About the Authors of The Latino's Guide To Parenting

Suzanne Moreno, M.Ed., is founding president/CEO of Encourage Tomorrow, a nonprofit organization that provided educational programs and services to children and families throughout California. She is acclaimed educator and has served as a consultant to a wide variety of state and national organizations. She has developed an dadministered programs for men, women, youth and children. She is an advocate for the rights of Latino families and has won numerous awards for her dedication to her community. The Latino’s Guide to Parenting won the Honorable Mention Award for Best Self Help Book at the 2009 Latino Book Awards.

Constance F. Gipson is a national presenter and keynote speaker on school-to-work programs and has provided consultant services for state departments of education around the country. She co-authored Visions and is the author of the upcoming A Different Kind of Hero, a three-volume collection of biographies of over 400 people, including many women and minorities, who had an impact on American history. Gipson served as the Gender Equity Consultant for Vocational Education for the California Department of Education for over twenty years. She administered programs which promoted enrollment in nontraditional vocational education programs for men and women as well as programs for teen parents, single parents, single pregnant women and displaced homemakers.

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