About the Author of The Children's Peace Book

Jolene DeLisa has had a vision of peace ever since she was a child in New Zealand. She came to the United States in the late 1940s, became a citizen and was drawn to activism on behalf of the suffering of others, both human and animals. How could there be peace at any level of existence if we see injustice and fail to act on it? What are our duties as citizens of the world?

For Jolene, one way of action over the last 60 years has been to volunteer in more than 70 political campaigns, from city councils to the presidency. But she knew that peace was never going to come through politics and laws alone; it had to start with the awakening of hearts to a vision of our shared humanity.

She began to speak and walk for peace, starting during the Viet Nam War. In 1964 she took part in a 3-day peace walk, then participated in Great Peace March for Global Nuclear Disarmament-from Los Angeles to New York to Washington D.C. Other peace marches followed. Wherever Jolene has walked and lived, she has spoken her message in churches, community halls, on radio and television. She has never faltered in her belief that peace is possible and should be the birthright of every child.

Jolene lives in Santa Barbara, California, where she continues her life's work. Her calling card reads: Jolene DeLisa, Peacemaker.

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See some pictures of the children in The Children's Peace Book with Jolene DeLisa

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