Learn How to Comfort Someone Who is Grieving

One More Star In Heaven Now by Ann Van Buskirk answers the difficult questions everyone faces in their personal lives and at work when they want to be of comfort to someone who is grieving. Learn what you can say and what you can do to help family, children, friends, and co-workers in a time when you are needed most. One More Star In Heaven Now is full of practical advice that you can put to use immediately.
ISBN 10883423-06-6, 45 Pages, $6.95

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About Ann Van Buskirk

"Concise and full of practical examples of how to be of comfort that people can put to use immediately. It fills a real need."
--Betty Sheppherd, Director, Hospice, Rice Memorial Hospital

"This easy-to-read guide belongs in every business and personal library."
--John Nelson, Director, Human Resources, The Fielding Institute

“When someone we care about suffers a loss, it's hard to know what to do or say to help them through their grief. This book is our guide. We always have copies available for our employees.”
—Sue Riordan, Sr. HR Representative, SRP

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