Harry Says

Harry is dead, which is the way he wanted it before anyone read his book.

I met Harry years ago when I was writing movies for television in Los Angeles. I went to his company to do research for a project, and the guy showing me around told me that Harry wanted to meet me after we were done.

Our first meeting was the beginning of a friendship that lasted the rest of Harry's life. We talked regularly, sometimes once a week, sometimes once a month, depending on Harry's schedule. Every time we talked, I learned something new. Harry knew more about business and people than anyone I'd ever met.

Over the years, I urged him to write down the stuff he was saying. I thought it would make a great book.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," he'd say and change the subject to something that interested him. It was not until after he died that I learned he had done it. His daughter found a dog-eared spiral notebook in the upper righthand drawer of his desk. Harry had stuck a piece of paper in the notebook with the instructions: "Give this to Bruce," and a note to me:

"You can have this after I'm dead, kid. Do what you want with it.
But no real names. I still have family down there."


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