About the Authors of Through the Eyes of the Children

Robert Jones has been traveling the world since he was 18 years old. He has owned an Asian art gallery and bookstore in Toronto, Canada, is a SCUBA instructor, a poet, and was President of an international processing and distribution company.

Robin Jones holds a BFA and K-12 Teaching Certification from Temple University (Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia) and is passionate about family, photography, cooking, and travel (among many other things)..

In 1974, on a break from our separate worlds, they met by chance on the Greek island of Hydra. From there they traveled by ferry to the island of Lesbos and the beautiful village of Molyvos.

Robert and Robin married in Toronto. After years in the corporate world, in 1987 they retreated back to Molyvos with their three sons for a year's sabbatical.

Returning to the States, they moved to Santa Barbara (where Robert had gone to high school) and started a successful travel company that they recently sold after 28 years. During those years they frequently returned to Molyvos where, in 2007, they bought a second home. They continue to spend 3-4 months a year there.

Robin and Robert's lives were forever changed by the refugee crisis. They knew while this crisis was unfolding that beyond the words and photos, it was an extraordinary moment for them personally to get a chance to experience the profound gift of caring for other humans in desperate need. The shared smiles, hands touching hearts in thanks and the wet eyes will never be forgotten.

To view a slideshow of more of the children's art and an interview with one of the Syrian refugees, visit throughtheeyesofthechildren.com

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