About the Authors of Beyond Loss

LILLY SINGER is the Director of the Bereavement Centerat the Westchester Jewish Community Services. She is a practicing clinician and a nationally-recognized expert on bereavement. Lilly founded the Bereavement Center twenty-five years ago, just three years after she was widowed. She has been a catalyst in raising the awareness of the need for counseling and support for people of all ages who have lost loved ones. Lilly lives in White Plains, New York.

MARGARET SIROT is a writer and university administrator. The sudden loss of her husband started her on a path that led to Lilly Singerís support group at the Westchester Jewish Community Services. Her background as a writer prompted her to work with Lilly and Susan to create Beyond Loss to assist others move through their grief to a meaningful life. Margaret lives in Stamford, Connecticutt.

SUSAN RODD is a writer and musician. She also lost her husband and, as a young widow with five young children, had to find a way to begin life again. A friend introduced her to Margaret. Susan works and lives in Fly Creek, New York.

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