Blue Point Books publishes books that make a difference in people's lives and focuses on finding niche markets for them. Founded in 1992 by Cathy and Bruce Feldman, the company started with one title, Two Years Without Sleep: Working Moms Talk About Having A Baby And A Job. That became the first of the three books that make up Cathy's Working Women series based on her interviews with working women around the country. The books have been used by Fortune 500 companies as well as the military in new parent, employee assistance, lactation, management training, diversity programs. The books have also been used in family life education programs in schools, and have sold over 150,000 copies. Blue Point Books is a grass-roots effort. Founded by publishers/editors Cathy and Bruce Feldman, their first book, Two Years Without Sleep: Working Moms Talk About Having A Baby And A Job, was published only because a very informal network of women and men supported the book by ordering it when it was only a manuscript in a three-ring binder.

Additional books followed including One More Star In Heaven Now: A Guide To Comforting Someone Who is Grieving In Life and At Work by Ann Van Buskirk is full of useful and practical advice on what to do and say to be of comfort. Beyond Loss: A Practical Guide Through Grief to a Meaningful Life by Lilly Singer, Margaret Sirot & Susan Rodd helps people deal with the loss of a loved one. The Caring Heart by Arlene Stepputat with watercolors by Meganne Forbes encourages readers to be of service to others through beautiful words and paintings. The Black Man's Guide To Parenting: 50 Ways To Be An Effective Father has straightforward advice on how to be an effective father in today's demanding world. Harry Says: Boss Talk Without the Warm Fuzzies, edited by Bruce Feldman offers sharp insights on being a boss along with plenty of laughs. The Blind Doctor: The Jacob Bolotin Story is a page-turning biography of the first total blind physician to be fully accredited to practice medicine. It's available in regular, large type and audio book editions as well as in Braille.

Other books include The Children's Peace Book by Jolene DeLisa that beautifully illustrates with words and pictures about what peace means to children around the world. RUFF: A Lost Dog Tale by Suzanne Peck and Penelope Wong is a charming fable and workbook designed to help people face change at work or at home with a positive, strategic perspective.

Our most recent book is Life Moments for Women by Patty DeDominic and Maureen Ford, introduces you over 100 remarkable California women who share turning points in their lives that will inspire readers with new ideas about life, leadership, integrity, strength and courage.

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