The following facts were compiled by Walter Wittich of Montreal, Quebec.

Table 1. Legally Blind Celebrities

Name Profession Condition Source*
Alonso, Alicia Ballerina 2 Detached Retinas a
Bocelli, Andrea

Opera Singer/Lawyer

Hereditary Glaucoma b
Braille, Louis Teacher/Researcher Accident + Infection c
Charles, Ray Singer/Songwriter Congenital Glaucoma d
Feliciano, Jose Guitarist Congenital Blindness d
Healy, Jeff Guitarist Congenital Blindness d
Milsap, Ronnie Country Singer Congenital Cataracts e
Milton, John Poet Blind at age 44 d
Runyan, Marla Olympian Track Runner Stargardt Disease i
Shearing, George Jazz Pianist Congenital Blindness f
Sullivan, Tom Actor Congenital Retinopathy d
Templeton, Alec Pianist/Composer Congenital Blindness g
Wonder, Stevie R&B/Soul Singer Retinitis of Prematurity h
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Table 2. Visually-Impaired Celebrities

Name Profession Condition *Source
Borge, Victor Musician/Comedian Low vision f
Chihulu, Dale Glass Maker Lost one eye in car accident a
Davis, Jr., Sammy Actor Lost left eye in car accident a
Duncan, Sandy Actress Impaired eye due to tumor a
Falk, Peter Actor Lost right eye due to tumor a
Heino German Folk Singer Albinism b
Monet, Claude Painter Ager-related cataracts c
O'Keefe, Georgia Painter/Sculptor (later on) Age-related vision loss e
Thurber, James Cartoonist Accidental loss of one eye; cataract in other eye a
Warhol, Andy Painter/Writer/Director Albinism d


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