Contact with International Space Station Dec. 17, 2003

This is a quick web page to make pictures available for downloading, no real detail here yet.
Photo credit should go to Hank Goldsmith of Monroe School for the following.
setting up the antenna
WB6RDV on ladder assembling the antenna.
Operating position
Equipment setup. WB6OBB on left of photo at table, KE6HTS at right. K6DXW kneeling, securing PTT line with tape.

Gear left to right: Audio recorder, service monitor, wattmeter, phone-patch/mixer, Yaesu FT-847 and power supply, Az/El controllers, laptop computer, projector.

Operating position
Second view of operating position. K6DXW standing, WB6OBB seated, WB6RDV and KE6HTS standing at right of photo. News-Press photographer at far right.
Students lined up to ask questions
Students lined up, left-to-right: Tara Pederson, Aidan McCarter, Anjuli Das, Nick Carney, Blaire Leighty, Vincent Martinez, Kelsey Rich, Gabe Knapp, Lauren Leutheuser, Kees t'Sas, Sandee Taylor. Winnie Hennigan KA6OFZ at right.
One of the students speaking
Vincent Martinez at microphone asking question of Michael Foale, commander aboard ISS. Winnie Hennigan KA6OFZ at right. She is holding a pushbutton to control the transmitter push-to-talk. Microphone feeds both transmitter and public address system. Students in line, left to right: Anjuli Das, Nick Carney, Blaire Leighty.
TV interview
KA6OFZ and students being interviewed by ABC-TV affiliate KEYT. We had to hustle out of the auditorium as it was booked for a holiday performance shortly after the contact.
Dennis at the controls
WB6OBB setting up the audio recorder.
MP3 audio recording of contact, 2.2 MB download. Recorded by Dennis Schwendtner, WB6OBB.
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