Sun Apr 23 2006 10:57Freddy Bailey (House of Seeburg)
It is truly a breath of fresh air to read your web sight, I have operated and manufactured coin operated amusement machines since the early 1950's. I have been privliged to know many people in our industry all around the World, I am going to wet your appetite by mentioning just a few good or close friends of mine who are or were people that you know or knew, I will then send you an email asking your permission to use various pictures and other material that you have on your fine web sight for my new and up coming web sight that is about the industry in general and my lifes experiences in this industry, my email is anglobritish Now I am sure you knew Jack Gordon,Bill Adair, Bill Protting, Larry Seigel, Stan Jarocki, Tom Herrick, John Chapin,Ed Claffey, Joe Dillon, Sam Stern, Wendal McAdams, the Parkoff family (New York Distributor) and my best friend Marty Bromley who made it all possible for his friend Sam Stern, and of course Gary.

Good Luck.

Freddy Bailey
340Sun Apr 23 2006 14:52John MacDonald
Love the site and I'm glad it exists. I have an HSC1 with all original parts and literature( brochure, warranty, schematics and selection book. I need to sell it. Can you tell me where the best place to sell something like this would be?


341Sun Apr 23 2006 20:36
342Sat Apr 29 2006 08:26Stephen Watts
Very informative, "EXCELLENT" site as I currently own 6 Seeburg units (Q100-SB100) including an HSC-1 and son a library unit. Will be back to visit this site again.
343Mon May 1 2006 08:54enos crum
Good morning Tony I was looking for a contact section with mailing address and phone number. enos
344Sat May 13 2006 15:17Mike Peters
I Work at a diner in Adams, MA. We have a KD200 Seeburg jukebox that still works pretty good. I think they're awesome.
345Fri May 19 2006 20:19Garold
I picked up a S100 in Nov 05. It was in working order, we have been listening to all the 45's we haven't heard in years. Any way the machine stopped working today. I am not very good at this type of things, but it seems not to be getting any power. Are yours books written so a beginner like myself could use them to figure out the problem and repair it?
346Sun May 21 2006 12:05Andrew Newell
I own two Seeburg machines: an M100A which, when I bought it, had been poorly converted to play LPs, and a 220 which was a wreck. I used to own many more Seburgs- particularly those from the 1970s using the MicroLog electronics you are so familiar with. Like yourself I have an engineering background and found your "Blog" fascinating. Your site is by far the best I've found.
347Sun May 28 2006 09:26Gary Heath
Thanks for the information you gave. It seems like it will be very helpful. I will pass it on to my friend who has the seeburg LS1. thanks again
348Tue May 30 2006 12:13Mike Gruenberg
I have this Seeburg jukebox. SMC1 Disco of 1978. 160 selections as you describe it on your site. It still works and it has given me and my family many years of enjoyment. Unfortunately, the bottom piece that used to ight up doesn't anymore. Also, I am told that there is an attachment that can be polaced on the record player to give a "mirror effect." My questions are as follows:
1. We are moving from NY to Maryland in June. Is there any special way to pack the jukebox?
2. Can you recommend anyone in the Maryland/DC/Va. area that can service the box when we get there?
3. How do I get the bottom portion to light up again?
4.Is there a parts supply house to get the attachment described?
5. There seems to be a loose wire that sometimes causes the sound to get louder then softer. How would that be fixed?
349Tue May 30 2006 23:45Heather Coleman
Hi! I love your site. I have a 222 that had a small motor fire around 1980. I gave some of the parts to a man to repair and he had a heart attack and I never got them back from the wife. Now I am missing some tubes. Do you know of anyone in the Washington State area who could repair it or install a new motor? I would really like to play with it again. It has been lovingly stored in my garage for over 20 years. I still have all the 45's!
350Wed Jun 14 2006 20:26Kenneth Moore
I think you set up a great web site. I enjoyed the details of your life working for Seeburg. I am 54 yrs old and just getting started collecting jukeboxs. I have a Rowe MM6 and I am going to pick up a STD160 next week. I'am sure I will be purchasing some of you books.
Kenneth Moore 6/14/2006
Unintown, PA
351Sat Jun 24 2006 08:02vernon murphy
352Sat Jun 24 2006 08:38vernon murphy
just wanted to give a testimony to how werll you guys built your seeburgs, long story short, i got a call a couple weeks ago about a jukebox in closed up tavern that had sustained some smoke and water damage from a fire in the building next door. the tavern owner said this box could be mine free, just for the "getting the damn thing out of my way" factor. he said he had bought it about 20 years ago, and basically all he knew was that is a Seeburg and was working fine the day of the fire a little over a year ago. this all made me a little nervous, but as i have the std-3, and a ss-160 showcase, i started thinking-PARTS!! It was about 80 miles from me so off i go early one morning to meet this guy. turns out it is a std-4 mardi gras and it looked a fright with all the soot and dirt and bar funk all over it. isaid ok and as all i have with me is my ford escape suv i thought how am i going to get this monster loaded? i did some quick measuring and proceeded to gut the box out onthe sidewalk (a sight that must have been) i put carriage in front seat with me ,the amp and reciever in the floor board and slide the shell on its back right into my suv,perfect fit,no room to spare,glad i didn't take any one with me. iget it home and everything looked ok except for filth so i cleaned and cleaned and sprayed and oiled untill i had it lokking good.i plugged it in and made a selection and out came that clear crisp sound and great bass that seeburg was known for. frankly i was shocked. it was on free play but i noticed the bill valid. was lit up, so yes it will also take coins and bills. i've from time to time read stories of "finds" like this but never thought it would happen to me. oh by the way your sequence light system works perfectly too, with the exception of a few bulbs burned out. hoope you enjoy this--HAPPY FINDS EVERYONE!! VERNON
353Sat Jun 24 2006 08:50
354Sat Jun 24 2006 08:53
355Sat Jun 24 2006 09:07vernon murphy
just wanted to give a testimony to how werll you guys built your seeburgs, long story short, i got a call a couple weeks ago about a jukebox in closed up tavern that had sustained some smoke and water damage from a fire in the building next door. the tavern owner said this box could be mine free, just for the "getting the damn thing out of my way" factor. he said he had bought it about 20 years ago, and basically all he knew was that is a Seeburg and was working fine the day of the fire a little over a year ago. this all made me a little nervous, but as i have the std-3, and a ss-160 showcase, i started thinking-PARTS!! It was about 80 miles from me so off i go early one morning to meet this guy. turns out it is a std-4 mardi gras and it looked a fright with all the soot and dirt and bar funk all over it. isaid ok and as all i have with me is my ford escape suv i thought how am i going to get this monster loaded? i did some quick measuring and proceeded to gut the box out onthe sidewalk (a sight that must have been) i put carriage in front seat with me ,the amp and reciever in the floor board and slide the shell on its back right into my suv,perfect fit,no room to spare,glad i didn't take any one with me. iget it home and everything looked ok except for filth so i cleaned and cleaned and sprayed and oiled untill i had it lokking good.i plugged it in and made a selection and out came that clear crisp sound and great bass that seeburg was known for. frankly i was shocked. it was on free play but i noticed the bill valid. was lit up, so yes it will also take coins and bills. i've from time to time read stories of "finds" like this but never thought it would happen to me. oh by the way your sequence light system works perfectly too, with the exception of a few bulbs burned out. hoope you enjoy this--HAPPY FINDS EVERYONE!! VERNON
356Sat Jun 24 2006 09:12
357Sat Jul 22 2006 16:12Harrison Simpson Lawe
Tony: I have a USC2 with a broken needle catalogue part # 253719 (Seeburg Armature assembly with Diamond (2)I purchased the catalogue through your referral last year. Wher can I buy this part. Thank you Harrison L. Westhampton N Y I also served from 1966 -- 1972 with several ventures in country as a CID Warrant officer. God Bless.
358Fri Jul 28 2006 19:09Randy Elledge
What a great site. I have a seeberg Matador that was owned by Merle Haggard. I bought it back in the 80s. It is starting to have the problems mentioned in your troubleshooting section. I ordered the service books. Hopefully I can fix the problems. Thanks -Randy Elledge Redding CA
359Thu Aug 17 2006 00:58Carl A Ciciora
360Thu Aug 17 2006 01:16Carl A Ciciora
Very helpful site! It was a true pleasure to find someone knowledgeable on these relics and willing to share Their experience. I'm a game tech in the St. Louis MO area. There aren't many left around here that repair 45 boxes so I'm trying to learn. I'm 50 and I'm at the "young" end!
361Tue Aug 22 2006 15:24Michael O'Neal
This in my opinion this is one of the best websites I have ever seen, obviously the product of an engineer. I am trying to find out if there is a market value for my parents "Home Stereo Console, Model HSC1" purchased in 1968 or 1969. I was told that two home consoles like it were donated to the Smithsonian. My parents could use the money so I am trying to help them with info.
Can you point me to anyone who might have it?
362Thu Aug 24 2006 10:53Wayne B
Great site, Thank you.

I have an LS1 and it's not getting any voltage across the write in source. Anyone have suggestions where to look?
363Sun Sep 3 2006 22:38debra compton
I own a select-o-matic'200'library unit.I'm so happy to find this site!I wrote the q&a department years ago and only ifo received was that there were 1,500 made and no one knows how many are left in existance. It has alway's worked wounderfully,except I know have a stuck relay,do you know anyone in Mich. area that could help fix it? Also the one I have the authentic papers were lost but was said to have been Mr. Seeburgs and in his home till his death,when his wife then donated it to a rehabilitation center in a county hospital,when it shut down my father purchaced it.The back plates have model sl-1 serial 1267 volts 117 watts 125 cycles60 amps16 of course says select-o-matic 200 library unit and on bottom line j p seeburg corp.chicago usa. on the base part say's select-o-matic 200 library base has model b-1 then serial 1003 the jp seeburg corp. Is there anyway to verify it was infact the one in his home? Also this one unlike the one in the leather manual has a special timer system on it which is not shown in manual.If you could help me with the relay problem and the verification I would be so grateful!I've looked for someone for years. Love your site it was the only one I've ever found with this much info and to see the picture I almost fell out of my chair. Also after I fix it and get info on it am considering selling it. I don't want to get cheated do you know someone who would give honest appraisal? Thank you and hope to hear from you Debra Compton
365Tue Sep 5 2006 18:59Wayne B
This site is great. I'm a newbie to the juke world and the site has been very helpful. I have a Seeburg LS1 and all it did was scan twice, pick up nothing. I changed out the control center and now it works. All except anything with the 'T' key. I'm guessing it's a switch or a bad lead in the torroids. any suggestions?

by the way, have I mentioned this is a great site?
366Tue Sep 5 2006 20:26wayne B
My mistake, onlt T6 and T8 won't play.
367Wed Sep 6 2006 22:20wayne B
Tony, thank you for all the unfo and help. I am having trouble with about 8 selections not playing on my LS1. I cleaned the tormat contacts, that's if they are the contacts under the magazine in front of the box. I used contact cleaner and a t-shirt. They are spotless. However, the selections still don't play. About 4 of them are intermittent. Any other places to look? I believe they all play after resetting the tormat with a battery, I'll double check that tonight. Thanks
368Wed Sep 6 2006 22:47wayne B
correction...the selections giving me trouble do not play when the tormat is reset with a battery.
369Thu Sep 14 2006 11:31A, L. Rand
You have one of the best web sites on the Internet today. Everything is very well documented and I have enjoyed reading it. Is there any way I can call you? I have a specific question to ask about an HF100G (1953).
370Sun Oct 1 2006 13:07Wayne B
Hi all,

My Seeberg LS1 is playing a bit slowly. Is there any way to adjust the turntable speed?
371Thu Oct 5 2006 09:53Brian Merchant
As a former Seeburg distribtor tech, I am extremely impressed with this site, and will be ordering the full selection of your books very soon. Excelent work please keep it up. I have thought many times of doing a similar thing for NSM. but never got it going. My hats off to you!
Brian Merchant
former tech Sammons Pennington Nashville TN.
and still serviceing Jukes in Nashville
372Sat Oct 7 2006 08:20
373Sat Oct 7 2006 08:20
374Sat Oct 7 2006 08:45
377Mon Oct 16 2006 18:31steven collier
I have worked in vending buss. for 15+years as a electronics tech. been away afew years All my old parts sup. have gone out of business looking for new place get parts
378Sun Oct 22 2006 22:01Dave Baker ( Bake )
Fantastic! Great insight to a first time owner of a jukebox! Keep up the great work, I'm sure you have a lot of hours in your passion for Seeburg,
I for one appreciate your efforts! Bake.
379Sun Oct 29 2006 11:29nyomdasz
Tried to contact you, but e-mail was rejected.
380Tue Nov 14 2006 18:23Henry L Clendaniel Jr
381Tue Nov 14 2006 18:52Henry L Clendaniel Jr
Tony First I must say you have a great site. Sorry I signed on twice but my first comments didn't take. You know the computer is only as smart as the operator. I have a STD2 Entertainer. I need some cabinet parts (ie top cover lock and money door lock with keys. Do you know where I can order a manual for these items. I can find parts manuals for amps and electronics. Would like any help you can give in this area. Again keep up the good work on this site.

382Thu Nov 23 2006 14:06kenny Katz
i learned a great can i buy the card labels for the records....thanks....kenny
383Tue Nov 28 2006 22:07Bill Dietzel
This is a great web site. It is very informative, I just found a Seeburg AY-100 SH2 in a pole barn and I am trying to restore it. It is in ok shape but it is going to need lots of work just to get it to funtion. So thank you for making this resource available for guys like me.
CAN YOU GIVE ME AN APPROXIMATE VALUE OF THESE SUCH ITEMS...... BMS1/BMS2. Seeburg also built a couple of 'Background Music Systems, using custom 9-inch records with 2 inch center holes turning at 16 2/3 RPM. These units were replaced, for the most part, by 'Muzak', but played the same sort of elevator music (instrumental covers of contemporary songs, but recorded by groups you never heard of). At left is the model number BMS2, sometimes called the 'microwave', due to its resemblance to one. In an earlier version of this page, I had misidentified it as the BMS1000. Thanks to Kevin Green (to whom I defer for all things Home Stereo or Background Music) for straightening me out. Confusing, isn't it, since it says 'Seeburg 1000' on the front.
385Sat Dec 2 2006 09:38John C. Karas
Very informitive & interesting site on Seeburg jukeboxes. Proud owner of 1972 Seeburg SPS160 "Olympian".
386Thu Dec 7 2006 23:54Ted Syp
Your home page is helpful and friendly. Thanks.
I just got a SM-100, that I got working with a few prods and pushes. It seems in pretty good shape, and I've fixed a few machines before, but if I need help, I'm glad you're around.
Cheers, Ted
387Tue Dec 12 2006 09:29mike jordano
thanks for troobleshooting tips.
388Tue Dec 12 2006 19:30Joe
Good Evening, I have read your website and found it very interesting. I have aquired a Seeburg model # ELPC-1 BR22, Serial # 213190 and wonder if you could give me information on repairs, upkeep,and history about my juke box. Looking forward to your reply. Regards Joe
389Fri Dec 15 2006 13:15steve grossman
excellent resource. I am trying to find someone to service my 1953 seeburg juke box.
I live in Foxboro, MA.
390Wed Dec 20 2006 04:16John beer
Very informative service / faultfinding info.
Great help to me as I bought a faulty SL100 I think it must have been used as a donor machine then sold on via ebay. Guess who bought it!!
despite looking in the manual and your info I am not able to figure out what the write in source voltage should be. I would be pleased if you could advise on this. Mine is only 0.25v dc. drops to zoero on compleeting a selection.
I do have a problem with the SPU.

Regards John beer
391Wed Dec 27 2006 05:11Rich Campbell
Great source of information.Thanks
392Thu Dec 28 2006 16:26Daniel V. Marchese
Glad to see some one who also cares about the greatest juke box co. ever
393Sun Dec 31 2006 18:43Steve French
Great Site!

I am soon going to revive a SPS160 picked up at auction. Have some books, anyone near DE interested in helping please email me @
394Sun Jan 14 2007 10:01Bob Farmer
Nice site. We have a diner-style cafe in Baja California, mexico. We are using wallboxes with converters to connect to a PC. Pretty slick deal but having issues, waiting on manuals from the states. Probably dirty contacts.
395Fri Jan 26 2007 05:14Abraham Keizerwaard
Dear sir,
I really enjoyed your wonderful and inter
396Fri Jan 26 2007 05:18Abraham Keizerwaard
Dear sir,

I really enjoyed your wonderful and interesting website. I do happen to have a 100-79M DaVinci of 1979 and it it is still working perfectly.
Since we have moved, I have longer space for this machine and I am interested in the value of this peculiar jukebox. Do you happen to know what is a reasonable price?
With kind regards,
Abraham Keizerwaard,
The Netherlands
397Tue Jan 30 2007 17:30Jearold Kelly
My parents bought our jukebox route in 1950-stayed in the family for 35 years. I bought the business in 1968 after returing from Viet Nam. I owned many models of Seeburg, AMI & Rockola boxes thru the years. It's great to see this site-brought back a lot of memories. Wish that I had not thrown all those old jukes, pin balls and arcade games away. I just aquired a seeburg home unit with telephone dial. Going to try to get it running. HELP!! Great site.
398Tue Feb 6 2007 16:41mike garvey
great wed site
399Wed Feb 7 2007 22:22Lena
I have the Seeburg Home Stereo in a nice Cherry Cabinet. It holds 50 LPs and has the rotary dial selector. It is not working now and I don't know of anyone near enough to were I live who can repair it.
400Thu Feb 8 2007 14:21Carol Farnsworth
I have one of the Seeburg home stereo systems in a console. It was wonderful for parties and Christmas - just push all play and you had music for the whole day or night! Unfortunately, mine stopped working years ago and I have never found anyone able to repair it. My family wants to throw it out, I have been hesitant to do so. Is it worth trying to salvage? Thanks!
Carol Farnsworth
401Thu Feb 8 2007 18:22Bob Maddamma
Helluva website you got there. I'm always impressed when someone with your knowledge and experience is willing to share it with others having the same interests (and for free, too). Read your entire blog. Good reading!
My 1st box was an AMI Continental II. Still have it. Then a Wurlitzer and a Rockola. I'm on my 1st Seeburg (a USC2). After a complete teardown, cleaning, and re-assembly of the entire mech I'm not afraid of Seeburgs anymore (the mech used to intimidate me). The base section (wood) was a mouse hotel while in storage and didn't look or smell too good so I had to build another from scratch. It'll all be going back together soon. Hope it works. If not, I'll get an education trying to figure out why. You'll probably be hearing from me again. Meanwhile, thanks again for the info I've gained from your website and knowing that I can get some advice if needed.

PS.. Think you should sell your place and move next door to me.
402Tue Feb 13 2007 11:07John Travelletti
wonderful resource for Seeburg fans
403Sun Feb 18 2007 23:44Randy Udell
Great Web Site. Very good job compiling all this historic information. I've had a 1955 Model for 30 years now and still works great.
404Mon Feb 26 2007 12:47Phyllis Clark Droszcz
Your website was wonderful. I loved the pictures and tried finding the jukeboxes we had. My dad (William H. Clark) worked at Seeburg in Chicago from 1956 to 1966 as Executive V.P. We had several jokeboxes in our house from that timeframe. Lots of fun.
405Wed Feb 28 2007 13:18Ray Rantala
Great website. Just bought my first jukebox a couple weeks ago, a USC1. It didn't work when I got it, but with help from your website I got it going. Thank you very much.
406Sun Mar 11 2007 19:26danny gragg
thanks for the site. i have had a lu for years and never quite got it going. maybe this will get me going. all of this is new to me, like needle type or correctness, different types of 45s, amplification, etc. thanks again.
407Tue Mar 13 2007 08:31Jim Osness
Trying to locate George Cernetig Jukebox Works in IL to retreive amp sent in for repair. Haven't heard from him since November and he seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Very unprofessional not to return emails or voice mails. Further his web site is down.

If you have had a similar experience I would like to hear from you.
408Thu Mar 29 2007 15:38Allen D. Binkley
Father aquired jukebox Model PFEAIU, Serial Number: 204022....would like to know how we could aquire keys to fit the locks on this jukebox...haven't had any luck here locally in Clarksville. Tn....could you help us in any way? Thanks
409Fri Mar 30 2007 11:58Crystal Ferguson
You really need to check out your recommended service guys in the "Need Help?" section of your website, Tony. We live in the Chicago area and chose your recommendation (George Cernetig of The Jukebox Works). He came out June 3, 2006 and took the amplifer and another part from our Seeburg Sunstar ST3 jukebox for repair. We never heard from him again! He has not acknowledged our emails or phone calls and he never listed an address on his service order. He also does not use business cards. Basically, he stole our parts! It's been almost a year and we're STILL having no luck getting him to respond to us. Just today, I noticed his website was off the Internet. I do not believe this guy is a legitimate repair business and you really should be careful about who you refer. Take it from me--this guy is a dud!
410Thu Apr 5 2007 14:28Kirk Gibson
Just picked up another Seeburg!
It's an SCD-1 or it might be an SCD-1A ... since the model plate has been removed how can I tell the difference?
411Thu Apr 12 2007 18:26Federico Croci
Greetings from Italy, from a proud owner of a Midway's "Rotation VIII"!!
412Fri Apr 13 2007 02:04Jan Marien Kalkman
hi Tony,

Ive just bought an old seeburg ds160. nice machien play's well. We, my wife and i are very pleased with it.When seaching the internet for info about the machien ive visit your site.
the machiene has a little strange thing, it play extra records. it looks more or less random, between 3 and 6 records in the aria a1 til n1.maybe you has an tip?
Ill hope hear from you.

Jan Marien Kalkman
Delfgauwseweg 189
2628 EM Delft
the Nederlands.
413Fri Apr 13 2007 17:21Ellis Nasif
414Fri Apr 13 2007 17:44Ellis Nasif
This web site is very interesting, as I have always been attracted to the colorful display of lights from the commercial juke boxs. I don't usually surf the web, but recently aquired a Seeburg 200lu3. The motor rotates that turns the records, but it would not (select or retreve) the record. Can you help me locate an owners manual, or is there a shop manual for this system ? The outward appearance is good and it possibly would work with some cleaning of the internal machanical equiptment, Thank you for your time, and I hope to here from you in the near future. El
415Fri Apr 20 2007 19:23john moreno
ihave two seeburg DDSI speakers great shape anly thing isee wrong is the seeburg name plate half missing what are they worth
416Mon Apr 30 2007 14:36JOHN CHARLEY
417Tue May 1 2007 07:17Jackie
Hi Tony,
I have read your posts on the Jukebox Forum and have chatted with you along the way to repairing the LS-2 and also the "tweaking" of the 100-C, but this is the first time I have been to your website..........I love it! What a generous thing to do, having the most common questions and powerful information available for all, I am grateful, many thanks,
418Sat May 5 2007 16:23JP
419Tue May 8 2007 16:01John D. Taylor III
Thanks for a great Seeburg Site, It has helped me in my repairers on my first viewing.

420Thu May 24 2007 15:33Joe Hanaway
Thank you for such an interesting site! Have a Model 100J in nice condition. Upon arrival, played 3 selections using micro switch. Original starting solenoid overheated & was decomposing. Had it re-built locally but now selection process does not shut off after 3 selections and the smelly smoke begins. Any help would be nice. It's fix this for my wife or put new bushings on the '64 T-Bird or secure our place for the coming hurricane season here in South Florida. Too many choices! Thanks!
421Thu May 31 2007 12:53anthony wilkas
Greate site Very helpful
422Mon Jun 4 2007 20:05Patricia
What a great site. Thanks so much for all the info. We have a jukebox that is not working at the moment (and I have lost the keys) and your site helped a lot.
423Tue Jun 5 2007 14:22pop ted junior
Hi Tony,
What a Great Site, thanks Cobber for keepin' The Dream and The Spirit Alive. I just happen to have some 16 & 2/3 RPM Seeburg Vinyl Disks with the big hole spindle. But they have around about 12 Tracks per side. Were there any single stylus vinyl 9" big hole disks that were played at 16 & 2/3RPM and had "less than 20 tracks on each side" cut by Seeburg prior to 1959 ?
I have a sneaky feeling there were. I guess I want confirmation of the less than 20 tracks per side 16 & 2/3rd RPM bit Tony and you would know !
Unless I have some Seeburg Music Disks that were very custom made ?

I have part of two sets featuring one says Penthouse and the other Lifestyles.

Drop me a line anytime. cheers and God Bless
kind regards to you and yours
pop ted jr.
Alice Springs.
"The Red Heart Of Australia"
Northern Territory.

ps. i did drop our mutual good friend seeburged an email and a genuine label scan of one of my Seeburg Penthouse Disks.

424Fri Jun 15 2007 21:54Sharon
Hi Tony,

Interesting reading about you. I've had an SE100 Golden Jet for many years now, still works, but needs some maintenance. Needs a new light bulb for one thing and I've lost the one I pulled to replace so not sure what I need. It also only plays one side of a recod and I don't know how to fix that either. Found your website as I have a neighbor wanting to buy it, but I really didn't know what the value of it would be. I have tons of records. I also have a RockOla, but will have to check closer for exact model. My stepdad had restaurants and an asmusement and cigarette machine side business. I learned a little bit as a kid, on coin jamming and loading records, etc. Guess it's time to part with them.

I did enjoy your history and looking at all the different models. Thank you

Kind regards,
425Mon Jun 18 2007 20:30Sherri McKinney
I've just aquired a Seeburg jukebox through an estate, how would I find out the yr, and model?
426Sun Jun 24 2007 08:21Rowland Rose
I have owned several Seeburg jukeboxes over the last 30 years. I sold my SMC1 to a friend about 20 years ago and just got it back yesterday (6/23/07). I bought a new VMC1 new in Chicago sometime in the 80's and still have it. The turntable on my SMC1 spins and won't reject or move to the next song. Any ideas? Thanks
427Mon Jul 2 2007 15:22lorna benjamin
hello, good to look thru your site, i own a seeburg sl1oo carnival 1973, it has brought years of fun , but unfortunetly i now lack space and it is having a few problems,, am trying to decide wether to sell, but dont now wether to sell in present state, or how much it is worth,, maybe u can help. the lock has broke and in need of re croming
428Wed Jul 4 2007 21:45Rowland Rose
I tried using my VMC1 for the first time in 10 years today and it worked for about a half hour. It locked in the service mode and I unplugged it to try and reset it. I removed the batteries years ago so the circuit boards would not be ruined. With power off I also shorted the + and - terminals on the board hoping to clear the garbage on the screen. Now I get no picture at all although there is power to the tube. I have all the schematics, but don't know how to use them. Do you know of anyone who can test and service a controller board? Thanks for any guidance you may be able to provide.
Rowland Rose
429Thu Jul 5 2007 17:51Winn Autry
Was looking for a certain model.Found it. Was given to us but would like to sell. 1962 Seeburg,model LPC1
430Mon Jul 9 2007 22:42dirk schatteman
I would like to tell you that my father, etienne schatteman worked a long time for seeburg and he was the inventor of changing de lp's rapidly. Check it out on the patents that he took for it. Nevertheless no hard feelings, greetings from Brussels, Dirk
431Sun Jul 15 2007 18:59Yves Chaput
you have a good website
i have in stock 4 vmc1 3 silver and 1 gold
432Mon Jul 16 2007 06:51Yves Chaput
it's me again
yes i have 4 vmc1
1 work perfectly (gold) keyboard ok
1 silver work good no keyboard
2 silver out no keyboard

433Mon Jul 16 2007 07:03Yves Chaput
Another thing
two or three years ago i sold one 10079m
i operate this juke
excuse my english i'm french
i'm dining with Mike .... 5 weeks ago
he work for Touchtune
it's the same Mike in your story?
434Tue Jul 17 2007 18:02Kevin Carter
Recently acquired a 147, wondering if you have any suggestions for parts etc other than Victory Glass?

435Tue Jul 31 2007 17:31Nelson Lopez
My mother worked for seeburg from about 1968 till about 1978. We are trying to find if she has any pension benefits. Can you help me out with this, Thanks.
436Wed Aug 1 2007 18:51debbie
We have a HSC1 Home Stereo Console and record cabinet that we are looking to sell. We also have several record collection sets that are in like new condition. Do you or anyone you may know have an interest in any of these items.
thank you!
437Mon Aug 6 2007 12:12Bill Salvaggio
Tony thank you SO MUCH for providing your site. I can't imagine how many people you've helped. I also belong to the Seeburg info club on Yahoogroups... I've been lucky I guess with my DS160 - very few problems but still have done a bit of trouble shooting. There's a ton of info on your site and I'm finding myself navigating around more and more. I like 'How the Tormat Works' best... glad mine is working 100% because I'm pretty sure the warranty is up... haha.
Bill S.
438Sun Aug 12 2007 10:13Mike Baute
HI Tony. Great Website.
Hope all is well.
Retirement is GREAT!!!
Best, Your Jukin' pal, Mike
439Thu Aug 16 2007 00:12Diane Terry DTG1949@AOL.COM
I worked for The Seeburg Corporation, Chicago Illinois the early 70's. I worked for V.P. James Hughes. President at that time was Lou Nicastro. The company subdsequently relocated to New York. Can I get any info on some of the employees that I became so close to? Thank you.
440Sat Sep 8 2007 14:40Strawhead
New owner of a M100A which was given to me.
was told that it "worked 20 years ago when I un-plugged it" just cleaning it up now,we'll see.
Nice Site!!
441Thu Sep 13 2007 17:17Scott Hammon
We had a jukebox in Jr High, a Seeburg LPC1 which I now own. I have loved Seeburg machines ever since and own around 100 of them. I visited the factory on Addison once and I worked repairing Seeburgs for a company called AVA (that was L&R) in St Louis years ago. When they went under I got 2 of there 3 test benches. The DSST1 is in one of them, works fine with all connectors and books. I may be leaving the area soon and if I do, would sell all the test fixtures at that time. I need to get a red box repaired if you could suggest someone. Thanks and thanks for the site.
442Fri Sep 21 2007 22:23Dave Keener
THanks for the website. I have what I guess is a library unit. It was sold by Gates Radio back in the 50's. I used to work at WBEU in Beaufort, South Carolina. This unit was at the station when I came to work there, but was not being used. I talked the chief engineer into letting me have it. I have had the unit since 1971. The case of the box is grey metal, and has a drop down door with plexiglass. To the left is a door that covers the pre-amp and power supply for the mechanism. There is a power switch in the door, also a scan and reject button. The scan and reject are also present on a small remote control box that is about 3X3X4 - it too bears the name gates.

The unit still works. I am in the process of cleaning the unit up. I would like to have the case "hot blasted" and powdered coated. Would this affect the value?

The other library units I have seen have some knobs inside the same door where the records are stored. Mine does not have this.

It does have the four position levers to control play.

Any ideas on exactly which model this would be called, and are there any manuals to aid in the process of cleaning the unit up and lubricating it? Any specs on the pre-amp?

Dave Keener
Tulsa, Oklahoma
443Sat Sep 29 2007 21:03John Aegerter
Simply FANTASTIC website!
444Thu Oct 11 2007 03:14walt evans
Fantastic web site. I have a seeburg SPS2 and been trying to find out why it won't perform some of its functions. You website helped a lot.
445Sun Oct 14 2007 22:08Mike Sullivan
Looking at buying a STD160 model. Have found your site very usefull, and if I do purchase I'm sure I'll be back.
446Thu Oct 18 2007 15:53Steve
I was told there is a model 8th SCI...which I have been unable to locate on any web site. . perhaps, I "heard" wrong... it is for sell...but not sure what I have access to!! Does this sound like anything out there??

447Wed Oct 24 2007 16:48Frank Fraser
What a marvellous place your site is Tony! Can't thank you enough for the troubleshooting tip. I have a Seeburg Celestia E100-78D and it hasn't been clearing records. I live in the north of Scotland and have been tearing my hair out trying to fix it myself or find somebody who could repair it for me. Who would have thought a little magnet was the source of my worries. My machine has the rainbow Topaz front panels not the ones in your photos, would this have been original? Thanks again. Frank
448Wed Oct 24 2007 21:02marc Golland
It was very good. I found the jutebox I have owned for years. It is the Stern/Seeburg Phoenix SMC2. I am very curious as to what it is worth. If you could I would appreciate it if you could let me know it's estimated value. Thank's Marc
449Sun Oct 28 2007 10:48Nick Lukinovich
I have an Seeburg AP-1 Home Unit, circa 1970, 50 album jukebox. I appears to be similar to the Seeburg AMS1 Home Unit. Looking for info on getting it repaired/restored. Can you point me right direction.
450Tue Oct 30 2007 00:57Craig Martin
Hi! I own a diner in West Los Angeles called
Cafe 50's. Now after 18 years at this location, I have started the procedure to franchise. First in CA then in other parts of the U.S.
Because I am an avid Seeburg fan I would like to require potential franchises to purchase and maintain Seeburg 201's or maybe 222's. We also have 12 wallboxes in our dining room and at our counter. (I know Johnny Rockets uses the 100's but they have no "visible" jukebox.) They use a "modern" hide-away.)
Do you think it's unrealistic to have my franchises maintaining Seeburgs in a comercial usage situation. And will it be impossible to locate mass quantities of 200 wall-o-matics???
I'm sure the 160 wallboxes are even harder to find! Our 201 has been playing the SAME records that I installed 18 years ago!! (I've only replaced about 5 records sofar). I guess it's because of the "light" needle tracing as opposed to an AMI or Wurlizer with horizotal record play.
Could you PLEASE call me at home 818-906-9696 or at Cafe 50's 310-479-1955 (mobile: 818-469-6917)and help answer some of my questions?! You can also check us out at: .......Thanx, Craig

451Tue Oct 30 2007 09:49john blackmon
Enjoyed reading your history information. I am offering my 1962 Seeburg console to a friend and he wanted to know more about it. Your site is perfect to give him a quick look at it and the history. Did have trouble finding your site though, most inquiries took me to ebay and other sites
452Fri Nov 2 2007 19:13Greg Goluska
1 of 5 family mambers who worked at Seeburgs and I have a collection of old Seeburg Voice mags plus a bunch of Seeburg paraphanelia to sort through when I get the chance. I also have an engineering unit that was a prototype for the library unit. It plays both 45s and small 33-1/3s that were made exclusively for Seeburgs back in the late 60s.
453Fri Nov 2 2007 19:22Greg Goluska
BTW - Other names I remember from my days on Blackhawk Street - Ted Dobson, Al Bodoh, Clayton Adams, B R Jagor, Melvin Tso, Rubin Sanchez, my brother Glenn Goluska, my dad Walter, my mom Mary (nee Jagor), Tawn O'Connor...
454Fri Nov 2 2007 22:48Tommy Gentry
Tony, you were recommended by Seeberg Ed and I really hope that you can help me. I have a Seeberg Encore in my garage in excellent shape. I saw the one sitting on the other piece in the pics and it looks like that one except it has legs on each side. My dad had a background music company in the 60s and 70s and died in 1979. Mother sold the company and the only thing I have is this one piece. Seeberg Ed advised me that the Encore is on the lower end, money wise, but I would appreciate it if you could give me a ballpark figure of it's value. I have no idea and a son-in-law that would like me to give it to him. Thanks in advance for you info, Tommy
455Sun Nov 11 2007 17:44ken zindel
really like your site for information as I am a new collector/restorer.
456Thu Nov 15 2007 07:48Keith Brignell
Having just purchased a Seeburg 100G in the UK, this site is proving to be invaluable and most interesting. Thank you and best wishes to you,
457Sat Nov 17 2007 18:23Kirk Gibson
Hello again Tony,
I finally got the SCD1 working 100% (Repairing the Sony player about killed me)then the other day I was in my gameroom playing the SMC Phoenix.. you know the one with the SHP3 amp that I had all the trouble with but finally with your help got it playing right. Well it went back to only playing on one channel -- AGGHHH--
so I put in a spare SHP3 I bought off Ebay which seemed to work well when I bought it and was going to start back into the first one for repairs.
The one from Ebay played for about 5 minutes then smoke started rolling out from behind one of the output transistors BIGTIME. I quickly unplugged it.
I know these are good (well designed) amps because when I had the first one right it sounded great. But it seems I've heard some other reports of this type amp catching fire and now I am wondering if I should even start repairs on these 2 amps or try and adapt another amp to this box. The last thing I need is a fire!
Is this possible and if so which amp would you recommend?
Any help from anybody is appreciated.
458Tue Nov 20 2007 16:06Leo Budo
Hi there,
I must say i'm very impressed with your web-site!! I am having problems, with my jukebox. Model,SCD-1 seegerg. It has not worked since day 1, I purchased this unit on e-bay,the company I purchased my jukebox from was ABSOLUTELY!! no help!! (Palmentere) I'll e-mail you via your,email. Thank you!! Very much!! leos1lyon
459Sun Nov 25 2007 08:00Jeff Grossman
Fantastic website. I own an unrestored H100JL, LU1, and an AMI B. Lots of valuable info on this site.
460Sat Dec 1 2007 09:21Alan R
Your website has helped me out a great deal, my KD200 is working a treat now thanks to you.

Many thanks
461Thu Dec 6 2007 11:59Patrick Cahill
My family acquired a 1953 HF100G at an auction in PA in 1972. I listened to 45's in my garage as a kid. I moved that machine from my mother's house in SC to the Chicago area and your site has been a valuable resource in attempting to get it running again for my kids. Thanks.
462Fri Dec 14 2007 08:36Dick Harrison
I have a Seeburg AQ100 which I would like to sell. I have taken some pictures of this to post and thought that you would like to have these to update your picture library. I see that you have pictures of the A100 but not of the AQ100. I believe that my box is all original so I believe that the graphics on the glass are correct. Your comments would be welcome and I can send you pictures if you can supply me an email where these could be attached?
463Tue Dec 18 2007 18:15Chuck Gesik
I ran across your website while searching for information on a jukebox I have that I am not familiar with. I have been in the jukebox business as an operator for over 40 years and do not remember this one. Your site says it is a SMC1 jr. Mine is in very good shape, never broken into and plays and sounds very good. I had a little trouble with the selection system however Warren Rowe in L.A. repaired it for me. The ID plate has been removed from the rear so I was not able to tell much about it till I saw it on your site. How very rare is this model only having about 100 being built? Right now it is in my real Estate office and I play it daily. I have completely shopped it out with the exceaption of resurfacing the stainless trim which had a little corrosion down low. Other than that, it looks like a brand new one.
464Tue Dec 18 2007 18:24Chuck Gesik
Judst P.S. to my other entry. I also have a 100R in my living room that I brought with me when I retired from the coin op business. This has not been restored, however it is also shopped out and plays and sounds great as all the caps have been changed in the amp. Also have a wall box that works and has just been rechromed. Lots of fun when guests come for dinner.
465Thu Dec 27 2007 21:36Randy
I did a piece on my Uncle's Seeburg and included some links to your site. check it out sometime.
466Thu Jan 3 2008 16:32Susan Hosters
I along with my husband also were Seeburg employees. Do you remember THOMAS HOSTERS? worked 1954 until closing.
467Mon Jan 7 2008 15:37mike staley
ijust bought a seeburg jukebox, it is asqs160 made in 1975. they told me it work realwell (wrong) i now have the coin part working, the unit now pick up and puts the reckors back but i belive it needs a new needle help. i live just west of peoria il. thanks mike
468Tue Jan 8 2008 18:00Ronnie Kline
Hi, I liked your web site. I am having problems with my jukebox and was wondering if you could help me out. It's a Seeburg STD160 Vogue of 1974 the 160 selections Digital Jukebox. We just recently moved and the jukebox worked fine before and after moving but now while playing the jukebox one night it stopped in the middle of a song, quit putting out sound, and the record is still rotating around, i tryed to reset with the switch on the back of the jukebox but the contact did not click. The switch does nothing and doesn't click and the record is still rotating with no sound. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much and nice website.
469Tue Jan 8 2008 21:56Bo
I had a pair of the DDS1 speakers back in the late 60's & early 70's. Should have kept them but didn't. You wouldn't happen to know if there are any still floating around out there would ya!!!! OH bye the way, GREAT website.
470Thu Jan 17 2008 17:05Elizabeth Wilson

Could you give me a call? I need some help with a AY-160 Tormat unit.

My Number:904-571-4779
471Sun Jan 20 2008 07:06judy
This was a super way to identify the jukebox I have. Now, any ideas on how best to sell it? I think I have an "artist of the week". Thanks again for the info, JUDY
472Wed Jan 23 2008 11:11corie wilson
your website was great!! i found the jukebox we have, it is the sps2 matador quad conversion. we are wanting to sell it. do you know what it may be works great and is in great condition. thank you for all your great information
473Thu Jan 24 2008 16:40Tony
Hi A very good site, I'll take a copy of the shipping tips when i go to pick up this ebay Item number: 180206798244 not quite sure what model it is, some where between a m100b and c ? ? perhaps you could advise?

474Thu Jan 31 2008 20:34Timothy Thomas
i have a seeburg std3. just looking to see what i could find on the internet about it. glad to see your interest thanks alot tj
475Sat Feb 2 2008 10:36Carol Burkott
I have an elderly friend on a fixed income and she has asked me to seel her Seeburg AP-1 home jukebox for her. I found your site and found one listed on your "home units" page, but no phone number or email to contact anyone interested in purchasing this Seeburg. I enjoyed reading your history and trust your opinion regarding where I can turn to help this dear elderly friend. Can you please direct me on how I can market this for her. I don't know much about Ebay. She also has 90 prestine records, and she claims they were glove handled only, no warp, no hand prints at all. Many would be considered "collectibles" in my opinion. Can you help? Thanks. Carol
476Sat Feb 2 2008 20:46billy Campbell
lt looks great. iam looking for a belt. i just bought a pfea1.
477Tue Feb 5 2008 19:23Norman
Great Website. Seeburg ruled in the 50's
478Sat Feb 23 2008 14:04Ernst
Do you still remember the time of the 50s and 60s? Petticoat, Brilliantine and Rock ’n’ Roll? Or the 30s – the big time of records and the swing? For one weekend we like to bring you back these years! Experience the way of life of nearly 50 years of contemporary history from the 30s to the 70s.
We like to welcome you on April, 12th and 13th 2008 in Munich/ Germany!
The "One More Time" is an exhibition of jukeboxes and machines of all kinds. Besides jukeboxes, oldtimers, pinball machines as well as slot machines and historical utensils and design objects from the 30s to the 70s will be displayed.
more information: www. onemoretime. de
479Sun Feb 24 2008 12:27Jay Grabowski
I read your troublshooting guide on mech that bring out a record from the magazine but will not play it. Which symptom scenario should I follow if my V200 will occasionally select a record out of the magazine and not play out. If I select 10 records, perhaps 4 will not play. No rhyme or reason to this problem. May play D3 one time but not the next time I select it.


Jay Grabowski
480Tue Mar 4 2008 08:16Lynn Newport
Have a 1954 Siver Era Seeburg and it works great. Will use site for future needs
481Tue Mar 4 2008 15:48Jim Propes
I worked at a Seeburg distributor in Indpls,In for several years in the 70's. I have an LPC480 & a home stero. Great stuff. Great site. I'm having a problem the phono won'p/u thats why i'm on your site. Regards.
482Tue Mar 4 2008 20:38Rich
Just finished a long read through your Seeburg & related employment blog ... most interesting! Even more so since I re-located to the Chicago suburbs 3 years ago and now have some "ties" to the area to go along with my Seeburg jukebox and Bally pinball machine! Thanks so much for taking the time to write out your stories!

483Mon Mar 17 2008 21:28ben phillips
i have a dds1 seeburg speaker and some other parts. if you want to buy.
484Thu Mar 27 2008 13:24John Buchanan
I have a Wurlitzer Americana Model # 3760 and a Seaburg Selectomatic Model # 100J How can I find out what they are worth?
485Sat Mar 29 2008 18:36Ann B
My father immigrated to America and Chicago in the twenties. He had a realtion - second cousin or something - Sjöberg = Seeburg - who payed his passage and dad worked for him, selling player-pianos in the fantastic twenties in Chicago. He sold them in Speak-Easys (being tone-deaf it was a bit tough) and got to know, among others, Al Capone. My father was always very proud of his years with Seeburg, and proud of the fact that the jukebox evolved from the stuff he sold in those old days!
Ann Sweden
486Thu Apr 3 2008 20:25John Churn
Tony, What a Ride, I enjoyed it all.

I have had a Seeburg since the early 90's. I have my first problem today. That's why I seeked out your site. It's simple but hard for me. I can't select anything from my buttons. I can run the carriage manually and stop it. Usually I hear the selection lock in with each push button. I am getting nothing.

I found a picture of mine. It was listed as a SDT160, but that was a 160 play machine. I have a
200 play, 100 each side. What do you call it?

Do you have an email for comunication?

I'll be studying, and working.

Thanks for taking the time to post your site.

John Churn
Palm Coast,Fl
487Thu Apr 10 2008 10:07Judy Richards
Thank you for your info on our juke box My dad gave us a seeburg q100
488Fri Apr 11 2008 22:28Dava Shumsky Ansell Cole
Soooo glad to find your site.....I bought a 58 Seeburg back in 1985...have loved it all these years....stocked with all my 45's from the 50's and 60's.... HAVE A "fell" last August (2007)and is all broken..
ANY IDEA of who/where to call to have it looked at/examined for future repair...all original glass that was there until the fall is now ruined ...but I don't know about the rest of my wonderful machine. I am DEVASTATED about has given me SO MUCH JOY thru all these years....was still dancing away to the music up until its accident...
489Wed Apr 16 2008 15:38Mike Snodgrass
I started a jukebox restoration business in 1999... after doing it as a hobby for several years prior. I ran it for three years... but with the declining economy in 2001-2002, I moved the business to home and only work at it part time. I have tons of parts from Seeburg distributor buyouts and other juke operation buyouts... Love your site! Check out my video. Contact me at my e-mail address direct... the link on the site to contact me is not working.
490Mon Apr 21 2008 20:08Ken
Excelent site! I worked for 24 years in the amusement business as a tech (presently retired). I was looking for the schematic for the chaser circuit and came across your site, I wish it had been there 15 or 20 years ago. Again the best info for Seeburg I ever saw.
491Tue Apr 29 2008 18:50David Schoenberg
I found your site most interesting. You may recall that I was the general counsel for Stern, and represented Stern in the purchase of the assets of Seeburg. In the process, I "liberated" a pair of DDS-1 speakers from the lab on Dayton Street, which are now sitting unused in my basement. Do you have any idea what these things might be worth and who might want to buy them? Until reading your web site, I was under the impression that the woofers were from Altec-Lansing as well as the horn. I was disappointed to read that they came from Utah and that the crossover had been designed by Seeburg and not by Altec Lansing.

I recognized many of the stories you told about the Stern days. I particularly recall the story of the development of the VMC-1, including its debut (although, as I recall, it debuted at a distributor show at the O'Hare Hyatt, and was shown later at the jukebox exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry).

You may not be aware of it, but the factory which Stern used to build the jukeboxes (1735 W. Diversey) was converted into loft apartments, and the pinball factory (1725) was torn down and there is now a complex of townhouses on the site. The neighborhood has completely gentrified.

If you have any thoughts with regard to the speakers, please let me know.
492Tue Jun 3 2008 15:58
493Wed Jun 18 2008 16:56clinton m cook
hi, just getting into the jukebox restore mode for my wife's birthday. left you an email great site clint
494Mon Jun 23 2008 17:08Don
495Mon Jun 23 2008 17:19Don ward
Your web site is most interesting in regard to BMS and AMS systems from seeburg.
I am commencing a research into Seeburg custom music and its various formats. including music and physical porperties
Ive contacted Warren Rowe and Seeburg Ed and they point me in your direction.
It seems i have discs that have no player... they are 12" small spindle hole 16 rpm from Decca records custom for Seeburg background music library.
My disc journey starts with 78s mfg for Seeburg from the Standard Transcription Library for the Select o matic. (KRKD fm put one on the air in late 9140s for Musicast Background music service)
If its not to imposing i would like to communicate with you for any background you might have regarding the custom music produced by Seeburg by Decca Columbia and finally RCA.
Chick Crumpacker has access to the RCA specialty products ledgers and is going to see what he can contribute to my project.
Your contributions would be helpful and acknowledged
don ward
496Thu Jun 26 2008 23:03David Mannell
We have a 1975 STD2. We bought it a couple of years ago, and it worked great. Then about a year ago it stopped working. I was on your website tonight and noticed that you gave some tips on symptom 3: Scans twice, plays nothing. I am going to read it tonight and try to work on it tomorrow, I hope that it works.

497Fri Jun 27 2008 11:13Jerry Moon
Mr Miller you have a very helpful website for seaberg jukebox owners, thanks,
My uncle has a seaberg bandshel type of jukebox and I wanted to order your books on this type of box but I can't find the link to do so.
The box set unused for 8 to 10 years, it was working fine when last used, but now it has symptons as is described in sympton #3 in your trouble shooting section. One of the problems that I discovered was that the grease on the slider tract had hardened and was like thick tar.
I cleaned the two tracts and at least the unit will travel quite easily now. Please advise as to how to order your books.
Thank you very much.
P.S. The coin Portion has been disconnected , I don't know if this is something that was listed in your wanted section or not but I thought that I would mention it.
Thanks again.

Jerry D. Moon.
498Fri Jul 4 2008 12:20Rob Winterkorn
What a great site! I was in high school when you were my hero working for Seeburg. I came to agree with you on Seeburg's authority in the industry, as I studied them very closely for my final exam reports for 8th grade, and again my senior year. Both landed me an A. Considering this was rare in my school carrier, it even got me an award. This all started from my first mechanical love when I was 12 with our new family Christmas present. The AY160. Acquired from a friend of a friend, who was off to jail in a few days, who pulled up in a once was U-Haul the day after thanksgiving. I remember being so impressed with the wonderful package Seeburg sent to me, after my written request. It was filled with the history of JP Seeburg to the present. Of course it had all the latest greatest models like the Disco 160! My love may of faded for the old AY, with cars and girls, but it quickly returned with marriage and a family. I miss the trips to Wold Wide Distributors in Chicago with my dad. It was an all day event going there just to pick up some new needles. I'll never forget the big sign when you first walk in. Although I can't remember the exact words, but it was a jab on the record abuse of "other jukebox manufactures" who used a farris wheel to bring the records to the player. Anyway I'm sorry for the ramblings. I just feel I am truly the youngest generation to appreciate this awesome industry. I just hope I'm wrong as I try to get my own children into it. Thanks again for a great, and very informative web site. My new favorite!
499Sun Jul 27 2008 14:18Ken Brandt
Good site Tony
500Sun Jul 27 2008 14:28Ken Brandt
Good site Tony.I bought my first jukebox a PFEA1U IN 2007.I got it back to life and its been working fine for over a year,I am now trying to hook up a 3w1 100 WOM.I have been getting great help from Ron Rich.Its a old model WOM I think Ron said its a "A" MODEL so I have ordered a manual for it,hope to get it going some day .Thanks for the site.Ken
501Sun Jul 27 2008 15:46charlie huffman
hi thanks for the site.can you help me determin the value of my 62/63 hsci consol iv had it since it was new thanks tony
502Mon Jul 28 2008 16:30Jim Alexander
Congratulations on your very thorough and well researched website. It's nice to meet you on-line.
I'm familiar with and have been a "fan" of the 60's-70's era Seeburg jukeboxes. Technically, they always were ahead of the curve, compared to the others. These machines, in my opinion, are under-appreciated by the collector community. I've bought several of your books over the years.

I operate a small (part time) repair/restoration business in the Atl. Ga area. and enjoy working with Seeburg-mfd. units. I'm an electronics tech and do most of my own work. Here, you don't see many 60-70-80's model Seeburg vinyl jukes in residential use. Rowe/AMI machines are common here.

For a short time in the 60's, I worked for a vendor/operator (as a field-service tech) during the early 60's in the Detroit MI area, when it was financially viable to operate a big jukebox route. This was my intro to coin-op equipment. The vendor was heavily committed to using Wurlitzer gear (mostly 2300 thru 2700 models) on their route, but they had a few Seeburg pieces in use.

I got a chance to visit the Seeburg plant in Chicago, Ill.,where they sponsored a service school for independent techs. to become familiar
with their equipment. The LPC-1 jukebox had just been introduced as their premier product.

In general, there were fewer service calls for the Seeburg jukes (they had LPC, DS and AY models at the time)than the others.

There was a difference of opinion between technicians at the time as to which type of record selection system (search engine?) was preferable. Seeburg, with their all-electronic (Tormat)system or Wurlitzer, with their 100% mechanically-operated system. The "old school" technicians at the time liked the mechanical system as you could "see how it worked" as opposed to electronic trouble shooting. Selection problems usually happened more frequently with the mechanical systems.

Keep up the good work!

Jim Alexander
503Tue Jul 29 2008 12:12charlie huffman
where do you live tony
505Fri Aug 8 2008 01:16Ron Keuler
Hi Tony,
Thanks for your great web site supporting the Seeburg jukes, and people like me doing restoration on these interesting machines.
506Sat Aug 9 2008 14:04Donald Jacobsen ILLCPA@AOL.COM
My father was the first Juke Box operator in Chicago, his partner was Ken Craft, J.P. Seeburg's nephew. I worked at Seeburg summers, from 1961 through 1966 and have Selecto-matic 200 Home Console. Marie Duz was head of personnel, and John Epert ran the tool crib. Ken Craft was VP of Purchasing.
507Sat Aug 9 2008 14:04Donald Jacobsen ILLCPA@AOL.COM
My father was the first Juke Box operator in Chicago, his partner was Ken Craft, J.P. Seeburg's nephew. I worked at Seeburg summers, from 1961 through 1966 and have Selecto-matic 200 Home Console. Marie Duz was head of personnel, and John Epert ran the tool crib. Ken Craft was VP of Purchasing.
508Thu Aug 14 2008 12:02richard bickford
i have a mardi gras
509Sun Aug 17 2008 09:45Bob Ibex
Great and informative site!
Helped me to choose the correct machine to buy and have re-stored to it's original color scheme.
510Tue Aug 26 2008 21:53Marian Tillery
A very informative site. I now know what year model I have. Hopefully I can find help to figure out what the problem with it is and get it working again.

So glad this site is here!!!!
511Wed Aug 27 2008 18:16william kerskey
super site, just what we needed have std 3
512Sun Aug 31 2008 07:14Richard Thierry
I find your web site very interesting. I'm trying to get information about my Seeburg which I believe is a Mod. S 100. Thank you.
513Sun Sep 14 2008 15:11Judith Parrack
I really enjoyed reading your jukebox information. We have a Seeburg LS2 that we need to sell, as we are moving to CA and our house there doesn't have room for it. Do you know the best way to sell it?
514Tue Sep 16 2008 00:33scott blanch
besides ebay, where can I get my own jukebox?
I love your site!
515Mon Sep 29 2008 17:17tommy crawford
my dad is tom crawford he worked there for several years aroun 64to74 used to hang with george west bill cupples,if any one knows him call me 1 812 756 0331 im little tom.thanks
516Mon Sep 29 2008 17:25pat wilson
I have a seeburg SS160 which need some repair, i live in southern new jersey. anyone who does repairs please let me know.
517Thu Oct 2 2008 14:41WAYNE STEVENS
518Mon Oct 6 2008 19:53David Stitzhal
Great site. One of my first big purchases as a kid was my Seeburg M100C. Now my Mom wants to send it to me across the country. My daughter is delighted, as am I. I was thrilled to find your site along with instruction on how to prepare my beauty for her cross-country trip. Now if only I can find a shipper and someone local to do the necessary repairs. Again, thanks for your wonderful site. It has fanned the flames of my long smoldering love for my ole' jukebox.
519Fri Oct 17 2008 21:11joel myli
Hi, I enjoy this web site a lot thank you. I have all 3 smc models but I noticed on the smc3 that the switches that reverse the mech when it gets to either end of the record mag. are different than the smc 1&2,which have 4 thin copper plates on either side to change direction The smc3 has only 2 plates on either side. Is this right, did seeburg change this on this model or am I missing some plates. At this time the mcu and phono control are being repaired by Dan Colabuno, also did the MCU change any in the prelude or is it the same as in the SMC 1&2. thank you in advance for any help you can give me. Joe.
520Sat Oct 18 2008 16:34A. Forman
Hi Tony,
I'm another Chicago area Seeburg owner who hasn't heard from George Ceretig since he took parts from our juke box - TWICE! - in June'08 and then again in August. Any idea if he has eventually come through for other customers? I would appreciate any information you may have about this man's "repair" business. Wish I had read your guestbook comments before calling George.
522Thu Nov 6 2008 02:15Jeanne
Thank you for your very generous offer of using your descriptions. I have an original setup 1966 Seeburg (like the one at your site). I am going to sell it and I am trying to find a price for it that will help it sell, but be profitable for me as well.
523Sat Nov 8 2008 06:38Lynda Hawley
I have a 1939 Seeburg Juke Box that has been in my family for 50+ years. Before that it came from our neighborhood tavern. It plays 78's and I would love to know more about this machine. It has lost it plastic parts on the top front but has the metal frame work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Lynda
524Tue Nov 11 2008 13:02LARRY BARNETT
I was dragging out a bunch of old stuff and found a pair of DWS-2's. They still push out some sweet sounds. Do people buy or even want these things nowadays?

525Fri Nov 14 2008 15:40Jim Ross
I love the site, but could not figure out how to order the book "Ron Rich's Seeburg Mechanism Guide"

526Sun Nov 16 2008 00:31Ernest Tucker
do you know where I could buy a background music system playing 16 2/3 rpm with amp.??
527Thu Nov 27 2008 13:00m b pace
Are the prices shown on your website current prices or prices when they are new.

Great website. Glad I found it. My Jukebox (tubetype Seeburg 1960's model) will not make a selection and will keep on searching. I thought it was a tube. Possible?
528Mon Dec 1 2008 11:31Vivian
I had aunt that worked at seeburg. She was in personnel. Her name was MARIE When she retired they gave her a library jukebox. Right now it is needs repair
529Mon Dec 1 2008 21:43John Groel
Enjoyed reading your history at Seeburg. Pictures from the plant looked like many US factories after the war when the US designed and built machinery with American workers.
I have a Q160 which plays records but also continually scans. Looking for ways to troubleshoot. Pictures in my manual are poor.
530Sat Dec 6 2008 17:43Bob sterrett
do you know of anyone in the tampa/st petersburg florida area that can work on a 58 jukebox. Works but no sound. Thanks
531Sat Dec 13 2008 17:09Alexa Forman
Tony, After expressing concerns to you about George Ceretig's service record and hearing your assurances that he eventually does follow through, I am happy to report that he eventually did follow through with the repair of our Seeburg jukebox. A good guy, just way too busy. Alexa
532Tue Dec 16 2008 14:05kenneth little kenneth-lttl @ hotmail
I have a Seeburg 100-79m smc1 jr. DaVinci I would like to know an appraised value for resale. Thank you
533Tue Dec 23 2008 17:47Emilio Sturino
I have a Seeburg SPS2 Matador. The trip mechanism was not working. I stumbled on your site and found that it was an easy fix THANKS TO YOU.

I appreciate your website and your generousity with the technical information you provide.

Thank you very much!

Emilio Sturino
534Thu Dec 25 2008 12:54rich bickford
great site ording books
535Thu Jan 1 2009 11:33Mike Ryan-Fecitt
Very informative website and its quick to load!
536Fri Jan 2 2009 17:31Frederic Kahler
Lovely, extensive site. Stormy Hawn at carpentersgang turned us on to the jukebox company - O, how art the mighty fallen!

Happy New Year 2009

Frederic Kahler
537Sun Jan 4 2009 19:27Mike Hallman
538Sun Jan 4 2009 19:28Mike Hallman
Your site is a great source of information and knowledge.I appreciate all that you have done to help and promote the jukebox hobby. This is a great source of information. Thank you
539Sun Jan 4 2009 21:16Mike Kingston
I have a LPC 480. A couple of weeks ago me left side relay in my TCC 1 started to energize when it shouldn't. (even with nothing pluged into it)
Can anyone tell me why ?
540Mon Jan 5 2009 13:55John Nicastro N
541Mon Jan 5 2009 13:55John Nicastro
please call me at 786-316-9540
542Sat Jan 10 2009 21:16Matt
My friend and I are jukebox restoration rookies and we just bought several Seeburgs. One of each: USC2,LPC1,LS2,LPC480T. They all need quite a bit of restoration, including some major parts... Can you recommend the best place for us to start looking for parts?

Your website has been a great help already even as we have only begun this project...
543Sun Jan 11 2009 15:03DONNA DEEP REDDYKILO@MSN.COM
544Sun Jan 18 2009 18:20RJ Beerman
Love your site. I have an LPC-480 Seeburg. I play it almost every nite. Records just sound so much better on the jukebox. Thanks for your great site.
545Wed Jan 21 2009 23:00Nathan Hyde
We own an old malt shop in utah and have 9 wall mounted small music selectors, we want to get them working again but will they work with a newer jukebox that uses cd.
546Sun Jan 25 2009 20:40Jeff Murray
Owner of a Seeburg STD2 Entertainer. Great to find this site.
547Mon Feb 2 2009 18:33Richard L Walker Jr
thanks for the all the good info posted! I am currently NOT a jukebox owner but I am doing my research before purchasing one. I'll be 48 in a few months and Ive always wanted one. Thanks again, rick :]
548Wed Feb 4 2009 20:10Maryjane
I just bought a STD4 Seeburg. It was not in working condition. I bought a manual off Ebay(which I don't have yet), then I found your site. From your instructions, it now works like a charm(and we knew nothing about these). Thank-you so much for your knowledgable site.
549Fri Feb 13 2009 18:04Frederick Dee
Found your website and its very good. I used to restore the model b,c,g,j,r etc. back in high school. I worked for a man named Bill Carr. He had a shop in Pomona Ca. We used to do natural Finishes on the machines. they came out awesome. Also restored Wurlitzers, AMI Rowe etc. Great times. One of my favorite jobs and I learned a lot from this. Take care; Fred
550Tue Feb 17 2009 21:05Bruce Murranko
I read your website with very fond memmories of working on some of these fine Seeburg macines. I started to work at Cleveland Coin, in 1974,and left in 1984.To this day, it was my favrorite job. I used to repair the control centers and the black and grey boxes. I still think Seeburg had the best sound and the best mech. I also replaced the bad red tone arms on the SS160's and the LS1's. Thank's again for he memmeroies.
551Sun Feb 22 2009 10:09Dennis
thank you for your site & the information -- VERY helpful!
We have inherited a 1964 Seeburg from our Dad and are tryin gto sell it along iwth other estate items. how can we find a good value for it? it is stocked with music, works very well. Cosmetically it could use a little TLC and refurbishing.

552Sun Mar 8 2009 15:37David Mccallumthe lever
Great site. I am having a problem with my 100c. It scans but will not pick out a selection. I can do it manually with the lever but it will not put the record back. Help!!!!!!!!!!
553Sun Mar 8 2009 18:55Chris k cpk@
554Sun Mar 8 2009 18:55Chris k cpk@
Cool site - any idea how to power the lights in a 200 wall-a-matic remote (just the lights). Thanks
555Fri Mar 20 2009 06:43jerry walters
great site an entertaning and imformative read
556Sat Mar 21 2009 01:20Jim Herman
Tony,Very nice site! Is it posable that you knew my father? His name was Manuel Herman "manny" and was in the jukebox biz from the mid1940's till his retirement in the early 80's. much of his career was with Worldwide Dist. on the northwest side of Chicago and finished his career with Apex Amusment in Niles Il.Dad also did service work for most of the operators in Chicagoland. It would be nice to hear from people who knew him. As a boy I spent many nights out with him on service calls. I now restore machines and wish I had more of Dads knowlage
557Thu Mar 26 2009 18:19Edwin J MeixnerJr

I found you site interesting. It is the first mention of Seeburg I have come across. Although I never searched for any. I stumbled across your pages while Googleing my name. My father Ed Sr. worked at Seeburg until it was purchased and the research staff laid off. I was a frequent visitor to Seeburg with my father. I may have met you. I don't remember all that much as I was only five to seven years old when you where first there before your military service. My father went on to work at Borg Warner Research Center in Des Plains, Illinois until it was closed. He then went into teaching first at ITT Technical Institute then at Great Lakes. He taught until his death at age 72 about ten years ago. Every time I see a Seeburg jukebox I remember the company tours with my father and playing with a box of jukebox keys he had brought home. I got a nice nostalgic rush going through your pages. I also learned a few I never knew about Seeburg. Thanks for that.
Ed Meixner Jr.
558Mon Mar 30 2009 14:05John Zingrich
This morning I stumbled across your site and found a wealth of information and your obvious passion for jukes. I know that I'll eventually read every word on the site. Thanks for sharing!
John Zzz
559Thu Apr 9 2009 05:50Armand Hoffstetter Armandh[at]
condolences to tony's family