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The final update is complete! (At last!)

DP-CIA T-shirt
I had to work late Friday night, so I didn't get home until ten, and was up until five in the morning making two pans of brownies (one pan of the regular variety and one pan of my newly-invented DP Brownies), ribena jello, and a special surprise for my fellow DP CIA attendees--t-shirts and DP CIA iron-on transfers. With being up so late, I got a later start than planned on Saturday--leaving at 3 in the afternoon, in a rental car I'm sure that Tracy would approve of: an Olds Alero with dual airbags and ABS. Even leaving so late I made good time on the freeway, arriving at Laura's before 6:30 in the evening, only getting slightly lost. (I missed the turn onto her street due to a bit of hysterical laughter at the "torture" scene in the Star Wars: "A New Hope" Radio Dramas.)

FK Collage

I arrived to discover that everyone except John-Travis was out, but I was suitably impressed with the decorations--the headless bunny, crime scene tape, sign, and a big collage of FK pictures on the inside of the door--not counting the chains and little pink lights that are part of Laura's regular decor. I was just starting to put my stuff in the house when Laura, Mary, Shana, and Dee and her family pulled up in mini-caravan. There were introductions and hugging and we all settled in to chat.

June and her mother came in while we were upstairs admiring Laura's shrine to Nigel and trying to decide what to do about dinner. (Mary, in true godmother fashion, finally had to step in and settle the question, or we might still be there trying to decide what to have our pizza.) Teresa arrived some time during the evening, and we turned on the C&C Dailies (which I didn't watch much of actually, since Mary and I were talking). At some point in the evening, Laura, Mary and I went out for a coffee run (in an incident which will probably come back to haunt me when the war comes around :) We went through a *lot* of coffee that weekend.

We chatted for most of the evening (which is when I made my comment about the knife :) and maintained our reputation of getting little or no sleep. Dee had to leave partway through to get back to the hotel where she and her family were staying and the rest of us eventually conked out in various places.

Perko's Cafe sign

June had to leave early Sunday morning, and I had to get to Mass (Next time, Renee!--waving) so the day started early for some of us. I got back around noonish to find everyone deep in war plans, and we headed out for lunch at Perko's. (Check out my web page for the pictures of the sign, as well as the dark pink decor).

Back at Laura's we prepared for our very first *live* induction of a member. Mary gave her speech and Caeryn was inducted with music from the Blues Brothers, given the usual chores (polishing Tracy's gun, shining Laura's knife collection, crushing all the cans from the DP CIA, rechalking the bunny outline outside, and, of course, keeping the sacred coffee pots filled.) The usual celebration of ribena Jello salad (made with Ribena, and sparkling berry jello) followed (with Caeryn fishing action figures out of the jello), and I unveiled my DP Brownies, as well as bringing out a somewhat more edible version (sans action figures) of ribena jello in a bunny-head mold.

Sunday was a full day. In addition to welcoming a new member, I watched Clue for the first time (and it was quite an experience, especially with comments like "Now, in the mansion they'd be floating in the jello right now." in reference to some people standing in the basement), finishing the evening with a DP Question game (with prizes). Everyone had to answer a question from "name 20 factions" to "write a Tracy fairy tale" to the one I got--"write an LC monologue about coffee".

Monday morning I proved how much of a morning person I was--but I made coffee before I inflicted my perkiness on everyone. We met Dee and her family at the hotel and took a few more pictures before heading out to breakfast at Carrow's. It was time to say good-bye too soon. I handed out the rest of the t-shirts and transfers and headed home.

Technically speaking, it wasn't a birthday party for me, but since my birthday was the Tuesday beforehand, I have to say, a girl couldn't have asked for a better 25th birthday celebration. :)

Anne Jensen

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