books by james n. powell aka jim powell

being a list of books by james n. powell,
ポリネシアンセックス slow love, derrida, deconstruction, tao,
wittgenstein, foucault, postmodernism
and baudrillard--for your consumption.

kokoro mo shirazu
kurokami no
midarete kesa wa
mono wo koso omoe

will he always love me
i cannot read his heart
this morning my thoughts
are as tangled
as my black hair

deconstruction for beginners

"is" "not"
"a " "not" "this" "not"
"that" "negative" "theology" "n
/or" "the" "ox"
"riding" "San(s)"
"Juan" "de" "la" "Cruz"

derrida for beginners

being a voluptuous voyage through
the labrythine linguistics
of that demiurge
of deconstruction,
jacques derrida,
and the exotic isles
of his derri-dada-ism

postmodernism for beginners

who is throwing the post-party scented
by modernism's most fragrant blossoms:
hiroshima, nagasaki and auschwitz?

eastern philosophy for beginners

being a moonsoon cloud of smoke
rings blown by that hookah-smoking
caterpillar--the orient--spelling--'hoooo
are you'?

the tao of symbols

who put the who in the
hoobla hoobla hooo? zen fools?
druids? the sky over iona?

o tao de symbolos

portuguese translation

energy and eros

two bodies
face to face
are two waves
and night
is an ocean

eros y energia

dos cuerpos
frente a frente
son a veces
dos ollas
y la noche
es oceano

tao der symbole

german translation

the snows of hope ranch beach

the great pacific, the majestic pacific, the widestretching, everflowing, endlessly rolling pacific

slow love: a polynesian pillow book

come in secret
to the blue lagoon
where the moon hangs down like a golden mango
and the humid night blooms against your body
like an open mouth
Slow LOve

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