Visions Vermeer's a lady writing
Art: Johannes Vermeer, A Lady Writing, c. 1665, National Gallery of Art

is the Santa Barbara City College DSPS Student Publication.

The new Visions is electronic.

Recent Visions

Fall 2008 Visions


Visions, originally titled Once Upon a Time, is in its second decade.
Below are just a few samples of students' work from each semester's issue, beginning in 1999 and ending in paper form in Spring 2008.

"Dose Everyone Have It?", by Sallie Tyrnauer

"I'm Different", by Richard Warren

"Dealing with a Learning Disability", by Anonymous

"Research and Learning Profile", by Jamie Miller

"Living with ADD", by Eli Luber

"Forced Perception", by Ethan Mcleod Saxton

"Silence is not Golden - Voices Are!", by Laura Hagerty

"In Honor of Earth: Native American Poetry", by Anonymous

"How to Tell a Teacher You Have a Learning Disability", by Jenny Sirianni

"My First Goal in the United States of America", by Maria Arriaga

"Leaf of Life", by Katherine Udd  

"Life the Second Time Around", by Ryan Clem

"In a Heartbeat", by Christine Johnson

"Blown Away", by Jesse Rhodes

"Overcoming Limitations", by Trish Havasy

"Illuminata", by Chris Morales

"Abuelita", by Gina Robledo

"Transitioning", by Dena Mark

"Ms. Mitchell", by Justin Shrode

"When My Eyes Were Opened", by Rhonda Hardine

"Love", by Steve Crisenberry

"I'm Alive and Free to Tell My Story", by Eliana Thomas

"Maui", by Chris Messier

"Victor Villaseñor", by Zoila Contreras

"Struggling Forward", by Marisa Maiani

"My Challenges with School and Work", Stephan Wierzbicki

"My Lone Nemesis", by Lillian Dickinson

"Minority", by Dana Davis

"Color", by Marttha Day

"This Wind," by Sharon Aloni


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