by Carol Sue Rosin

(This essay first appeared in the Autumn Equinox 1996 issue of Crone Chronicles: A Journal of Conscious Aging.)

I know how to end war. I know how to transform the military-industrial complex. I know how we crones and all women of vision and action can create peace.

I feel as though I have come to earth to deliver a message, words I've been given over and over again:

We can transform the war game into a space game. We can create peace on earth through peace in space.

From 1974 to 1995, I played in the war game with the big boys, working within the military-industrial complex. That game is based on escalating the arms race into space. They aim to seize the high ground as they have always done on earth. Despite various peace actions, no current method of working for national defense or for peace will end wars.

We need a new angle, a new approach, an altered way of thinking.

My work in the belly of the beast taught me that the space frontier is the essential new element in our work for peace on earth.

This is the time to talk about war or space instead of war or peace to achieve peace on earth.

As I sat on John Lennon's Imagine memorial in New York's Central Park taping this essay, I heard a variation of the message:

Imagine we have put a literal lid on the arms race, once and for all time, by obtaining a good faith agreement from all the world's leaders stating they are willing to ban all space-based weapons.

Imagine what humans can do in outer space instead of the current plan to build battle stations above all our heads with thousands of weapons pointed directly at us and at satellites---our eyes and ears in the sky.

Imagine space craft, elevators and bridges to space with laser-powered rockets for transportation, space voyages through the universe; space-based hospitals, homes, schools, hotels, laboratories, industries, and farms with habitable ecospheres in space.

Imagine all cultures and ages working, living and playing together on earth and in space.

Imagine everyone learning about the highest states of consciousness, spirituality and technology as we study and design our evolution into space, including how this evolution could help feed and heal the world.

Imagine all of us remembering who we are in these bodies as a result of our looking up and out, deeply into the universe.

Imagine our minds and our consciousness expanding, our creativity unleashed.

Imagine all our hearts connecting in pure love and light.

Imagine "WE ARE FREE ... to ride the light into space."

That last quote was given to me by the late Dr. Timothy Leary, the '60s LSD coach, scientist, philosdpher, computer software genius, and professor of original thought, who passed away of prostate cancer during the time I worked on this essay, as I stood by his bedside with his friends and family. I felt the warmth of his soul leaving his body and entering mine. I touched the pulse on this neck until it faded away.

Timothy spoke a version of the message: that we are free spiritis, that we can create, choose, experience, and shift in and out of as many realities as we want, whenever we want; that we can direct and control awareness to reach liberation, illumination, enlightenment; and that we are a space species destined to travel to the stars and beyond.

Years ago, I spent three weeks traveling with Timothy in New York, experiencing more "reality shifts" than I thought were possible in one day. Every place we went there were audiences, cameras, media interviews, and drugs, trips within trips. Drugs act as a chemical key to open the mind, to free the nervous system of its normal patterns. We can also transcend without drugs, as he told us. Your setting, your family and friends, your room or city, your job, the weather, your culture, your wilingness to explore --- all may affect whether or not you have the courage to expand your consciousness into inner and outer space.

Timothy placed my photo in his book, The Intelligence Agents, in his "Genetic Hall of Fame", which listed people he called "genetic mutants" who were programmed to be "evolutionary agents" for human evolution into space, at a time when I was pretending to be straight and conservative in my aerospace industry job. I was angry because I was afraid he would ruin my reputation. Eventually, I began to realize he was delivering a part of the message.

Years later, I had no fear, just love and appreciation, when I gave comments to the press about his passing, or about the commitment I made to him to launch his ahses into space on a rocket arranged by the first space burial entrepreneurs, Houston-based Celestis, Inc. (only $4800!). Some people and the media have tried to discredit him, a truth teller. I fear nothing, ever.

A few days before he passed through, he jumped up and down in his wheelchair as he viewed the Celestis video about dying and having your ashes launched into space. "Finally," he said, "I'll be a space prioneer, and everyone will know. We are the light. I'll be the light." He was referring to the rocket that his ashes will be strapped to, which bursts into flames in the re-entry stage. And he was glad he wouldn't join the thousands of pieces of space debris.

In a taped interview, he explained his message to me. "My life work has been to empower the individual to free herself or himself. To grow and be more free. Today we move into the next place, use light to enjoy space.... Ride the light into space with your friends. Light is the language of the sun and the stars where we will meet again."

The next day, lying in his bed surrounded by family and friends, Timothy peacefully began to breathe more and more slowly until, with a smile on his face, he consciously crossed over that glorious threshold. He left us that famous smile and a hint: "SMI2LE," which stood for "Space Migration, Intelligence Increase, and Life Extension".

I don't feel much different from any woman I meet. We all wish for peace and justice, health, freedom and love. I've always searched for that fabulous, passionate, romantic co-creative husband, wanted children and animals in a home on a mountain top with quiet, music, movies, and friends. I always loved creating. I've experienced life's ups and downs, and deeply feel the pain of world suffering. I have a sense of humor. And I am aware, especially at this time, that my soul is speaking to yours.

However, I do feel different because I've led an unusual life, and because I've led an unusual life, and because I've been carrying a particularly weird message and a vision, which I'm now delivering to you, the women.

Space holds the key to peace on earth.

More recently, I've been hearing another message:

The role of crones and all women of vision and action is vital in the peace process. The Crone's cosmic wisdom and spirit will hear the space message and will create peace on earth.

It seems that one minute I was entering my seventh year as a teacher in a sixth-grade classroom and the next minute I was working inside the real war game as the first woman executive in an aerospace company,. orchestrating satellite educational programs, getting my first taste of the war machine, and being spokesperson for Dr. Wernher Von Braun (the father of rocketry who had worked under Hitler) while he was dying of cancer.

After Von Braun passed on I became a space and missile defense consultant and government liaison to a number of companies, briefing high-level officials, and rapidly headed into stranger-than-fiction territories. I traveled back and forth from world peace to military communities, from the Pentagon and intelligence community to government officials, from computer war rooms in Colorado Springs and Moscow to Hollywood.

During most of my journey, I was aware of my mission. Sometimes I think I was born with it. It has amplified, recently, with a sense a urgency and perfect timing: to create peace on earth by turning from fighting each other to evolving into the larger universe.

I was never a space advocate, expert, trekkie, or astronomy buff, so at first I was astonished to find myself talking about space. As time passed, I became filled with passion about the ideas of space: who we are in the universe, living and working in space, sex in zero gravity, space travel, exploration and adventures. What could be more challenging, mind-opening, thrilling!?

There have been times when something I did, almost as a lark, grew into a cultural wave. One odd day, after the late General Daniel Graham, father of the Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI), told me during our international CNN-TV debate that nuclear bombs weren't so bad because "if you walk 4.2 miles from the site of a nuclear blast you can be safe if you hide behind a lilac bush," I handed him an open black umbrella with holes in it, given to me by World War II Veterans who were outside the studio. The SDI --- "Star Wars" --- space weapons research and development (R&D) program was becoming a reality, not a movie, and he was saying this was to replace Mutual Assured Destruction (MAD). But so many aspects of this program were literally mad, as when he said he didn't care if it had holes in it, that it wouldn't be a perfect system, that nuclear bombs would likely slip through this so-called protective shield. I handed him, on TV, "the first ever given Leaky Umbrella Award." This started the Leaky Umbrella Campaign, the Campaign to Save Outer Space (SOS), and anti-Star Wars marches (with millions of people, I'm told, carrying leaky umbrellas) all over the world.

On occasion, when the mission got tough and I wanted to find a great lover and go away to a tropical island forever; even when I became deathly ill with mercury poisoning from silver fillings and with immune system breakdown with radiation from Russian nuclear disasters, I was always thrust back into this evolutionary agent role.

Now, as I begin to get excited about the possibilities women have for achieving peace in our lifetime, and to see that my message might be heard if I participate just a bit longer, the man in my life tells me from his NYC apartment, where he resides while he performs on Broadway, that he cannot stand hearing my droning voice on the phone networking or feeling my busy mission-driven energy. That I shouldn't say "I know" when I do know, that I should say, "I belive," or "in my opinion." That women are "not organized, wealthy or powerful enough to achieve peace and there aren't enough women who will do anything, anyway." That "women are still fighting to protect their clitorides and are not going to talk about outer space, even to achieve peace." That "men love to bond around macho stuff like shooting off their guns, though thy;ll settle for sports like football, basketball or baseball if that's all they've got, and they'll teach their children the same." That "peace will never become a reality because men love power, love to kill, rape, and go to war." "How can there be peace," he asked, and suggested I "might as well sell my computer and travel and have some fun."

I could get depressed or become dysfunctional. But my experience is that if I keep moving, everything will fall into place. I trust a higher process.

Our timing is perfect, just before weapons are placed in space. Just when the world needs our energy, the archetype of the Crone is activating within us, and women of vision and action are gathering and networking, healing and empowering, in atmospheres of expanding individual and collective consciousness, spirituality, light and love, music, joy, dance, humor, and wisdom. Recently, I've been speaking at women's conferences, meeting women who are ready to break loose to do something spectacular. Women act differently when men aren't around. I believe we're gathering to support each other, to receive new perspectives, and to prepare to participate in action. I believe the collective consciousness of humanity as a whole, led by the women, is preparing to take this next step.

We are at a point in history where a space-based weapon is to be tested, built and launched. Unprecedented funds are being allocated. The war game accelerates as it escalates into space.

That's the intention, though some don't believe it. We must stop them. We must preent a new vision of what is possible.

I know what I'm talking about. There have been times when I wish I didn't. My years in the belly of the beast have educated me, initiated me, have given me an overview which I must now present to the women of the world. I have no choice.

Imagine some of the memories I hold within me.

With almost every experience along this path, I have been reminded, in some way, about the significance of space: to aid healing, enhance education, the economy, communication, navigation and verification; to produce energy; to achieve security, peace and justice.

Please note, I do not mean to imply that you should drop whatever you are doing. On the contrary, the space element I am adding is simply a missing and essential piece of the peacework tapestry.

I am trying to find a way to emphasize, without being redundant, that the only program huge enough to replace war mentality and weapons technology is the space program. Even though we have had successes in conversion, conflict resolution, citizen diplomacy, business and other cooperative ventures, was will go on until it is replaced. The space program is the replacement.

Most of the people I've met in the military and industry, except for a handful who love to fight, conquer and kill, would prefer to be working on space projects. But they have families to house, feed and educate. They work where the money is. Some people in defense jobs have fed me information for years for speeches and writings, but won't go public because they'll lose their jobs.

Sadly, many involved in the space program are conditioned to think space weapons are natural to our evolution into space, mainly because there's always been a financial commitment to weapons. Many are conditioned to think defense/war/enemies. Even some who oppose space weapons compromise, saying some must be built. Some rationalize funding specific nuts and bolts.

Let's not talk about stopping R&D. It's not realistic. We'll never stop funding R&D. But we can stop the intention of what this R&D, these nuts and bolts, and therefore, the funding, is being applied to. If it is being applied to something that is going into a space weapon, we don't want it funded. If something has dual purposes, for peaceful and for weapons technologies ---the whole funding issue gets even more confusing. Some people are so desperate for funding they have resorted to trying to get funding for the R&D of shooting down asteroids. From Russians to terrorists to crazy third-world leaders to asteroids!

Fortunately, all we have to do is get the overall intention changed: the commitment to putting weapons in space must be stopped.

A simplified overview: Commercial, civilian and military space programs are inexorably linked. The space program and the defense industry are made up of the same kinds of skilled people working in the same kinds of R&D programs in institutions: industries, laboratories, universities, militaries, and government offices, as well as in new entrepreneurial and consulting companies, in the U.S. and around the world. The space program and the defense industry do basically the same R&D, except for the part of the R&D that's classified. There are many space education groups, including the U.S. Space Foundation, the National Space Society, the Planetary Society, the International Space University, United Societies in Space, Space Camps, and The Millennial Project: Colonizing the Galaxy in Eight Easy Steps. In space or in war, people work in every kind of job imaginable, from janitorial and secretarial tro R&D, policy and strategy, manufaturing to marketing and application of services and technologies. Space and military programs provide many kinds of direct and spin-off benefits and opportunities.

Now here's the wonderful part: because these programs are all linked and overlapping, it will be easy to give up the war game and replace it with a space game. As space weapons are banned and war games begin to end, jobs will be maintained and new ones created. The economy will be stimulated and employment will rise as the space program expands. Politicians will be respected an elected for representing us with new earth-space visions. In other words, the entire infrastructure will remain in place. Only the nature of the game will have changed.

We have already gone part way towards changing the nature of the game. Imagine the jobs that were created when we built thehundreds of working communication, navigation, surveillance, and reconnaissance satellites, sensors, radar, craft and space stations that provide the essence of information and materials we use every day. Today we have awesome space voyages taking place, space stations and monumental plans on drawing boards. There will be money and jobs, more than ever.

We can get support from people who need jobs, because we are saying that this is not the time to cut back R&D programs, except on space weapons, not to close military bases. We can build up instead of break down, identify new roles for military and industry people, stimulate entrepreneurial businesses, and give hope to our children that they will have a future.

Right now we can use satellite photos and information to:

We can also:

While the real-world shift from war to space will actually be easy to make, the idea of making such a change is difficult. After all, military and defense emplyees are playing computerized war games on gian screens, in virtual reality simulation machines, in the field, and anaywhere they can get away with testing their shooting. Children are being prepared to take over these advanced computer war games. More and more, it is becoming difficult to distinguish between what is a war game and what is real. (Remember CNN coverage of the Gulf War.) Their souls are number by the blood and guts of computerized earth and space war games.

The shift must take place soon, sooner than most realize. The SDI, which Reagan introduced in 1983,, has become the largest R&D program in history --- over 40 billion dollars. Its intention is to get weapons into space as quickly as possible --- within the next months or years. The momentum of funding and job placement is building rapidly. Republicans want space weapons and Clinton is allowing them to proceed even though he complains.

We need leaders to shift their intention; to commit to civil, commercial and military space-based programs with no space-based weapons; to bam weapons from space, while there are no weapons in space. If even one weapon is placed in the space frontier, it will be too late to picket, remove it, or end the arms race. Decisions are being made now that will affect history forever.

Continuing our normal lobbying efforts for legislation, and our protests --- including calls for a comprehensive test ban, no breaking of treaties, less funding for weapons, bombs and bombers, cuts in budgets and bases, conversion, etc., is not going to end the arms race, weapons R&D, or wars. It never has.

Those who work in the media have a major role in all this. Most need to be educated as media can discrdit anyone and can cause wars and negative attitudes. Media can also present earth/space visions, focusing on news, positive news about our new space for peace perspective; on how space provides jobs and technology that can solve problems such as over-population, deterioration of our living conditions, the pending economic and health crisis and preparing for natural or man-made disasters; and they can focus on the exciting new role of women as space pioneers to achieve peace on earth.

I began to realize I had to work for peace in college, while I was changing my major five times and rejecting the wishes of my Buddhist father who wanted me to go into real estate with him (he committed suicide when I was in my 20s), and those of my part-time alcoholic and suicidal, fashion model mother, who just wanted me to marry a rich man. I wanted to be free, to live in peace. I became an educator.

My first husband, whom I married for one month after knowing him for a month, the dirch doctor Mom wanted, helped me obtain one of two abortions (I have no chlidren) which awakened me to how stupid I could be and to the horrible world of murder. I saw a world that encourages organized killing on the battle field and programs children for it in TV shows, war toys, and computer games, but won't legalize suicide for those who suffer and are ready to leave.

I got the hint that I am on this planet to save the children and that peace has something to do with space when I was teaching sixth grade at Cora Kelly Elementary School in Virginia not far from the White House. My students were angry, frustrated and had behavior problems. I loved them.

One day, some of the students screamed they wanted to "leave this fucking planet." So did I, so I said, "Let's go." We packed pretend suitcases, issued World Passports, and set up our classroom like a space habitat. You had to be decontaminated at the door with a hairdryer because you were a UFO. We lived in our peaceful space environment for weeks. Watched movies and read books about what we were seeing on earth. Communicated with local and national leaders about what we saw from our space location, and what we wanted for the future. Reading skills accelerated. NO discipline problems. No weapons were allowed on board, even though, back then in 1973-74, their home neighborhood was infested with weapons, drugs and crime.

An article appeared in the local newspaper talking about these students in space.

Someone at Fairchild Industries saw the article and called me. They were getting ready to launch an educational satellite and were looking for a woman to be pushed up the corporate ranks. I met two male execs for a drink, which turned out to be a job interview, at a playboy type club in DC. The next day, I was introduced to the late Dr. Wernher Von Braun.

With Von Braun, I had my first experience with the death of a close evolutionary agent friend who knew the space message. His death was followed by other space pioneer friends who passed components of the message to me before they died. Among them were:

The first time we met, Von Braun told me that although he was dying and had 3--6 weeks to live, he intended to live another few years in order to teach me about the space and weapons game. While we talked, he was scribbling the word HUMOR on a piece of paper. He thought it would be funny if a mini-skirted curly-haired woman delivered this peace-space message and that men were more likely to open the door and hear me than him.

I was heartbroken to leave my students, but was offered a unique opportunity to work with Von Braun to coordinate a national youth program, and learn how to help get money put into schools, so I took the job. For four years, as he showed me what the will can do to heal, I wore pin-striped suits, drank and smoked cigarettes to be one of the boys.

Only four months after I went to work at Fairchild, Von Braun called me from his sick-bed to say I had to give a speech for him the next day in Chicago. He sent me home with four books on satellite technology; I was supposed to become familiar with the language, "but," he said, "don't worry about the speech. You will know what to say." I had no idea what he was talking about, and stayed up half the night taking notes on the books.

That was my first speech in the industry, to the National Education Association in McCormack Place, Chicago, 1974, in front of 18,000 people. I nearly vomited with anxiety as I saw my face on the large screen behind me and on the small podium screen in front of me. Then, as I opened my mouth to speak, having no idea what I was going to say, I heard Von Braun's voice, as if it was coming across on a telephone line, introducing satellites as a teaching tool to teachers. I must have sounded intelligent, because the audience seemed to appreciate how satellites can be used in the classroom. There were times when his voice was silent, but I kept talking, using my Imagine-ation, getting into the fantasy and the fun of global satellite education possibilities. That astonishing experience of his delivery into my ear woke me up to a new plane of consciousness, without drugs.

Before that, the only other speech I had given was at a Parent Teachers Association meeting regarding too much mustard being squirted in the cafeteria, and I had rehearsed that in the mirror the night before.

Von Braun loved my pal Timothy Leary, with whom I also spent time, doing LSD, ketamine, marijuana, psilocybin, cocaine, mescaline, MDMA, and other chemical keys to opening the mind and freeing the nervous system from normal patterns and structures, as I created an educational program that won the Science Teacher's Hold Meal, the Aviation Writer's Award, and the American Society for Engineering Educators award for introducing careers in technology to women and minorities. Von Braun mentored me into being on a number of technical and non-technical boards of directors.

I learned how public relations campaigns are designed to make companies appear to be fulfilling their social responsibility while they are actually polluting and poisoning, or warring; how leaders are strategically aggravated, blackmailed, presented with unrealistic demands, and made to look like enemies so that the public and Congress will believe we need more weapons; how the public is taught to be satisfied with crumb benefits, called "spin-offs" (fabulous as they are) of weapons.

I helped design satellinte educational programs for the ATS-6 satellite, the largest, most complex education/communication satellite of its time. As the token company woman and educator, I had no training. All I needed was an imagination and intuition to see the limitless things satellites could do. I helped coordinate reading and career education programs via satellite for Appalachia and the Rocky Mountains; telemedicine experiments in Alaska; health, education, population control and entertainment programs via satellite for 5,000 villages in India. I helped link up the first tow-way audio-visual satellite communication in over twenty countries and set up educational and community relations programs in thirteen states where the company was located. if you've taught thirty-seven sixth-graders in a classroom, you can do anything.

There I was, in my own office with bomber airplane photos on the walls and my own secretary, a new executive car, a salary and an expense account, a whole industry with resources galore at my fingertips, and my second hjusband, a romantic attornet also working in a technology field, licensing nuclear plants for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the Department of Energy. (I learned about nukes and lies. Three Mile Island was the main cause of our divorce.) I was the first woman to eat in the executive dining room and to attend meetings that dealt with war technology, to the obvious horror of most of the men. When we traveled to conferences, they reserved a room on the opposite side of the hotel so I couldn't see what they were doing. Of course I peeked.

When Von Braun passed away in '77, my job description changed. I began to sit in on meetings about adversaries, wars, and marketing the A-10 bomber. About the same time, I received a call from TRW, in Redondo Beach, from a man I thought was going to replace Von Braun. Never having been to California, I accepted his invitation, and a job with TRW as a consultant for over three years, on projects like the R&D of satellites, the space shuttle and the MX Missile. I was told that I'd be paid out of a different budget from the office I was working for, so no one would find out I worked on the MX. I was totally opposed to the MX and weapons in general, but this was an experience I knew I could never get from a book. And I was getting paid big bucks and a huge expense account, so I stayed. See, it's very easy to rationalize why one gets sucked in to working on weapons.

I was burning the candle at both ends: working on the MX and smuggling information to SNAE-FREEZE so they could better prepare testimonies at environmental impact hearings. Constantly looking over my shoulder to see whether or not I'd get caught or threatened, I would mail them packafes in plain envelopes from "Mrs. Greene." It became a nightmare. I almost burned out.

But it necer really helped SANE-FREEZE because these industries had three-ring notebooks with numbered paragraphs ready to answer any questions or comments in the protest context. Public testimony at these hearings is basically ignored. I'm not saying we should stop testifying, I'm just saying the hearings are mostly held to satisfy public demand. Weapons games go on as planned.

Some peace activists think they stopped wars by their protests. Wars usually stopped because the weapons marked in that area of the world had been saturated, or the war game had done what it was meant to do: give reapons to escalate or fund another weapon system, test a weapon or strategic game plane, etc. Usually, it was simply time to move on, to pick a new enemy in another area/another war so another weapon system could be generated and sold.

It was this awareness which woke me up, and made me quit my cushy job at Fairchild: One day I was sitting in a conference room, called the "War Room," when some men I knew as industry representatives, but who were here dressed in their blue Air Force uniforms (the change from wearing a uniform to a suit exemplifies what's called "the revolving door game" in which an individual works in industry, the military and government at different times making him valuable because he has contacts and insights into how to get contracts/funding), were discussing a list of potential adversaries against whom a war would be stimulated and fought when there was around $25 billion in the space weapons program. I was so appalled I turned in my resignation, and public with the story on NPR radio. I don't think the woman radio host believed this story could be true, that a war would be planned for so far in the future to rationalize and get support for the next phase of weaponsry.

Thirteen years later, I sat glued to CNN awaiting that war for a few weeks before it began, right on schedule. We were given a lot of reasons for why we were fighting in the Gulf, including a designated enemy. We were introduced to the new weapon, the now named "Patriot" missile, to great media fanfare.

Of course, there are religious wars and other disagreements, which the industry boys love because wars put cash in their pockets. They can sell the same weapons to both sides, or to the group with their favorite religious belief/myth.

I remember when the MX public relations people blatantly promoted a glossy brochure describing the jobs the MX would create in Boston. Poor honest sweet Congressman Joe Moakley, who produced the first legislation calling for a ban on all weapons in space, was horrified. He couldn't believe the elderly homeless people in his streets deserved less attention than MX jobs.

Out of hundreds of Congressional Senators and Representatives I've met, only a handful have integrity. They lie, cmpromise, and we elect them. One wouldn't take his hand off my knee in the Members Dining Room, and another threw me into a closet and thrust his hand up my skirt. I hear stories like this frequently.

How many times have you heard a U.S. Congressman speak with any sort of commitment to world peace, to a peace action plan, who commits without compromise to what we want, who talks of transforming the military-industrial complex into a space complex? Many Congressional votes are not based on issues, but on unrelated political or personal trade-offs. I heard a Congressman in an elevator tell another that he'd vote his way if he got his niece a summer job in the mail room.

During the 1992 Presidential Campaign, Senator Tom Harkin committed Democrats to "NO STARS WARS" (which he espoused during the campaign and in the movie "Dave"), and Reverend Jesse Jackson (to whom I was space and conversion advisor during the campaign) to a Space Development Initiative. Have Clinton and Gore followed through? No. Star Wars is accelerating and the space program barely exists. And of course a Republican administration would be 1000% committed to the brain and money drain of Star Wars.

How about a woman President who has a world space view in 2000?

At this point, the peace movement is basically dead in Washington, or anywhere. I watched the peace groups self-destruct, fit perfectly into the perpetuation of war. Refusing to merge into one, writing separate but similar newsletters to show their funders they were doing something, they compromised shamelessly on lobbying positions.

For example, in order to look more credible and politically effective, the Federation of American Scientists, the Union of Concerned Scientists, Greenpeace, Common Cause, and others, compromised their position by actually lobbying for $1.4 billion dollars the first year when the SDI was being formed, instead of for zero funding for space-based weapons. The Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space (ISCOS) educated about zero funding, but only a few, including Women's Strike for Peace and Friends Committee on National Legislation, supported zero funding. Every year, Washington lobbists compromise (like good politicians) while their memberships think they are dedicated to stop funding. A little funding is like being a little bit pregnant.

I laughed out loud when the Clinton Administration renamed the SDIO the BMDO (BMDO), Ballistic Missile Defense Organization, and the Global Protection System. Only the names were changed. Disinformation campaigns spread rumors that Star Wars was dead, and that specific R&D is "only a research program." The ATS-6 was tested, launched and operational, but called a research program so it could receive funding. Space weapons could be launched and built under the guise of "only research." That;s why R&D of space-based weaponry is not okay, at any level of momentum-building funding.

Weapons marketers will "steel the language [examples: MX 'peacekeeper', 'Defend America Act of '96'] of the arms control community...regardless of the merits of non-merits of the [weapon] system," a quote from a defense strategy position paper I presented to be attached to my Senate testimony and placed in the Congressional Record. The Heritage Foundation called the Senate and lied, declaring they never wrote the paper (which I got from someone in the foundation), and the Senators in charge decided not to enter it into the Record.

I've attended three annual military-sponsored conferences where they identify the next twenty of thirty enemies against whom we must build another set of weapons. It is pathetic to see them listing the new gangs and leaders. What an old-game model for our youth! I bring to your attention that none of us are present at any of these military/industry strategy meetings. We ought to be. We need to get to know these people personally, to become friends.

I want to make a crucial, but little-understood distinction: I do not oppose the militarization of space, or the military; I oppose the weaponization of space, the placing or launching of weapons into space. In space, the military has developed a new role, so far, that does not include space-based weapons. On earth, the military is associated with weaponry, war, and defense. Many think that's the only role it should have.

Recently, however, we've seen the military distributing health and foor products and solving problems in disaster areas. The military is building a defensive system based on the ability to verify agreements, enhance world communication and data sharing. This system makes secrets and isolation, fear and confrontation, and escalated weaponry obsolete, though the people in the military may not realize it yet. Let's talk to them about the military-defense transformation taking place.

Three-quarters of the satellites in space are of a military nature; this is a good thing. The military is incredibly skilled, organized, and won't disappear. We need them. Hey, I am an official Honorary Marine, and I have military friends. Some are amazingly stuck, unevolved, and scared, and may never wake up. Some may respond slowly to our vision. Others are open-minded and will quickly get it. Military means weapons, defense and war to most people and candidates. It's time to change that image as we evolve into space. Let's stop talking about getting rid of the military. Let's talk about a new role for the military.

I'm not proposing immediate disarmament. It's unrealistic to think the ol' boys will suddenly disarm. So, let's stop talking about disarmament, though it may be our ultimate goal. We cannot reverse the arms race. It won't go into "reverse." We cansay we want the war game to transform into a space game.

I founded the Institute for Security and Cooperation in Outer Space, ISCOS, a DC-bsed educational think tank with an action copmonent, in early 1983, just before Reagan announced the Star Wars program, to educate about the prevention of the weaponization of space and about cooperative world space ventures. The staff of around 15 and 5 college interns worked together for several years making up their own job descriptions, working day and night in our candles and incensed two-story brownstone. Our list of actions and accomplishments was extraordinary. It's easy to form an organization, but draining to raise funds. I believe we should merge groups whenever possible. I'm closing ISCOS.

I must admit, my inner patriarch didn't want to work with women before the Women of Vision Conference in DC in October, 1994. Tried to reject the invitation from the coordinator to be a speaker, and gave excuses like I snore and need a private room. Finally, I gave in, surrendered to these fabulous women, and my life changed. These new friends and sisters, some rich and some poor, are spiritual, loving, intelligent, and motivated. An energetic blend of Kali (the misunderstood warrior for peace archetype) and Durga (the holding the light archetype). My feminine power, humor and hope ignited.

Imagine all women registering as World Citizens with the World Government. World Passports are in nine languages. Application forms, ID cards, birth certificates, books and literature are ready for our participation. I know some fear World Government. In the hands of the ol' boys, that's understandable. But the world as a whole now needs to outlaw war and become consciously structured into a single entity. We must pierce the illusion of separateness created by nation-state boundaries. Contact me for your applicatoin form.

Creating peace becomes an easier process if we choose a single message: educating about space to create a new political, economic, and social environment. If we are ready to commit to world peace, then we must take part as one force, with one vision and one plan of action in which each of us can play a part.

Imagine women calling on the United Nations to produce and publicize earth-space vision papers, meetings and projects.

Imagine what we'd get if world peace was the intention of space technology applications.

Imagine committing to build world peace as a positive goal, rather than merely condemning the negative goal of making space-based and other weapons. Simple psychology affirms this. Every mother knows that when you wan a child to stay away from something which will hurt him, you give him something more exciting to play with, rather than just saying "no, no, NO!"

Imagine women calling on the children of the world to create the vision of what they want in their space frontier. Children already roam in cyberspace with no boundaries, but they're being brainwashed by bigger boys who invented software to play war games on earth and in space. We need to create weapons-free games and lifestyles based on the vastness of space where imaginations can run free.

Imagine a game in which children devise a plan to end hunger, health, energy and environmental problems; send people with arthritis, bone and other diseases to space hospitals for zero gravity pain relief treatments; create organic gardens in space, travel the solar system, galaxies and universes, creating planets, stars and galaxies as they go.

Imagine at least one woman adopting each leader (from nation states, military, industry, university, labs) to obtain a signed good faith agreement of his willingness to ban all weapons from space. Contact me if you want to participate in the Adopt-A-Leader project.

In order to solve any problem, we must place that problem within a larger context. As we Imagine placing earth within her cosmic home, we achieve the larger context needed to achieve peace---and the context to which all our technology has been tending, without our realizing it until now. Technology is the ladder which we are climbing into space. Technology is merely an extension of mind. And someday, if my experience with Von Braun is any indication, we may throw the ladder, no longer needing technology to communicate, heal, or even to transport ourselves.

Throughout "history" (his story), the thrust of human nature and human thought has been towards more and better weapons. We cannot transform society overnight. But there are now enough of us to change one tiny thought and thereby, Aikido-style, transform the entire game. It is possible if we are determined, wise, and deeply persuasive. We don't need to start a revolution, just to change a thought.

To begin a change, perhaps the single most important action, the one which eill multiply all other actions exponentially, is for each of us to access the Internet (which, by the way, began as a defense network). The Internet is our Peace Room. It's the cheapest, easiest, fastest way to communicate. Please get an email address, immediately, and contact me.

While Timothy Leary was slipping in and out of consciousness, I asked what he would tell everyone. He said, "to remind us of the eternal light. We are bearers of the light, light bearers." I asked, "What is our purpose as light bearers?" He said, "We can shine it to illuminate others."

Just Imagine... --- ...