Welcome to Blue Point Books where you will find books that make a difference. Our most recent book, The Refugee Crisis:Through the Eyes of the Children relates the experiences of Robin and Robert Jones as they tried to help the masses of refugees flooding one the island of Lesbos, Greece in 2015. Robin's photographs of the art the children created speaks of hope. One Blink at a Time is an upbeat, inspiring story of courage and optimism as Ismail and Cheryl Tsieprati recount how they deal with their daily challenges living for 30 years with ALS. For parents of teens and teens themselves who want to get and keep a job, A Teen's Guide to Career Success: How to Get and Keep a Job is an engaging book that effortlessly delivers workplace skills and attitudes teens need to get hired in today's workplace. Life Moments for Women introduces you to over 100 remarkable California women who share turning points in their lives. The Children's Peace Book beautifully illustrates with words and pictures about what peace means to children around the world. RUFF: A Lost Dog Tale is a charming fable and workbook designed to help people face change at work or at home with a positive, strategic perspective. The Blind Doctor is the fascinating true story of an amazing man, the first totally blind physician in America. Cathy Feldman's series about Working Women has helped thousands of women realize they are not alone. Beyond Loss gives practical advice on how to move through grief to a meaningful life, while The Caring Heart encourages readers to be of service to others through beautiful words and paintings. The Black Man's Guide To Parenting offers 50 clear ways to be an effective father. And Harry Says gives you sharp and entertaining insights on being a boss. You can also learn how to be of comfort in life and at work from One More Star In Heaven Now.. There is a useful summary of the Family and Medical Leave Act and a place to get advice on how to be of comfort from Ann Van Buskirk at Ask Ann.

Black Man's Guide To Parenting The Caring Heart Through the Eyes of the Children One Blink at a Time Teen's Guide to Career Success: How to Get and Keep a Job The Children's Peace Book The Blind Doctor
FMLA Summary Beyond Loss Working  Women Books Life Moments for Women RUFF: A Lost Dog Tale Harry Says One More Star In Heaven Now Ask Ann

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