About Cathy Feldman

Cathy Feldman has been a journalist, an advertising executive, a researcher, a consultant on workplace issues and, since 1992, the editor and publisher of Blue Point Books.

Through Blue Point Books, Cathy has put together a varied catalog. Many of her books have focused on workplace issues, with her Working Women series described as the workplace equivalent of Heloise's Helpful Hints. Cathy looks for books that make a difference in people's lives. She specializes in niche marketing the books she publishes, finding ways that they can be useful on a large scale.

In addition to being an expert on workplace issues, Cathy frequently serves as a consultant to individuals and organizations interested in publishing and marketing their books and other products because of her success in niche marketing. She has also created books and marketing campaigns for other companies. Cathy has been a guest on numerous radio shows, a sought-after speaker at venues large as small, as well as a published commentator.

You can contact Cathy at bpbooks@west.net

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