Ann Van Buskirk

Ann Van Buskirk, the author of
One More Star In Heaven Now: A Guide To Comforting Someone Who is Grieving In Life and At Work, decided to write the book after losing her mother and a close friend. Her experiences made her realize that many people do not know how to be of comfort. She created One More Star In Heaven Now to help others through this difficult time.

Educated in Europe and the United States, Ann has used her language skills as an international sales and marketing executive as well as in her workshops on grieving and comforting. She is also the author of The Kids First Microwave Cookbook and is currently working on a variety of writing projects. Ann is a Master in the healing art of Reiki and lives in La Jolla, California.

An engaging speaker, Ann Van Buskirk has experience in training both adults and children. For more information about Ann's availability as a speaker, please contact Blue Point Books at 805-965-2635 or via e-mail at

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