"First thoughts have tremendous energy." Natalie Goldberg

collage of a person thinking and an eye imagining

T H I N K ! ! !

The first step in the TOWER strategy is to generate ideas freely,

without the judgment that accompanies the write and edit steps.

Try some of the following methods for getting started:



Talk into a tape recorder

Dictate to a tutor

Note key words from lectures and textbooks

Draw a picture

Make a list of ideas

Interview someone

Collect pictures, diagrams, photos to catalyze thought

Create a metaphor for your task

Begin with one of the above to combat writer's block and increase fluency!!!

Thinking through your ideas is the most important step; writing involves the recording of your thought process. Some writers find the act of recording ideas generates more ideas. After producing some initial ideas with one of the methods listed, spend a period of time concentrating on your topic, developing lines of reasoning and creative thoughts, and record your pearls of wisdom. The next step of organizing will involve deciding on the best way to sequence the presentation of your ideas.