A Great Resource for Those Who Have Lost a Loved One

Beyond Loss: A Practical Guide Through Loss to a Meaningful Life by Lilly Singer, Margaret Sirot and Susan Rodd takes readers from the first week after the death of a loved one through the next month, year, and even the next several years. Beyond Loss is a very useful guide to starting life over just when it seems impossible to go on. The authors interweave specific, helpful advice with their own experiences as widows and heartwarming case histories from men and women describing their moving reactions to loss and their progress through the stages of grief to a full and meaningful life. It also includes an immensely valuable chart showing exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.

Beyond Loss is based on the programs created by Lilly Singer for the Bereavement Center of the Westchester Jewish Community Services that have helped thousands of people of all ages work through their grief and begin to rebuild their lives. It is an invaluable book that will carry its readers through grief and beyond.
ISBN 10883423-07-4, 164 Pages, $14.95

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"This is a wonderfully wise book that will inform, prepare, support, guide and encourage through the maze of mourning. Beyond Loss is a book that understands grief and offers hope."
--Anne Roiphe, author of Lovingkindness and Torch Song

"Step byStep this guide leads from the devastation of loss to a re-affirmation of life. Beyond Loss serves as a balm for the broken heart and is a must for all who suffer the loss of a loved one. Here is a great gift of solace and hope."
--Dr. Lillian Carson, author of The Essential Grandparent: A Guide To Making A Difference

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