Harry Says

"Harry Says is absolutely brilliant and should be in every boss's library. It's hysterical but dead-on."
--Brent Clanton, The Morning Show, BizRadioNetwork

"...my recommendation (is) that you get your favorite bank CEO a copy of Harry Says....The book is full of pithy business wisdom that your CEO will find refreshing, confirming, reassuring, and above all, dead honest. And you'll want one for yourself as well."
--Steve Cocheo, Editor, ABA Bank Directors Briefing and ABA Banking Journal

"Harry Says has a gem on almost every page, and there's plenty of humor. It's the kind of book you could read once, then pick it up to read five different times and always get something new out of it.
--Karen E. Klein, Smart Answers podcast, Business Week Online

"Business schools prepare men and women to work in teams, to organize, strategize, and manage, but not for being a "boss". This little book is like having a real boss give you the practical insights you need to do the job."
--Gary S. Hansen, MBA, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Technology Management Programs
College of Engineering, University of California Santa Barbara

"I thoroughly enjoyed Harry Says and found much of what he had to say about the challenges bosses face right on the mark. And it is a fast, fun read."
--Judy Kuipers, President, Fielding Graduate University

"Harry Says reminds me of the The Art of War or One Minute Manager and other professional enlightenment books that helped me pilot my carrier from grunt to being a boss. Most important, it reassured me that my challenges as a boss are not unique. Thanks, Harry."
--Jay Klanfer, President, Beverly Clark Enterprises LLC

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