A Great Resource for Latino Fathers

The Latino's Guide To Parenting present 50 clear points on what you need to do to be an effective father in today's demanding world. Full of practical, easy-to-read advice and illustrated with color pictures of children and fathers, this book will help every Latino father find realistic ways to deal with the challenges of being Latino in the world today for your children and yourself.

ISBN 978-0-9826955-0-1, 112 Pages, $19.95
Also Available in Spanish.

About authors Suzanne Moreno, M.Ed. and C.F. Gipson
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“As a clinician, I always search for additional support when working with Latino families. The Latino's Guide to Parenting is a helpful tool to be used for fathers to understand their children and themselves.”

—Herman Rodriguez Flairs, Psy.D., MFT, Professor, California State University, Northridge

"This books provides solid practical ways to be an effective Latino father in today's competitive environment”

—Carmen Ramois-Watson, President/CEO, QMRI

The Latino’s Guide to Parenting is the winner of the Honorable Mention Award for Best Self Help Book at the 2009 Latino Book Awards.

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