Construction Sequences 


There is only one current source of plans for replica F4U Corsairs: War Aircraft Replicas of Florida. There are no "kits" for this type of aircraft.  At 50% of the original size, the F4U/2 is a fully aerobatic aircraft which on paper calculates out to at least +6gs and -6gs.  It is "closely coupled" and requires current tail-dragger experience and close attention during the last minute of any flight.  It is fully retractable and in flight cannot be distinguished from its full-size brother.  It is the most recognizable aircraft planform in the sky.

The WAR Corsair is a wood, foam, fiberglass composite aircraft.  The purpose of this page is to show current and prospective F4U builders the construction sequence required to construct the aircraft.  It is extremely labor intensive. Prospective builders should be aware that several years of dedicated work will be required to complete the aircraft. -- Wolf

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"Simplicate and Add Lightness"

The F4U/2 that inspired this site was built with the aid of the Mountain Drive Aircraft Factory in Santa Barbara, California. The Factory had completed four homebuilt-experimental aircraft prior to assisting on the Corsair project. The motto of the shop, which is proudly displayed in the form of an old-fashioned sampler, is "Simplicate and Add Lightness". Of the myriad of things that were taught to me, the shop motto is probably the most important principle in homebuilding. If novice builders can fabricate to that precept, they can never go wrong. Many, many thanks to "Capt." Stan Hill, and Dan "No. 1 GB Fan" Hogan for their help and assistance on the #23 W.A.R. Corsair.

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